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  1. Alloc, Since A12, when server (46 slots) is running for a couple of days, it crashes, but the server process itself doesn't disappear. I get a message about "too many heap allocations". When i press "OK" the server.exe goes offline. When this message appears the server doesn't let people in, the RAM usage is at 0% so i guess it's some kind of crash. I managed to capture one crash.log with dump, this is in the log (not whole of it)
  2. Check the spelling, maybe you deleted something by accident. Can anyone confirm rlp/llp/tele commands & live map working in A12? Doesnt work for me.
  3. After 11.6 the server likes to crash sometimes with ntdll.dll bug, anyone noticed anything like this?
  4. Alloc as ussualy works with the speed of light, thank you mate. Fixes updated: https://7dtd.illy.bz/wiki/Server%20fixes#rev.2350.11.5.0
  5. Can anyone confirm if the latest alloc fixes from A11.4 work with A11.5?
  6. It's not broken. Its different. Patchnotes> use ban help
  7. https://7daystodie.com/alpha-11-3-patch-is-out/
  8. MIne's fresh installation so yeah.
  9. Webserver seems to cause errors and server is spamming a lot of them. I removed webserver for now and it works. Is there any list of up to date commands?
  10. @UP And here i was thinking its something i've done. Basically yeah, for example it shows 19 players online but 17 on the map. Or it shows players that dced 2h ago...
  11. Anyone got those errors btw? [steamworks.NET] NET: Could not send package to client
  12. I noticed webserver is in different folder now, does this mean we need to remove the old one from sdtd folder? Also, any fixes for 64 bit?
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