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    I ran out of reactions lol... so here is my reaction 😆☠️
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    LMFAO 😅😂🤣 MM did say, he thought skittles were Faatal's poison, this looks kinda poisonous to me 🤷‍♀️🤔😛 I'm not sure I got the brief right anyway, this has kitkat on it 🙃
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    I loaded a burning shaft mod on day one and hold on to it but didn't do anything with it because it will set the zombies on fire and that is a lot of fun but didn't seem to do much damage. I would like to be able to set them on fire, back off, and watch them burn to death. Perhaps cook some charred meat over the flames. I put it in a secure chest thinking I might use it later. so I'm working on my base and it gets cold and I had a BDU top but just the fiber pants. The message said something about equipping a torch. I put the burning shaft mod in my stone axe and sure enough it worked. I was also able to complete the roof of my base and get most of it framed in because I could see. That was a little weird because I was working with wood using a tool that was on fire. Later on mined some iron, could see just fine.
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    The game is not centered around builders. There's basically two main groups of players, those that want to build and mine and play "Adult Minecraft", and those that want to play "Survival builder CoD Zombies" and run around shooting stuff. The game is completely balanced around the second group, you literally can't even function as the first group anymore as of a few alpha ago. You can't build anything end game without materials you are unable to make yourself. So even the players that want to be a den mother and stay at home mining or building are required to go play CoD Zombies and run around shooting stuff to get magic uncraftable parts and springs. The current approach is basically focused on the looter shooter types, with a bit of builder stuff on the side if it fits, but the actual balance is 100% on the run and gun players. You can function completely without being a builder or crafter at all and never doing more than making a wood block with a bed and storage chest on it and doing nothing but missions and run and gun 24/7. You can't do the same without cheat mode if you just plan to build and mine and stuff. There's not a single craftable only item that I know of that can't be found in loot or bought from a trader, but like 90% of the end game stuff is uncraftable without loot only items. Not weighing in on the rest of your message or opinions, just saying, you are of the wrong mindset right off the bat, like a lot of people on this forum which is what causes the disgruntlement and friction. People keep asking for coffee pots and more paint options and builder items, because they are of the Adult Minecraft group of players, but they aren't the target market at the moment and don't realize that. Might change in the future, might not, just depends on how the market statistics go. Builders very well might be in the minority, or just might not be the target market at all even if they are in the majority.
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    Server-side mods should work just fine.
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    That's true. I see loads of players loved learn by doing, but I hated it. I much prefer building at night or mining, than crafting 7000 stone axes to get my skill up lol, but that's just me.
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    No not at all. If you haven't played on PC, then building is tons better than it was on console. TONS. I thought you were referring to the "we can't have all the blocks the cm menu has" stuff. Obviously you need a base to defend yourself, a place to craft. I build all kinds of bases, I think the building is 10x better than any game out there to be honest in terms of how creative you can get and end result is pretty gratifying. Building is shippable but I think we will improve it some more yet.
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    Dude I build cooler forts than 99% of the public. For the record I've tried to convince the team to make it possible to get coffee pots and more decor available, but the fact is most players just take over a POI, and they definitely don't use high polygon decorations. So I put my personal feelings as a decorative builder aside for the bigger picture that average players don't build vanity forts. A 2 second mod or CM gets you that, we are in alpha and don't have time to handle all the edge cases of letting players "have it all", as I explained the FPS would tank and 20 other problems. It is a voxel game. We let you place voxels, not 14000 polygon coffee pots. We're alienating who exactly? The game has a higher review score than it has in years and sales are better than ever. Seems like we are on track if you ask me. We focused on building and crafting for years, and finally give guns a little love and not even 10% of the effort that went into building and somehow you view that as abandoning the builders? We still have great things to come to building. I like to build so its not likely we'll leave building as is, we have some great ideas to improve it, it is just a matter of somehow squeezing it on the roadmap, then bandits and other stuff gets pushed back, further, again and again. Eventually we have to save some @%$*#! for the sequel, we can't stay in alpha forever and someone is going to feel like they got screwed.
