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    If scheduling is proving so hard, why not let the community help out with the baby sitting, errand running, and cleaning? Surely there is some calendar or spreadsheet that can be released, or some projected date that we can help brainstorm around.
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    Welcome to the Alpha 20 Dev Diary. Here we will discuss upcoming features for Alpha 20. Alpha 20 Dev Stream Videos 1) Alpha 20 First Look with Prime and Madmole October 28th, 2020 Alpha 20/21 Roadmap 1) Unity Update Details Coming 2) Random Generation Update Details Coming 3) Vehicle Mods Details Coming 4) Shape Menu and Building Update Details Coming 5) Dynamic Imposters Changes to the world and player built forts will be represented in distant terrain 6) Micro Splat Improvements Details Coming 7) Feral Sense Game Option Set zombies to different states of awareness from dumb to feral 8.) Biome Difficulty Snow and Desert will have gamestage boost creating tougher enemies and better loot Wasteland will have a greater gamestage boost creating even tougher enemies and even better loot 9) Pipe Weapons for Primitive Tier Pipe Rifle Pipe Pistol Pipe Baton Pipe Shotgun 10) Trader to Trader progression Details Coming 11) Water Overhaul Details Coming 12) Loot Progression and Gamestaging Improvements Details Coming 13) Character Overhaul Replace UMA system with in-house custom system Thematic outfits will work like books. Wear the complete outfit and get a completion perk Foundation for Bandits 14) New POI's and Environment Art New Gas Station 15) AI and Sleeper Improvements Zombies can crawl through 1-meter holes Wandering Sleepers 16) Dynamic Music and Ambient Audio Improvements Details Coming 17) Animation Improvements Details Coming 18) Digging Quest Improvements Details Coming 19) Restore Power Quest Lights go out when rally marker is activated Find the generators and repair them 20) New Zombies/ Entities Nurse Drone Screamer Fat Cop
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    That's a minmaxer creating problems for himself. Most players don't need to reach 100% in every conceivable stat in order to play the game. Of course... once radiation is part of the gameplay. We're not going to remove bedrock which is the vast majority of indestructible blocks in the game. Traders make up less than 0.5% of the map.
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    don't leave me with the baby.
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    No, that would be like getting the book set bonus for not actually collecting the whole series. You will have to wear the entire outfit to get the full set bonus. What repair quest? That isn't in the roadmap. It is never coming. Requires starting over completely and we're basically 95% done with weapons.
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    Now that you clarified, I can answer. The lights you turn on by fixing the generator will stay on, but if you are expecting some kind of sim where settlers move in that is not this game. Everyone knows the game is starved for resources and farm animals, simulation stuff like settlers moving in would eat our lunch and we'd be back to 8 zombie hordes or even less to accommodate fluff that doesn't actually do anything once you walk down the road, but continues to bog down CPU. I'm all for immersion but most of the time these requests are not wise roadmap additions. Remember the POI needs to be reused by the next player. Yes of course. I'm pretty sure we will support dyes. There are way less slots but no clipping, and no ugly. It will be less customizable, but look AA at a minimum instead of 95 indy quality. The perks and full set bonuses will make up for any lost fluff. Characters and animations are the biggest thing holding us back from becoming a massive success. You can mix and match pieces as you want, and there is a badass ranger outfit that looks like what you are doing there, but 100x cooler.
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    Your perception of the reason I brought up mods is different from my intent. I did not mean, "stop complaining, there's a mod for that". I meant, "you [Stranded Napkin] appear to have a balance issue with how you prefer to play a non-vanilla game. Here's a way to alleviate that issue so you enjoy the game more, today, right now, without waiting for A19.3, A20, or A21". Jus' tryin' to solve problems, man. With the game still under very active development (and very specifically including the loot system) I just don't get too worked up over balance issues, especially ones which are trivial to adjust. And especially especially when I am intentionally monkeying with game settings or gameplay rules in a way that will obviously negatively affect the balance that the developers have put in there. "I made these changes and now the balance is off!" "Here's a way to restore some of that balance, in light of how you yourself have chosen to change the game..." "STOP STIFLING MY CRITICISM!!!" I wonder some times if criticism is the goal, not the means.
