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  1. Is fishing working in multiplayer in 3.0? Remember it was broken in previous version.
  2. Anybody else get an xml error with launcher now?
  3. Thanks, been going thru 4 working stiff stores since beginning and have secret stash 3.
  4. What type of crate is the caliper in? Day 58 with 4 of us playing, just got cop's and ferals and we have no caliper to make ammo.
  5. We know how to activate a quest, problem is the quests just disappear. Survivalist 1/5 is finished, it's over in the greyed out finished quest section. Our problem is 2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 are nowhere to be found. 2/5 didn't start after finishing 1/5. 2/5 isn't listed so there is no way to click and activate it. Other guy got halfway thru survivalist and builder classes and they both disappeared on him, he can't continue either of those.
  6. We have several people loosing class quests. Survivalist is disappearing for a couple of us, anyway to get that back? Says I completed survivalist 1/5 then that's it, there is no option to do survivalist 2/5.
  7. Great mod, curious where to get strawberry and blackberry, have secret stash at 3, check 6 different traders everyday and nothing.
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