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    I've found a client-side workaround for this AI problem that could save the development team a huge amount of time that could be spent elsewhere; Start a game as normal - any difficulty setting will do. Build a base as you normally would. The materials you use don't matter. Now, and I stress that you need to follow this next part EXACTLY, otherwise the AI fix won't work; Don't build exploits in your base If you follow these steps, you should find that the AI pathing issues resolve themselves and you get the survival experience you're looking for.
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    Thought I'd make a single post for all my modlets that work on A19. Basically it's all the various A18 ones, tested and adjusted if necessary to make sure they work on A19. There's also a few new ones that I thought folks might like. All of these are XML only. Enjoy. 3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap. 12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything! 60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 60 Slot Backpack (with Food/Water bars) - As above, but with food and water bars moved from under the toolbelt to under the Health/Stamina bars on the left. 96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 96 Slot Backpack (with Food/Water bars) - As above, but with food and water bars moved from under the toolbelt to under the Health/Stamina bars on the left. Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish. Backpack Buttons - Adds Stash All, Stash Stack and Stash Stack Smart buttons to the backpack when a container is open (including vehicles). Backpack Buttons V2 - As above, but the added buttons use icons already in the game rather than custom ones provided by me, therefore better for servers. HP Bars - Remember the red HP bar that was shown off in A17? This adds that back into the game for folks who liked that idea. Log Spikes - Makes Wood Log and Iron Spikes craftable again. Pickup Plants - Allows the player to press the 'E' button (default. May be different for other languages/controllers) to pick up plants. This does NOT grant extra harvest based on perk. You have to punch for that. Max Animals/Zombies and Claim Blocks - Adds options to the main menu for the player to select max spawned animals/zombies in the world in SP. Also allows the player to have more than 1 claim block via menu option. Steel Ammo - Adds the steel ammo from A17 for players who enjoyed that option. Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open (tested with Trader Jen and seems to work). Bigger Bloodmoons - This is a mix of things. It removes crawlers from horde nights, increases the total number and the max alive (so you should have more zombies) AND uses new zombies with reduced AI for better FPS. Zombie Stutter Stop - Forces zombies to preload into RAM, which helps reduce the stutter while playing vanilla. How to manually install modlets tutorial video:
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    This is what I'm testing now which will be in the next build unless I change it again: Changed: All small game (rabbits and chickens) and large game (boars, and deer) spawn every day or night at any time. Small game has a high chance to spawn, large game has a low chance to spawn. Large Predator animals such as bears and dire wolves only spawn at night in the forests. Wolves have a very small chance to spawn in forests during the day Changed: Enemy respawn time is reduced in the wasteland. At night, Zombies will respawn immediately, making the wasteland harder to survive at night
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    TL-DR: I already expect over half you people to go "Get Gud Scrub" But seeing as Ive been playing this game for THOUSANDS of Hours, you can go F$%k Right off. Ive enjoyed this game since EARLY Alphas and Ive never honestly felt this terrible about the game. Even the alpha 17 update didnt make me feel this terrible about playing a game Ive LOVED. Early Game Play of Alpha 19: Spawns in, does the usual opening missions, scavenges for 20 minutes finding now rare birds feathers to make a buncha arrows. Preps self up to go to war with early zombies with a bow and arrows. Heads out to a near by town. Fights off a few dogs, a couple FERALS on day 1 and even a Cop zombie. Finds a Shot gun Messiah. Breaks in quietly and proceeds to attempt to snipe sleeping zombies with a bow. After the first one took 3 arrows to the head before dying, stops and puts a point into stealth damage. Kills the last few zombies with 2 arrows each to the skull totaling in about 7 zombies, 2 of which were ferals. Now that the building is cleared out.. Starts to hack into the couple pre-Apocalypse crates that are there... only to find a primitive bow.. stone spear.. and blunderbuss.. in.. Both.. uhm.. what? This game takes place in America, land of guns in a cereal box.. why are these pre-apocalypse still sealed boxes containing... Post apocalypse beginner weaponry? Ok so then... looting the gun store is worthless.. Lets go get us some tools.. After a bit of searching, killing a couple hordes and patching myself up, I find a working stiffs. Same thing as the first store. Go in quietly, stealth all 12 zombies in this place, have one or two wake up since they are ferals that can smell the fart I let out when I saw glowing eyes. Heads over to the crates Pre-Apocalypse still sealed crates and cracks them open... only to find 3 stone-axes and two stone-shovels in every single box... So... before the apocalypse happened.. this store ordered tools cheaper than you get made in china? Was Carl in the back of the store just making these by hand cause if he was, these things suck as they are all level 2... Damn Carl youve worked at this store long enough, havnt you figured out how to make a god damned stone tool? Ok so.. Looks like looting is out the window for tools and weaponry.. but I just noticed.. its been maybe 5-7 hours in game and.. well Im STARVING apparently.. at like 70 hunger and thirst.. @%$*#! guess I need to find me a food source. 2 small wandering hordes and a dog bite later.. Finds Shamway, repeats process from other two stores, opens crates.... Well I mean Shamway has always sucked.. No one cares. Ok, so looting ANYTHING in early game sucks now.. Meaning that theres no point in doing ANY Pois, no point in going into cities, no point in going into factories, the early in game seems to now be locked to.. kill zombies or do trader missions... what happen to the go anywhere, build kill and loot anything to survive? What happen to that joy you felt when you got lucky and cracked open that one crate in 20 that had your lv1 steel pickaxe on day 3~4 where you knew you couldnt do anything to make it better, but you no longer had to suffer breaking rocks with a stone tool? I'd rather have low level garbage loot than this primitive tool set. Why are primitive tools even a lootable object? Especially from before everything went to @%$*#!?