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    Probably. How they react to volume triggers will depend on what the designers want. Bandits have not been proven to be anything, since no code work has been done on them yet. It is a scheduling issue, since we have many other things we would rather work on before them. I think the artists have done some work on their part and they will handle it just fine.
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    The game is exactly as we described it on the kickstarter 7 years ago, but your interpretation of what those features might look like and play like is different than ours. Magical food? Dude food is magic IRL. You can cure diseases with the proper food, coffee gives you buffs in real life, etc. Ours is gamey so it makes sense to players. What is candy is really drugs, or drugs packaged in candy bags. Future drugs, set in a future game. It isn't that hard to believe. UMA will be gone and no UMA code will work. If you want to add new zombies you model and texture them just like we do.
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    No we don't really look at mods, we have a huge list of stuff we want to do and don't need ideas nor care what 1% of the player base might be doing to their game. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, but reflects the fact that we have a clear roadmap and list of features we need to focus on. A larger inventory is something we would like to see though. The distant POI tech is coming from a modder though. So if something brilliant comes up usually we hear about it even though we aren't looking for things if that makes sense. I did mention new AI like zeds crawling through 1 meter egress and windows, which will make horde nights a lot more challenging. Feral sense options. Game play is constantly evolving but will always be similar to A18. Progression is getting a complete rewrite from scratch. OMG LOL.
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    Did you miss the stream? I mentioned we hired Unity to help optimize and coach us on best practices. We have full source code too so if anything they did is holding us back we can change it.
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    Removed the folder and it works properly again. I don't think the mods were even A19, didn't remember they were here. Sorry for the trouble.
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    Isn't it possible to add an inactive trader POI without protection, give the quest to repair something there and on mission success respawn it as a working trader with protection (just like the respawn at quest start)?
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    I would just like to add a couple of things if I may... As a server owner I find some of the comments above regarding this being *our* hacking problem and this not being a priority to be concerning to say the least. We run a large 7 days community with 3 active servers and 2000+ members in our discord, We also run the largest facebook 7 days to die pc group with over 10000 members. Our focus when we started many years ago was to encourage people to play 7 days to die and love it as much as we all do. We have successfully built up a great community and constantly encourage new players join our servers and the broader 7 days to die community, And then in turn they get their friends to play and so on, Fueling game sales and helping keep the money coming in and giving you guys the ability to develop the game to the stage it's at today. We are happy with how the game has been developing and would like to see it continue to develop even further in the future. These latest hacks that have been hitting all of the online servers threatens to derail not just our community but the broader online community as a whole, I know of at least 20 large servers that have all been targeted and they are just the ones I know of, no doubt there would be many many more. If left unchecked and all of these large communities die you will be loosing many 1000's of players and the flow on effect will be the loss of modders, coders, server manager makers and so many smart and talented people that have given so much to the community over many years. This may sound all doom and gloom but you guys need to understand that this threat is very real and needs to be addresses sooner rather than later, If the last week is anything to go by in a few weeks from now if these hackers continue to be aggressive and destroy online servers it will be a disaster. Below is a list of things that I have seen happen just on our servers alone- Non admin players able to get access to the debug and creative menu's without setting off our bot alerts that *used* to be able to detect when they entered these modes. Non admin players being able to put dev items (or any item) in legit players inventories thus giving the legit players a ban for unauthorized items in their inventory. Non admin players being able to clone their names and stat's of other players thus making it hard for server admins to ban the correct people. Non admin players appearing as admin with the admin star next to their name. Serveradmin.xml files being wiped clean of admins and ban list's. Non admin players being able to reset large chunks of maps, wiping out player made bases that they have spent many hours working on. These hackers have pretty much control over everything an admin does and a few other things on top of that. I have many log files, screen shots and even video of these hackers in action, I am very willing to pass all of this information onto the relevant people if proof is what is required ,Just let me know and I can send it over. I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way, we are passionate about this game and would like to help you guys grow it for many years to come. Thankyou.
