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  1. Wait is this confirmed? Everyone I play with always drops the claimblocks as soon as we log in (we play on a private dedicated server together). I always just assumed anyone with the advanced engineering perk would earn XP off electrical traps within a radius. If a claimblock is required no one in my playgroup has ever earned experience from electrical traps. Maybe I will have to go do some experimenting in creative mode.
  2. Logged in for the first time in awhile to add my two cents - love the change to loot. Me and my entire group of friends. It creates different types of play at different stages of the game, we have used items we have literally never used except to try once and then scrap (looking at you blunderbuss). It may mean that breaking open a gun safe at LVL 5 isn't worthwhile, but that is ok! Looting weapon yielding loot will give ammo typically at lower levels - which you can stockpile for later! Finding or buying a gun of choice feels like a victory, and not just a step. For the first time in a long t
  3. Lay thine eyes upon the fields of butthurt and see that it is plentiful! I guess people wouldn't be butthurt if they didn't genuinely care what direction the game went in. But boy am I glad I'm on this side of the fence, not being assaulted by hungry fans. Love the xp and health bar by the way, hype train engaged on my end. The visual representation of progress being made really helps take the edge off waiting for the next alpha. I'm not addicted I swear.
  4. Just reading some of the comments and it blows my mind how many people don't understand that some things are better left to mods after game release. Mods will have so much versatility in this game it's going to be amazing, just let the developers get the core framework down. Ten points to the devs for handling all the criticism thrown at them with witty and sarcastic humor. I've loved this game since alpha 6 and every iteration has been better and better. My hype train has never stopped for this game and being able to participate while the development process happened has been amazing.
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