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    Yeah, i don't think the problem is that bad. Afterall, it still does require the player their most valuable resource....time. As a side note... Just wanted to share one of my latest creations using the in-game prefab editor and many of the new blocks introduced in A19. It is an alternate trader Bob POI themed best for the wasteland. I took some inspiration from one of your concept art drawings. Let me know what you think. I will be putting it up for download hopefully today/tomorrow on Nexus.
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    I incredibly strongly disagree with this and believe it would even be game ruining. If both loot and all zombies scale in health and damage, you'll end up with a very samey feeling game and it would ruin the fun of seeing yourself get stronger. More special zombie variants as game stage goes up are welcome but scaling all zombies and loot at the same time would be very damaging to fun.
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    Because they have about 20% more killing power than a bb gun. Pipe guns that use all the current ammos so you can specialize right away. Pipe rifle (762) pipe shotgun (shotgun ammo), Pipe machinegun (762), Pipe pistol (9mm), Pipe baton (stamina), and possibly pipe junk gun (junk ammo) and possibly a full pass of junk guns, we'll see how it all fits together for the intellect guy.
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    Load order, current VRAM use and then where the OS decided to put textures would make it somewhat random what is in VRAM vs system RAM. ---- Hopefully the disappearing backpack bug is now fixed. That was not easy to track down. There was about a 5% chance, depending on when random chunk saves happen, that a newly dropped item would be lost when you teleported away, because its chunk might not save.
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    Hey Madmole, here is the link to the castle. I built it just for fun while waiting for the game to come out of experimental. Just a FYI to anyone else that watches, the comments said in the video are just for fun.
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    +1 for a handle on the hatch! FWIW, the way I've dealt with it is that unbroken side has the hinge. Three sides have some sort of overlapping patch piece, but one side is unbroken. That's the hinge side.
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    It allows stacks of 500. I was going to fix it but looked and here is the thing, a safe sells for 138 dukes, 40 forged steel sells for 400, so selling gun safes loses you money.
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    Guys, nitrogen is a mod, and mods are off topic. Thanks. Ask and thou shall receive... sometimes
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    Stay tuned, you won't be disappointed. One game is using the 7 Days engine so you can expect some building/destruction in that one for sure. As I said the other day, crits are random now, but later will be more specific, so a zombie with sharp claws might give deep lacerations, where a zombie with a big punch would give you concussion. Hazmat will infect/radiate.
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    Ahh but you will, 7 Days 2 my friend.
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    That really only works in single player, though, where no one sees it as a problem to begin with. On a MP server you you would split the party and clear the POI you do not have the quest for. (you still know where it is) Then the one guy who has the quest moves over, shares it, and you get a respawn from the quest. It would take a bit of coordination but it would not really change anything. I really don't see the problem to begin with. If you clear a POI then you are entitled to the loot. If you clear it as part of a quest you are entitled to the loot and the quest reward. You don't get anything double. Now some people would say that because for them it's normal to nerdpole to the loot room and clean it out, then start the quest. That is a completely different issue.
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    Why do you edit yourself and delete your comments all the time? It’s pointless because anyone can go and read the edit history and see what you changed anyway. It really breaks the flow of the thread when people just delete their whole post and leave some meta message about what they did. I don’t think our comments were the same at all, actually. But I was confused at first by your edited comments because I thought you were telling me to re-read something you had previously written. it’s better to just leave your original comments. Please.
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    He is. He REALLY is now. He was deleted from the project. BUT, I have been slaving away on a lot of special infected designs which will be a new challenge players are looking for. The sea of crying will be real I am sure, but it will be awesome.
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    ::cough:: Pot calling the kettle black. He blew "his" own mind. And it's spelled piercings. Be kind people. Not everyone is a native English speaker nor is everyone able to express themselves as efficiently as one might hope. And sometimes people are posting from their phones and the spell correct gremlin gets them. You are fine. Not everyone is an Olympic grade typist or speller. Continue to express your thoughts and questions the way you can. The devs seem to understand you just fine, so don't worry about it.