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    Title. Reading the notes for A19 and all of the B's after it: they state they are nerfing alot of perks, and nerfing the ability to find high tier loot like shotguns early on, and have this overly convoluted thing about how they are going to make progress feel "more natural" I'll Tell you one thing that would make progress feel natural, is the "spam crafting" items back, and items levels 1thru 100 that slowly progresses as you use the skill more and more, the skill gets better. (remember athletics? that felt more natural, the more you run the better you are at running) but now with this new system its really lackluster and just annoying. If I search 5 different gun safes in the same building, or in the same day its old and repetitive for them all to have blunderblusses (early on) and literally nothing else save maybe some ammo. Hell, who the heck would even have a blunderbuss in a gunsafe, Blunderbuss is more of the "crafted makeshift weapon" that you craft to help you clear a path to the gun safes which SHOULD have pistols, shotguns, rifles ect. honestly I feel like TFP just enjoys ruining the game more and more, because I dont see the point in scavenging anymore if all im getting is level 1-3 blunderbusses and ammo for guns which are are virtually non existent
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    Progress on my medieval style house:
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    Here is my WIP medieval tavern: https://twitter.com/joelhuenink/status/1279130036621074432?s=20
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    Due to changes to sleeper volumes it is recommended to start over. If you do not, you may experience a POI flagged as clear before you cleared all volumes. b170-b173 Changelog: Added Localization updated for destroyed concrete material Setup xml, localization, and icons for Gas Pump Remake Updated localization for Wild West Coffin helper Setup xml and localization for Bleachers Set Destroyed concrete material "gfx graph tex mem" and "gfx graph tex stream" console commands "gfx st reduction" console command "gfx st" b/d/f/r console command abbreviations WoodCross3x1, rustyIronCrossCtr3x1, and scrapIronCross3x1 3,1,1, multiblock variants for towers (solves issues with SI or not falling on collapse) Tppoi window can be opened from ESC menu, also autofocuses search box now HD Office Chair xml, localization, and icon setup. Object pool block entity preloading Bombshelter_01 A19 update. Changed Increased push up motion when player is stuck Increased chance of getting criticals on the 2nd hit Nerfed water cooler loot to drop 1 to 2 pure waters instead of 1 to 4. Player shader name to Game/UMA and removed 10 unused properties Increased chicken and rabbit run speed Command "killall alive" no longer kills turrets Biome generation now allows biomes other than pine forest to be in center Optimized Arlene texture sizes Optimized Big Momma texture sizes Optimized Biker texture sizes Renamed Arlene emissive to proper name and readded missing texture Blade trap repair cost reduced to not be more than its crafted cost Optimized Boe texture sizes Optimized Crawler texture sizes Optimized Darlene texture sizes Optimized Fat texture sizes Optimized player hand texture sizes (AO only) and fixed filtering Optimized Joe texture sizes Optimized Marlene texture sizes Optimized Mechanic texture sizes Optimized Moe texture sizes Optimized Steve texture sizes Optimized Yo texture sizes Optimized ammo piles texture sizes Optimized dropped backpack texture sizes Optimized Brute trash can texture sizes Updated xml to auto replace old officeChair01 (new icon WIP due to issues) Implemented Localization update from MOGI 07/21 Enabled new Loading screens, since localization came back Zombies falling 5m+ have a chance to stumble and rage Updated cave_01 with new art and to support fetch. Assigned broken concrete texture as default to appropriate concreteDestroyed block faces. Fixed Graph value updating on non repaint events First person weapon brightness values don't match third person Player hands brightness adjustment due to auto exposure fix Back side of both flags have an alpha issue Prefab editor Ctrl modifier shortcuts overlap with other shortcuts "Path node otherHeight bad" warnings by allowing a small overlap RWG only generating 1/4 maps on dedi Tree poking through in vic_03 Coal container no longer has winow frames blocking coal harvest Fastfood_04 is missing rally marker Shoe piles destroy after looting Missing backfaces on blueberry plant
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    Yes because it was totally natural to run in circles on spikes jumping up and down using bandages while crafting 5000 stone axes. /sarcasm (Though there were enough people that actually did that!) And to be totally fair, at the level where you're getting blunderbusses in safes, is a little bit early for cracking open safes. You guys min/maxing the game and going to the high-prize loot early on instead of attempting to progress naturally is part of the problem here. Early game should be about basic hunting and gathering. Not looting the crap out of POI's.
