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  1. 2 small Co-op features i desperately need: -remember the party you were in (currently we always have to reinvite each other every session - we often forget to do so at the start) -share explored map with fellow partymember
  2. Only 1 way to settle this. Post before and after screenshots, to let everyone see.
  3. I like the night vision goggles. They add some roleplaying sense and it just feels like the icing on the cake for a stealth build. In a18 the nightlighting is different so they are less usefull, but still. I would like to use them, so don't get rid of them please.
  4. Thanks for the update! Glad this problem is getting attention
  5. Why wait? Just opt-out of any beta you have selected, and it will start downloading A18.0 Stable.
  6. When A18.1 hits stable. (The most recent stable build can never be selected manually but falls under the 'NONE - Opt out setting' )
  7. Simply look at your killcount before hordenight and your killcount after? (killcount shows up in the 'i' menu)
  8. That rwg terrain bug was fixed a few patches ago for me, but the snow biome massive fps drop still lingers. ( Bugreport )
  9. Snowbiome still has the fps issue when looking at terrain. Faatal, do you guys (devs or testers) have AMD RX470/480/570/580 or Vega cards to test on? I see way more people with amd cards having this issue. filed a bugreport again: Bugreport
  10. What makes you think the regular bicycle would never break down? I think it's a good idea for emergent gameplay actually.
  11. SMG's are counted as the tier 3 pistol. No tier3 can be crafted beyond finding the schematic. Same with magnum.
  12. Yeah i was about to bug him as well, but he isn't online, so i posted it here haha
  13. Yeah, i was exaggerating just a bit. But a lot that basically just give recipes still need something extra. I can skip almost all of those right now. I'm talking about Grease Monkey, Yeah Science.... Physician is really bad. Quests and Looting give me more medical supplies than I'll ever need.
  14. btw is it me, or is the 'Corner Round' Block missing from the Flagstone shape selector? It's still there in concrete, though...
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