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  1. Hello, The response of Paulj_3 goes in the right direction, BUT, ... WotW PoIs do not contain (at least for most of them) any restriction/indication of which sort of townships they may spawn, so your kinggen prefab list will have entries as: "wotw_HouseB_LogCabin1,22,16,23,-5,0,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,,residentialold" - notice the 2 commas between "wasteland" and "residentialold" that's the place where "City/Town/..." would go - without this parameter KingGen ignores the PoI and it is not generated You must fix this manually - and even if the PoI's .xml does not mention it, the fact that the PoI list does makes it generate Regards JayZhee
  2. hello, would it not be possible to make the first few ( 1 , 2 ....up to 8 ) rows (of the backpack) be excluded from sorting ? Regards JayZhee hello, first, congrats for this superb mod second, respect for the dedication of updates/fixes third, seeking a confirmation: is it intended that certain recipies are not researchable, certain items not craftable for sake of keeping exploring/looting interesting ? and last, while the crafting is amazingly complex - would you consider giving some love to farming, coocking etc ? Regards, JayZhee
  3. Hello, same feeling concerning biomes here... I'm not particularely savvy concerning terrain/biome generation, so if you find out a sweet spot, would you care to share ? Thanks and regards JayZhee
  4. Thanks very much for that information....I don't understand how I mised that mod....found another way around though, a bit shaky but works also...open world (created in 5.2<) in 5.02, modify to your liking then reopen normally. This does not give you the possibility to make a different world size. Regards JayZhee
  5. Hello, I found that Red Eagle LXIX's modlets for more...option (ie DayLightLength options or my more LootRespawnDays options) no longer work in Ravenhearst 5.1 They DO work in 17.2 vanilla. Is this intentionnal ? Regards JayZhee
  6. Hello, does Ravenhearst 5.1 "lockout" 3rd party modlets - like xui menu modlets giving ie more loot delay option or, more important, more (bigger) random worlds ? Regards JayZhee
  7. Hello, Yes, why would I need hinges if not And yeah, one hinge every 4ish door....breaking storage chests - none, - so 8(ish) doors for one new chest/box At new start this is extremely frustrating (I'll admit, I AM a loot hoarder,,,) Regards JayZhee
  8. Hello, Not sure if I miss something but the new addition of hinges poses a real problem for me - not only they are not craftable but you find near none (breaking doors *should* give some....) Result: new player (at a new game ) has no decent storage - and with the droprate I cant see how to get the needed number of hinges at mid-endgame. An unfortunate (and imo, unnecessary) gate regards JayZhee edit for typo and missing ":"
  9. Hello, A couple of questions: - does upgrading blocks with the nailgun level up the construction tools perk ? And is this perk only increasable by using construction tools and magazines, no way to use skillpoints on it ? - does the crowbar improve the loot from disassembling cars compared to a wrench ? With the wrench I only got oilpans - never got any other car/engine parts. Thanks for any info Regards, JayZhee
  10. Hello JaxTeller, Team One, maybe silly, question: What happened to your ravens ? Ravenhearst without ravens....I get it it may be difficult to change/make a new flying opponent, so maybe adding some as decorations.... Just a thought. Best regards, JayZhee
  11. Hello (again), Search function definitely is NOT my friend.... In Ravenhearst which ore is found in which biome, and at what dept ( has the best chances) ? Regards JayZhee
  12. Hello, Is it normal that the traders are not protected and open all day ? It might be due to another overhaul mod that I have a "wrong" PoI.... Regards JayZhee
  13. Hello, Eeehm, no, they don´t. Use some storage pockets modifications on your armor and voilà....no more encumbrance. Regards JayZhee
  14. Hello, I guess you mean the "novels" you find in bookcases ? As far as I know, they are decorations of soert, but they do scrap to paper. Regards, JayZhee
  15. Hello, As Ravenhearst does modify some .dll etc files, it is not compatible with EAC Regards, JayZhee
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