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  1. I've read this thread and the thread you've linked, but the file links in that thread seem so be down. Is there a mod that restores the original look in wasteland and burned forest biomes?
  2. Magoli, your work is absolutely great and one of the reasons I keep playing 7dtd, but your texts would be so much more readable if you would use a full stop . instead of three exclamation marks !!! every sentence. ;-)
  3. Sorry for reposting, but can anyone confirm if this normal behaviour for 13.6 or if this might be a corrupt installation (running a dedicated server)?
  4. Since 13.6 I get nearly empty town grids like in the image below. The central city spawns normal with custom prefabs, but in every other biome every grid which is not a city hub looks like this for any seed. Is this normal in 13.6 RWG or have I somehow destroyed my rwgmixer (I use that of 13.5).
  5. Sorry, but as you said, the prefabs in your mod only work, if you are using that mod. I only want the prefabs working on the server without any further gameplay alteration. Can you please tell us what you did to get the prefabs working in your mod?
  6. At the mod creator: 1. Are you currently reworking the prefabs to be compatible with A13? 2. Can you please give a rough estimation how long it will take? 3. Is there a workaround or can we do this ourselves so that we don't have to wait (can't start up a server map before prefab implemenation)? Thank you!
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