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    Could we get those trimboards as recipes in a future update? I love playing with the burning barrels as building items. Goofin around a rocket engine for a rocket-themed outpost using them 😛
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    Y'all way over think things that aren't actually problems, and then make solutions that completely cripple unrelated parts of the game to resolve them. Nerd poling for the final loot in a PoI is cheesy, but they have already addressed it and said they have several ideas like a keycard on a random zombie in the PoI. "Double looting" a PoI is not an issue to begin with, it's just a min max thing that's mildly more efficient, but you are spending the time and effort to loot it, so there is no issue with getting the loot if you want to go through the trouble. Nerd poling is 100% fine, it makes PoI way more fun and lets you approach them from different angles and use strategies that aren't just "pull out shotgun and clean house".
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    My reply does not dictate the future. I disagree, Fallout's building system can make super awesome bases that are 500x better looking than what we have. 1 meter thick walls are pretty horrible to look at and the restriction of 1 model per meter kills immersion. No Voxels doesn't mean no random gen. Switching to Unreal doesn't mean no voxels. You can get voxel farm for unreal or we could port our code. We can probably fix the limit of only one block per meter, then we could make thin walls and more realistic looking POis, bases, clutter, etc. Anyhow at our current pace, (one game in 8 years) 7 days 2 is at least 18 years away. We're committed to two other games first, 8 years per game plus two year of dev for 7d2d2 alpha 1 puts that 18 years away. SO whatever we say now isn't reliable BTW, It won't take that long I don't think, but 7 days 2 isn't even a design document yet. We have 1 to finish, and 2 other games that at least need to be in alpha and one done probably before any movement on a sequel can happen. I know some people think 7 days has "must have" features. What those are, is very subjective. I know that my vote would probably be RWG with fully destroyable world and tower defense, and RPG. Those are my must haves. That doesn't mean voxels though. It could just be models with physics by then. The need for voxels is diminishing as draw calls get cheaper and hardware improves. At the end of the day a voxel is just a mesh on a grid sharing a texture atlas. We area already only a partial voxel game anyway. Remove the limits and have all the fun part I say. He probably has forum PTSD.
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    Junk drone might become a remote control building tool, so you can fly and build like in creative mode. Then we could remove or limit nerd poling. Like only so many frames high before it collapses. I don't see nerd poling as a cheat though, we just need it so zombies can climb up a nerd pole just like a ladder or knock it down with one hit successfully, easily, etc.
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    It seems rather than making the game more difficult as the player progresses, the developers are making it more difficult for the player to progress. Now I need points in science and find books to make bellows and a forge? I tried A18, went back to A16, and just tried the most recent experimental build. Rather than throwing obstacles in the way of the player, why not add bosses to the hordes? One of my biggest complaints since alpha 16 is the developers put obstacles in the way of the player. For example, rather than skills leveling up as we use them, now we have to put a point in every skill? I made a post about this awhile back and I realize people are going to have things they like and dislike about each alpha. With that said I felt Alpha 16 was almost perfect. What we needed were bosses to help the 7 day hordes difficulty progress. Some people felt we leveled up to fast, or we may have gotten the forge to fast... etc. So what if we did, were we entertained? I know I was. I currently have "1,105 hrs on record" in 7 days to die - https://steamcommunity.com/id/old-school-player/ Make it easy for players to level up, and build their base. Because if they do not get something built by day "whatever you pick", the destroyer of bases is going to arrive and wreck havoc. Instead of taking a few hours to rebuild after the 7 day horde, make it take days to rebuild. I like 7 days to die, I really do. I just feel the developers are going in the wrong direction. What make 7 days to die great is slowing fading away with each beta.
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    @madmole I really enjoy seeing other people builds, building techniques and defense designs. Would it be possible to create a sticky topic somewhere eg.: "Show us your builds" in General discussion. I kinda miss such a tread to gather inspiration for building new cool stuff and showing mine.
