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  1. Since last time I wrote here the forum subscribed to this thread and it sends me weekly updates, how can I unsubscribe from it?
  2. Si I did the first thing, but I deleted the shortcut it created in the desktop, and now if I execute the .exe file, it just launches the launcher. How can I uninstall this from my PC so I can reinstall it again? (or if I just want it removed, just in case). I've looked in "Program files" and I didn't find it anywhere. Where is the mod installed?
  3. It will if you link the steam game to the 7D2DModLauncher.exe file as I wrote. I mean, the shortcut only activates the steam overlay. this activates both the steam overlay and makes Steam think you're playing the game itself. - - - Updated - - - We both just told you. create a non-steam game shortcut in steam or make steam launch 7d2d from another file, this file being "7D2DModLauncher.exe".
  4. So everywhere I look you guys always talk about this "add to steam as a Non-Steam game", but what about if you want Steam to count the hours you play? How about if you don't want that horrendous tag "Playing a non-steam game" for your friends to see? There is a really easy way to launche the proper game using this launcher: Open Steam, go to your library, right click on the "7D2D" game, and go to properties. Under the General tab click the Set launch options... button. Then you put this in there: "<route to the shortcut>\<shortcut name>.appref-ms" %command% So, for example, if you downloaded the 7d2dmodlauncher.exe you should put there (for example, in case you have the shortcut in D:\Documents\): "D:\Documents\7D2D Launcher.appref-ms" %command% NOTE: QUOTATION MARKS INCLUDED appref-ms is the proper extension for this kind of shortcut (more info on shortcut extensions if you're interested, here). If you downloaded the program (options 2 and 3), you can put there the route to the executable file itself. This way, when you start 7D2D game, it will sart it from the file you link in there instead of the regular one, so Steam Overlay will be activated, and Steam will count your game session as "7D2D", if you take screenshots (F12) or anything else, it would be like playing the game in the regular way, so you would be able to upload the screenshots to steam cloud, and it would put them in your "7d2d" category.
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