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  1. Thanks for this Guppycur, I had to do a biome repair for someone earlier and it worked a treat, then I thought why not learn how to do height maps to, and here I am. Now to find one that allows me to draw rivers. XD Much thanks again.
  2. Oh I know, this ain't my first rodeo, been doing this a long time xD Part of the downside working for a server provider. Think maybe you misread one of my posts somewhere 😛 #blame the F5 squad.
  3. Check the version number, it's sync'd with public and A18.4 https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/
  4. Rip, password just got dropped from latest_experimental branch, but it's still on the rolledback 18.4 such tease.
  5. Sign into https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/ and click watched on 7DTD then goto https://steamdb.info/realtime/ and enable notifications, any updates to any of the branches will trigger a windows pop up. Beats restarting steam randomly.
  6. Release the Kraken indeed!! I need the config file so I can finish work for the day lol. On call till this drops xD
  7. Not a new build, same version as A18.4
  8. Are there any server commands / command line switches like this I can try to use to lower the IDLE CPU usage? Like disable systems server side like audio ect... Thanks. :EDIT: Command line switches would be better if possible, as I can apply this to all the servers at once.
  9. Any news on server idle CPU changes? TL;DR Servers are idling around 13-15% with zero players online.
  10. I can confirm all of this as well. Tested on multiple machines and configs. Idle CPU avg is around 13-15% with zero players online, the server looks to be sleeping like it did in previous alphas (no zombies, no time progression even ran a killall just to make sure). The CPU usage during RWG creation is understandable due to the amount of time it still takes to create the new detail data, but no server should be idling with no one on that high. If it's a new system that's been added, can we please have an option to tell the server to sleep after X seconds from last player.
  11. Any chance of GSP's getting access to the build so we can get some of these servers ready for the streamer builds and start working on the configs for when it goes public?
  12. Has there been any server optimisations for horde night? AVG server FPS is usually around 35, but can drop to 5 on a horde night. Also, will the maps still be loaded into RAM?
  13. Khurune

    Server Tools

    I can confirm that the current build of server tools is not creating the configs needed. I've seen this issue across multiple servers I've installed this mod for.
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