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    *** B173 has a different mixer and these seeds won't work with it! *** I'll generate new seeds and update the list, but it does take time. Huh... I'd have to spend a lot of time here to do this. I have about 200 different seeds for alpha 19 experimental, half 4k and half 8k. I have previews from all of them publicly available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ljjksykyenytm3e/AAAh0mf_CBnXW92eVl5i-EF1a?dl=0 To generate and analyse these seeds I use scripts that are freely available here: https://github.com/dcsobral/seedGen I usually don't leave uncompressed previews in that folder, but I decided to leave my top seeds (4k and 8k) there, for ease of access. All my 8k seeds have 10 traders, all my 4k seeds have 5 traders. To make it easy to figure out what seed you find interesting, I've added some of my analysis to a Google Spreadsheet anyone can look at. You can see the number of prefabs in the map, the number of unique prefabs, and the number of unique prefabs that are tier 4, tier 5, stores, skyscrapers or in my top 7 and top 15 lists. Once you find a seed you like, go to the drop link above, download the zip file, and you'll find a map preview there. Traders are marked in the map previews with pinkish outlines, though you might have to zoom in to spot it. The spreadsheet is at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E1abSNz0_rsoDd-3AVp6SzxY-AF7eVjMfVNhIXN3X20/edit?usp=sharing The best size 8192 seeds I've found are: Seed name: SystematicArbutus Screenshot: https://imgur.com/7vzG0iw Pro: top on my "top" criteria Con: Lots of big cities in the desert Seed name: FierceCinerin Screenshot: https://imgur.com/hLbBglL Pro: top unique tier 4 and 5, second best on my "top" criteria Con: one big disconnected city Seed name: TuitionalMonck Screenshot: https://imgur.com/uev7NcS Pro: high on "top" criteria, high on variety, has a Dishong and a Crack a Book skyscraper Con: a couple of small disconnected cities Seed name: HipBastinadoes Screenshot: https://imgur.com/nctbmul Pro: high unique tier 4 and 5 and variety, has a Higashi and a Crack a Book skyscraper Con: low on stores and top criteria (because it's low on stores), too much stuff on wasteland Seed name: AmbiguousCamphene Screenshot: https://imgur.com/Fim8wYs Pro: top on stores and variety Con: low on top 7, and unique tier 4 and 5, west cities disconnected from center and east cities The best size 4096 seeds I've found are: Seed name: PudgyPiggott Screenshot: https://imgur.com/RuZLCXy Pro: top on my "top" criteria, large variety of prefabs Con: disconnected cities, large city on wasteland Seed name: StirringEmbezzlements Screenshot: https://imgur.com/C3dD12i Pro: top unique tier 4 and 5, second best on my "top" criteria Con: disconnected cities, mid-level variety Seed name: IrreversibleConsiderance Screenshot: https://imgur.com/XRqqdgl Pro: high on "top" criteria, has a Crack a Book skyscraper, road connects all cities Con: low on stores, low on variety Seed name: RecoveredAmides Screenshot: https://imgur.com/J8hmPX9 Pro: top in variety, high on tier 4 and 5, huge cities Con: low on "top" criteria, mid-level on stores. disconnected cities
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    Yeah, i don't think the problem is that bad. Afterall, it still does require the player their most valuable resource....time. As a side note... Just wanted to share one of my latest creations using the in-game prefab editor and many of the new blocks introduced in A19. It is an alternate trader Bob POI themed best for the wasteland. I took some inspiration from one of your concept art drawings. Let me know what you think. I will be putting it up for download hopefully today/tomorrow on Nexus.
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    I incredibly strongly disagree with this and believe it would even be game ruining. If both loot and all zombies scale in health and damage, you'll end up with a very samey feeling game and it would ruin the fun of seeing yourself get stronger. More special zombie variants as game stage goes up are welcome but scaling all zombies and loot at the same time would be very damaging to fun.