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    I'm not a minmaxer, but I definitely will be keeping sets of armor. At least one for mining and one for looting. I can't imagine it being that difficult to manage. What would be cool though is a wardrobe container that holds one of each item. Go in, click on a single button and it swaps everything with your current set.
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    She's a bit bald for my taste. Oh! you mean the one in the blue outfit....
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    Hello! Just in case, I'm providing a compatible version to go with War3zuk's mod. This is as far as I know of what my mod disagrees with. If this works without errors, then I'll post this link on the original post.
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    The first step is to replace everything, and get new HD player outfits working, which also opens the door to bandit models. If everything is running good yet there may be room for additional basic zombies.
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    I remember this game, sad ya'll dont care about your console players anymore
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    Awesome, the more the better IMO.... what we've seen so far looked really cool. Will we still be able to dye the new outfits?
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    No offense meant but it has to be asked. Are you playing a game you purchased or a pirated version?
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    That would make it a bit more complicated, requires more planning... what imho is good. But you can still use one item forever under every circumstances. So once you found a t6 item, you will never have to craft such an item again. But on the other hand it becomes boring once you found a T6 because you will never need to craft or put effort in that kind of item again.
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    The pipe shotgun is going to be replacing the blunderbuss, yes. Also, blunderbuss ammo is going in the recycle bin; each pipe weapon will use their own respective standard ammo (9mm, etc.).
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    Well when you're expected to die every 3-5 minutes, we figure it will ease the frustration a little bit. Server is now live. steam://connect/
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    Remove your UI mods. Just delete the Mods folder. They're causing the issue.
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    There's no significant gameplay issues in switching clothes on the spot, specially as it generates inventory management problems by having more than one set on the backpack. No cooldown and letting it be just as it is (sets with no penalties on changing) might be the best design solution. Simple, direct and fun. The implementation of some temporary penalty is interesting and logical, but not really fun in reality, nor in paper. You will understand what I'm saying when vehicle criticals are online and they backlash deeply in the fun factor, and in the short term they will also make running with a buff more efficient than with any vehicle. Sometimes focusing on the micromanaging side of things is worse. Good thing Madmole plays like an tired rabbit and will immediately notice the flaws of any system just by playing and getting frustrated. That's one of the things that make him a good designer.
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    TERMS OF USE https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4085-subquakes-undead-legacy/?do=findComment&comment=54613 ABOUT Overhauled User Interface Improved Journal User Interface with thematic topic header images Vehicles have custom UI, showing speedometer, encumbrance and more Map window now supports 40 custom POI icons to choose from Advanced Sorting and Searching feature in inventory and storage Optional Undead Legacy UI parameters in Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Undead Legacy Overhauled Encumbrance system where all items and blocks have certain weight, inventory limited by carry weight, slot limit 300 Overhauled attributes and perks Perks no longer unlock new schematics, nor they level up crafting tiers Introduction of Action Skills, that level based on what you do Introduction of Research System Overhauled crafting system and crafting progression Overhauled material progression Hundreds of new items, blocks, recipes, vehicles etc Fully scrapping vehicles or various boulder resources will make them respawn based on new block respawn timer setting Player crafted electrical lights support for full RGB customization More immersive world interaction, water sources require jars to interact, fuel barrels and pumps require fuel cans Pick up all wild plants and player crafted ones with action key A lot of slightly damaged vehicles found in the world can now be fully repaired And more features for You to discover Adventurer! LINKS DOWNLOAD (FOR A19.2) (EasyAntiCheat must be turned off) Official website - Official Undead Legacy website/wiki Discord - Undead Legacy Discord Community Install Guide - A quick guide how to manually install the mod. FEEDBACK & SUPPORT Please consider supporting Undead Legacy development through PayPal or Patreon. Thank You for all the support, your donations means the world to me!