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    I like the stone age. I really do. Finally you don't feel like you're in a loot shooter where you're being showered with guns right from the start. Primitive weapons have now a value. They don't get replaced in the first 5 minutes of the game with a gun. And those primitive weapons are not @%$*#!ty anymore. It feels a little bit like back in A16. I love the fact that blade traps no longer trigger the explosion of the demolisher. This a big bonus for builders who wants to use them in a base. The auto shotgun is also great. A big magazine and a really good weapon for confined spaces. It has been nerfed in one of the last patches but fortunately not to hard.
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    Then just replace it with something that does the same thing since the engine can clearly handle it and there's so much demand for it. Delay the "fix" until then 🙃
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    *Opens Bag of Tricks* Since you asked...
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    @madmole Me and most ppl I know, love the building aspects of this game. I always play in PVE cause I like build, just craft and build. And I miss very much recipes and paintings textures. To be honest, I am very gratefull what TFP did in the last versions of the game, the R to change block shape is superb and very functional. The extra shapes to storage box too. But I miss more doors, specially dual doors (I can build dual door using 2 single doors, but they not will work as a one door and not will open in opposite sides.). We want more doors, glass doors, commercial doors recipes and house doors. Medical forniture, medical beds too, they already exist in the game, all TFP need to do is create recipes. And we cant forgot the electrical lamps, we want more styles. We want clean paintings textures, almost all the ones we have in the game looks like deteriorated. When I paint with blue, I dont want a deteriorated blue, I want a clean and neat blue texture. I know our characters live in a post-apocalyptic world, but we are survivors and we are rebuilding the world, or at least we want play in this role. Like an RPG. Every time I played this game, I have played in PVE servers and aways shared my base. I aways build hotels or villages and let others players live with me, or near me, creating enormous communities. And we all, builders, miss forniture, doors, lamps and clean painting textures. That's why I get your attention. I am bored of looking for good mods to fill that aspect of the game. I know you and your team already have much work to do, if you cant add more painting textures for now, please, add recipes to already existing forniture in the game. Or at least, put more forniture options to sell in the trader, like the air conditioners what we already have! Very thank you for your attention. Stay safe and well. 😊
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    Obviously you are making a medieval survival game that is kinda like a 3d terraria, where skeleton mobs and other enemies build their own towns and try to raid you. JK... you are making a train themed shounen ai dating simulation game where trains go on dates and dance for higher scores to go on dates with better trains.
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    If you want a corridor shooter, sure we can do that, zero bugs, great performance, no exploits. But making big open world, do what you want how you want kind of games like we do, like Bethesda does leads to a lot of bugs or exploits. I'll take free style open world with bugs/exploits any day over perfect corridor shooters with only one way to win. This isn't an excuse not to fix things, but more of a general it is how it is because of x statement.
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    I think the problem is that there is too much overlap in this "random" stat system they created for dropped items. I have seen many cases where the quality 4-6 tier 1 item I looted out performs the quality 3 or higher tier 2 items that I find or create. Same goes for the tier 2 to tier 3. Nothing pisses me off more about this game than making a quality 3 or 4 tier 2 item and finding out when it is done that my quality 4-6 tier 1 item or the scavenged quality 2 tier 2 item is better than the one I just made. It's a "Great! i just wasted those materials!" moment that I have seen too often. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea behind the system, I just think they need to narrow the range.
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    Yeah, I'd rather have something like this than restraining the player from interacting with the world. What's the point of voxels if you're just forbidding the player from building/destroying the world? The fact that you don't always have to follow the lights is, in my opinion, a super fun aspect of looting.
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    I've been saying this for ages. People keep acting like double loot is a bug or exploit, but you are literally doing the work twice, it's no different than if two identical PoI spawned side by side and you looted both. Why would you NOT get double the loot . . .
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    And the lesson is: Pole up closer to a wall if you have "friends" like that.
