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  1. Yeah, that's true - thanks Vanish. Currently i'm writing an app for mobile phones, so you're able to manager your server from wherever you are. And yes, the link (better the WHOLE setup process) has been changed some days ago.
  2. It seems to keep it up-to-date, a GitHub Repository is a must have 🙂 Check this out: 7dtd-ServerTools (HB edition)
  3. *reserved Slot* - - - Updated - - - *reserved Slot--*
  4. All ServerTools additions can now be configured on GUI. The Desktop application Features Allocs Default Server fixes AND ServerTools now!
  5. Booooya ! maybe some of you already know (dmustanger started - OC continued) *ServerTools. server tools I finished a Desktop application (gui) to administrate your 7 days to die server remotely and also made a lot of changes on additional features for v.18.4. -> Scroll down to latest version and visit my Discord 🙂 **GUI** -> (Please notice: ONLY FOR VIPs* currently!)
  6. Thanks alloc and Chris :-)
  7. Thanks Thanks Thanks! And DAD->> I wish you and your family all the best with your new family member. P.S.: Gonna be another new one in 9 months ?
  8. Really COOL WORK. Any release yet ?
  9. yeah, here: port: 25150
  10. Like a 2nd x-mas. THANKS !!!!! :-) I just put all on a dedicated Server....128GB RAM - hope it'll run fine.
  11. Ah thanks ! Nice to tell us...for sure i'll wait. I prefer final products and beeing totally exited for new version :-) Maybe then also those little blocks are replaced; hmm....for example i found the car parking lots and there are some wood frames which shouldn't be there Looks kinda mixed up on convertion.
  12. Thanks Slaan!!!! Really great work you've done with this massive prefab city. If anyone wanna check out simply join: port: 25150 Attention: It's a PVP Server. Maybe i also gonna start Slaan as PvE if anyone requests...bye
  13. maybe we've to wait a lil' bot longer.. A16.4 will come soon i heard some rumours
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