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    Oh I will be switching clothes like crazy. Call me what you want. This new system doesn't let any piece of wearable be completely useless for any situation , which is good. Are you sure you aren't going to suggest a sensual type of clothing for the pool? Yeah, it is. Someday, though. Someday.
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    I built the house myself ...
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    I saw the indoors darkening effect in the stream. Any chance this gets taken out? It really feel more like a bug than a feature. You can see clearly what's inside a store and after 2 steps your screen dims to complete black. And if the POI has some areas where you go in and out a lot or there's a hole in the roof, your bightness keeps waving up and down. I don't believe it adds much to the game, rather takes away and feels like something is broken in the lighting tech.
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    Tonight at 9pm Central is the next installment of the Developer Stream series. Please tune in to see members of our development team talk about Alpha 20 for the first time and establish some of the projects that will be involved with it. https://www.twitch.tv/fubar_prime For those who can't make the event live tonight there will be a link to the youtube video posted right here in this thread once the recording has been uploaded. See you tonight in the chat! Here is the recorded stream!
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    a old school push mower like this would be nice
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    Sorry, was talking about the quest you demo'd to repair the generator
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    They're still building it. You opted into playing a work in progress. As such it is subject to change based on their idea of how the final product is supposed to be.
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    Thank you for the explanation. Although these kinds of immersive quests would be cool, I understand what you are saying. You guys are pushing for gold and have a vision, I believe in the Fun Pimps Plan!
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    I don't know what you mean, but you can wear anything you find.
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    Animal Crossing 7DTD here we come!
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    Well think if everything has quality, and there's at least 10 sets of outfits how long it might take to actually find a full set. There is a cowboy hat, but it is part of a specific outfit. The skull cap is the lumberjack hat. A lot of the stuff we have now will sort of be there in some fashion, but everything has meaning to it now instead of everything useless except for steel or military armor. There might be a fair amount of choice deciding what outfit best works for your build, or strong desire to collect a full legendary miner outfit.
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    Haven't been able to watch the stream yet but from the list above (thank you by the way) , I don't see any big changes regarding gameplay ? Vehicle mods are a nice addition and the 3 pipe guns will make early days more convenient for everyone, but there seems to be nothing drastically gamechanging or adding/renewing the challenge. Has there been more detailed information regarding the very linear progression system of A19 that A20 was supposed to improve ?
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    Restless Nerdpole Syndrome. It's a thing.
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    Just thought I'd show off the bridge I built. It's part a massive castle linking 2 buttes together on Navezagne.
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    A CrossBow Turret to the Electrical System would be nice. Even a unique feature of allowing it to use all CrossBow Bolt options, unlike its SMG and ShotGun counter parts, since the Bolts themselves don't affect CrossBow durability regardless of Bolt type, unlike SMG and ShotGun ammo types. A CrossBow turrets Lower Fire rate could balance out any OP'ness that may exist when Flame or Explosive arrows are equipped on top of a higher miss chance verses running zombies.
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    19.2 just went stable. I'll release the new version of this modpack later tonight. I would encourage those of you starting a new game under 19.2 to please either remove the existing pack or to wait until after the new release is published tonight. The 19.2 release of this mod pack is NOT compatible with the previous release. So any game that is started with 19.1 of this modpack will not support later installing the 19.2 release being published later tonight. To say it another way, when you install the release of this modpack being published later tonight, you will need to install this onto a game that has NOT had the current/existing release run with it.
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    You should really put this on facebook. This forum is very poorly visited. @schwanz9000
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    either an alternate build for vehicles that run entirely on battery power that require some kind of recharge at base, or manual recharge with a kinetic generator, or a mod that retrofits a vehicle for such, possible solar capable vehicles that require some time in the sun for any decent charge to get around people just putting away a vehicle the moment they dont need it, making people more realistically building a garage or charging station for their cars.
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    It simply cannot be said any better than that.
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