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    Changelog 0.89 * added icon preview for edit tab * added randomized replacing for advanced replacing tool * added console command 'save block data' to save block information the a file (block_data.txt in the directory of the editor). Type help in the console for more information * added SleeperIsQuestExclude and ShowQuestClearCount to sleeper volume widget. * some bugfixes I can't remember Download v0.89
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    What I see as problematic is how long the "stone age" effectively lasts, and how hardcapped it is. And it's not a tool thing only, the entire loot table is shallow as hell and I'm gamestage 50 at Day 13 of 90 min/day with 125% experience, so effectively day 20 or so Vanilla. I've found iron tools (level 2 or less, besides wrenches), but it's not really even about tools. I don't use the iron ones I found, my Q6 stone axe does the job almost as well, all-in-one, with no side issues (stamina usages, for example). That being said, after 20 hours of gameplay there's still not a glimmer of hope that I unlock a minibike or better anytime soon, since it somehow feels like we can't find anything else than dozens of bicycle schematics. Same goes for armors, it's just soooo linear. Scrap/Padded level 4+ everywhere I look. My toolbet is almost all purple, because that's how it is now, you gear up in full purple and then you actually wait until Q4+ of the next tier starts showing up and... you swap it out. There's such a huge gap even after you start transitionning out of the stone age where... nothing is interesting. Q1-Q2 and even most of Q3 is scrap material when you're decked out in Q6 from the previous tier, for the most part. The only cool part is how lucky you need to be to get a gun. 2 pistols, 1 hunting rifle, 1 ak-47 and one shotgun in 20 hours, that feels nice to be fair; I like having to play around something else than just shooting low level zombies in the head as soon as I start. If i'd summarize, I think one playthrough is a fun and refreshing experience. The big issue is that I don't look forward to playing another one at all, because I know exactly what to expect; and 7 days' strength for me has always been its replayability because of its unpredictability. EDIT : as a side note, I have a feeling this will be dialed back quite a bit once they start adding end game content. It feels like a way to make games of 50-60 hours a thing, but since there's no other solution than stretching everything out for now...
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    ::cough:: Pot calling the kettle black. He blew "his" own mind. And it's spelled piercings. Be kind people. Not everyone is a native English speaker nor is everyone able to express themselves as efficiently as one might hope. And sometimes people are posting from their phones and the spell correct gremlin gets them. You are fine. Not everyone is an Olympic grade typist or speller. Continue to express your thoughts and questions the way you can. The devs seem to understand you just fine, so don't worry about it.
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    It allows stacks of 500. I was going to fix it but looked and here is the thing, a safe sells for 138 dukes, 40 forged steel sells for 400, so selling gun safes loses you money.
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    Yeah, i don't think the problem is that bad. Afterall, it still does require the player their most valuable resource....time. As a side note... Just wanted to share one of my latest creations using the in-game prefab editor and many of the new blocks introduced in A19. It is an alternate trader Bob POI themed best for the wasteland. I took some inspiration from one of your concept art drawings. Let me know what you think. I will be putting it up for download hopefully today/tomorrow on Nexus.
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    Lol. News flash...its still unfinished. 😛 And people have that idea because that's how the game was billed. And yeah - the percentage of users with that mindset does kind of matter. And I don't want to turn the zombies off. That skates around the entire point. Myself and a lot of other people enjoyed the building bases to ride out hordes. Expanding those bases. Tunneling from those bases to other resources rich areas to avoid the onslaught. That's what was fun for us. Don't build the support structure correctly? Cave in and you lose all your hard work. There has been additions and removals from the game seemingly to counter specific gameplay styles. Styles that were valid. That has the effect of alienating people with those gameplay styles. That's literally all I'm saying. And I'm not a 2% minority. Hey, at least on console it can't get better.. but it won't get any worse. 😛
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    Alright. I had to say something at this point. I game on PC and console. I own and enjoy the game on console. I will not be purchasing it on PC until TFP becomes a little more responsive to the community that supports their work. To create a game that is obviously centered around building and then lambast people who enjoy that aspect of the game is a little childish. I find the "2% vanity builder" stat to be highly suspect. I mean, c'mon - the very first description of the game I read, written by TFP, described it as a "voxel based zombie survival game." It really sounds like your feelings are a bit hurt over the fact your user base isn't playing the game exactly as you would like them to. Are you developing a game for others to enjoy, or for yourself to enjoy vicariously by dictating play styles that you don't (for some strange reason) agree with? I think you're alienating a good portion of your fans at this point. Its a little ironic criticizing that style of play with a handle like 'madmole'. And to push the responsibility off on modders to "fix" what is obviously shortcomings in the core game itself is a little ridiculous. As I said - I love the game. I'd love to see it get to a place on PC where I could purchase and enjoy it for what I wanted it to be and what it was initially described as. Its just not there unfortunately. As I heard posted on a separate forum...if I wanted a standard FPS zombie game where the focus was on zombie hunting and looting, I have many other, more polished options.
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