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    You can. You put money in the traders palm, vending machine slot, or press e to activate loot containers. Boom construction complete. Sorry no crafting of canned pre war foods except sham. because sham isn't really food now is it?
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    As a developer myself all I can say is LOOOOOOL.
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    We've talked about that anyway. Our idea was faulty quality guns would have a chance to misfire, causing the player damage and need a repair on the spot. Yes the idea is the pipe shotgun will perform just like the blunderbuss does but it will use shotgun ammo. Then we'll add pipe rifle, pipe machinegun, pipe pistol so everyone can start specializing on day 1 not just shotgun guys and archers. I doubt any enemy will drop legendary, you'll have to do a quest to get it. Nothing final there, just a hunch since special infected are so common. No because perk wise there is no distinction between the .44 and the .9mm, both are governed by the same perk and .44 ammo doesn't drop right away in the loot lists. The same goes for rockets, it is a mid to late game weapon.
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    @madmole Bravo, bravo. The end-game sniper build is exactly the way I envisioned it - brutal, precise, deadly, merciless. I spawned in some levels and gear to take me to an end-game perception build - testing the waters, if you will - and I thoroughly enjoyed what I had experienced. The 5-minute long video below shows one such example if you'd be interested in checking it out for yourself. (Sniper builds during horde night are still an unknown quantity however.)
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    Deleted along with the blunderbuss which is replaced by the pipe shotgun. God damned genius. At least some people pay attention
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    It's fast food! 😄 7 Days To Die 2020-08-02 20-38-11.mp4
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    I've been banging this drum since they introduced the variance ranges in A18. Gazz basically laughed at me and has essentially ignored the topic ever since.
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    Considering its a net loss of potential dukes earned I have no problem with it. And it is a ton of effort just to craft one IMO. You could literally do anything else and make more dukes per hour almost.
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    Press F1 and tipe ( pois ) and it wil remow the phantom blocks.....this is the only thing that seems to work....its better than reload the game evry 5-10 mins
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    Making nerdpoling only possible with wood frame blocks and also allowing zombies to climb up them would be a win in my book.
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    Yeah, you guys have the best destructible survival game on the market hands down. I feel that and the fact that AI is an actual threat (not just players) is what separates you guys from all of the other survival games (e.g. Ark, Rust, Scum, Tarkov, The Forest, etc.). Be cool to see what you guys can do with it even further in a different title.
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    Nice one, thanks for the tip. But it will not solve the problem, that t4 POIs give you the same loot with less hassle.
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    There's a lot to unwrap here. So the OP is playing Ark and complains that griffins are too hard. (to tame?) I can assure you that this is not the case. There have been games where a griffin had been my first tame. Just don't go for a high level one at first. Other parts seem related to 7DTD where the game is way too easy with guns but the complaint is that he cannot find guns on day 1, therefore the game is too hard? "Muskets are worse than bows" is something I can confirm because muskets are not in the game. Now a blunderbuss - a completely different thing - is in the game and can easily outperform a primitive bow... except at range. Making the game "more hardcore" is not tricky. Loot abundance and enemy run speeds are probably the first things you want to change there and probably avoid doing a lot of quests because you will get a lot of cash and rewards from them.
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    Exactly why I was saying they should have added it, and its my favorite. M14, then make the MK 14 EBR a legendary weapon. I'm Canadian, this isn't even a patriotic thing its just a good sexy rifle. To late now though. Edit: My Airsoft M14 looks exactly like this.
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    I was honestly surprised that Pack Mule never received a cut in levels like most of the other utility perks. I was expecting it to be reduced to 3 points for sure. If Pack Mule had 4 ranks, it should be: 4, 4, 5, 5 Otherwise 3 ranks: 5, 6, 7 I think it would also be more enticing to perk into Pack Mule if it increased our overall backpack size. For example, expand our backpack to 6x10 for 60 total slots, we start off with 27 slots open, 18 slots of encumbrance, and 15 slots that are completely locked and you MUST perk into Pack Mule to unlock them.
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