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  1. Thank you once again, I was hopelessly scouring modding websites for an updated version of this mod before making a post on here. Its very cool that you guys just do stuff and it works and improves the experience by a tonne!
  2. Amazing, you mister are a great immersion saver! Thank you for doing this, im sure many people will appreciates this a lot! (would you be able to ping here once you release the mod? if its allowed) Thank you for clarifying this as well, even though I am new here I am thankful that this games community is pretty dope Keep on rocking guys/girls!
  3. @Crater Creator Oh I see, thank you for changing it!
  4. Hello! I just picked up the game over the Christmas and really enjoying it so far, however found it lackluster in the storage options department. The few box choices are strangely limiting when the whole world is filled with thematic loot containers such as shelves, backpacks, drink coolers etc (it would even be somewhat lore-friendly since irl you can take a ammo box and reuse it as storage). So I looked through the mods and found one titled 'Immersive Storage' by Altorian and it looks fantastic since you can craft a helper block and choose a style of container for your liking. Then I saw that the file was last updated on 08 March 2020 for A18. (I also looked around for A20 similar mods and there are a few, however I did not find the variety nor the simplicity in either one (unfortunately)) My question is - do you guys know if anyone is working on updating/remaking the og mod? Alternatively I would love to make this myself, but I do not have any experience with modding apart from some 3D modelling. So if anyone is willing to point me in the right direction / explain how to go about making it - I would be very grateful If I posted this in the wrong section - let me know (sorry i'm new here). AnPanda
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