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    Note: There is a chance that character progression will be reset, if you continue a savegame from b163, due to a change. As always we recommend starting over with a new savegame during experimental.. Changelog for b164-b169 Added Option to change size of FPS display Old Wild West Coffins Tough Guy Sunglasses that boost your fortitude. Found in loot and for sale at traders Allow XUi list ComboBoxes to be initialised with ints/floats from XML Allow enabling/disabling XUi SimpleButtons from XML/bindings Allow XUi controllers to react to binding changes at runtime Mem obj and mem objs console commands to list and shrink the object pool HD Biker Zombie Chainsaw/auger flesh impacts for melee & harvest. Added hits/grazes to all 3 tiers knuckles. Visual clue for text orientation on player storage crate Radiated vulture vomit attack sfx. Gfx st discard console command Janitor Zombie (final fixes in b170) Changed Increased amount of small animals spawning in the forests and decreased larger animals. All small game (rabbits and chickens) and large game (boars, and deer) spawn every day or night at any time. Small game has a high chance to spawn, large game has a low chance to spawn. Enemy respawn time is reduced in the wasteland. At night, Zombies will respawn immediately, making the wasteland harder to survive at night Shotgun damage and auto shotgun rate of fire reduced. Added floats so spawning of zombies and predators are less predictable. Reduced stamina cost on iron harvesting tools Bandolier mod increases reload speed by 15% Removed candy tins, hub caps and air filter items from the game. Land mines no longer use candy tins, hub caps or air filters in their recipes. Land mines now need duct tape to craft. Candy tin mine can now be crafted in a backpack. Hub cap mine uses a nail instead of a spring Deprecated candy tins and other redundant items Cooking pot mine is also crafted from basic resources Normal entities load their prefabs and meshes on demand instead of during world load Reduced distance to backpack after death if no respawn point is set Block entities to load on demand using the object pool The object pool large pools to active pools which will fully remove pool objects and non active prefabs over time Added various scales to zombies so they are different heights Texture streaming to only use the main camera Store_autoparts_01 updated to commercial standards. Updated lots of oldwest POIs with new art Art and new block update for house_old_abandoned_07 Large Predator animals such as bears and dire wolves only spawn at night in the forests. Wolves have a very small chance to spawn in forests during the day Fixed Underground airpocket in Ranch03 Collapsing railing in fire_station_01 Z fighting with trimblocks and paint issue in modern_07 Applied paint to block behind comfy chair in modular_05 Adjustment to zombie footstep sound playback Knuckles harvest too quickly ( use attack speed ) Breaching rounds do not work on the Shamway safe Ratchet, ImpactDriver, SteelClub must now be crafted at a workbench Steel spear shows proper unlock info Scope mods are now visible on tactical assault rifle Robosledge does not display a ammo count anymore Beer sign does not have a white line on texture Chest in funeral_home_01 now has loot Create world feature is functional again Can now place blocks around all lockers Identical look for XP bar and food/water bars Shovel hold animation is no longer used for all weapons and tools Upside down door frame in apartment_adobe_red_5_flr Bar_sm_01 no longer has false cabinets Animals can not die from infection anymore Weighted head mod is not compatible with blade mods on machete. Food does not heal after you eat broken glass. Also, please reconsider your diet. Fixed chainsaw and auger reload sound playback. Some farm plots cannot be planted due to stability Crate_storePrefab renderer was in TerrainCollision layer Gas_station5 billboard SI issue. Carlot_01 has beams that block entities Replaced deprecated Freezers with its new replacement Torch is now burning in roof area of house_burnt_02 Pathing issue with door of basement in Mansard_02 Wrong bookcase rotation in modern_04 Daring Adventurer level 2 and 3 now work again with T1 quests False cabinets in park_basketball Bungalow_05: Block behind boxes was painted and the shelf support replaced Not allowed to access triangles/indices on mesh while in prefab editor Disabled spider zombie looking at player Particle System is trying to spawn on player mesh with zero surface area, aka console spam when player is on fire Robotic sledge / repulsor mod ragdoll is extreme on players ActionRagdoll not using a consistent force
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    I never once questioned the best rpgs of all time when looting. I diablo I got what I got. Same in Skyrim, Fallout, etc. I opened up a loot container and got something a little better and I was happy about it. You just aren't used to it. Once we get pipe guns and a bit more supplies to craft your own things it might feel less repetitive which I think is the larger problem. We will have game staged increases in the harder biomes you can go there to get non primitive loot early game but it will be a lot harder.
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    Changed: Blade trap hits don't prime the demolition zombie. Darts apply their damage directly, so they were fine.
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    Because they have about 20% more killing power than a bb gun. Pipe guns that use all the current ammos so you can specialize right away. Pipe rifle (762) pipe shotgun (shotgun ammo), Pipe machinegun (762), Pipe pistol (9mm), Pipe baton (stamina), and possibly pipe junk gun (junk ammo) and possibly a full pass of junk guns, we'll see how it all fits together for the intellect guy.
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    Load order, current VRAM use and then where the OS decided to put textures would make it somewhat random what is in VRAM vs system RAM. ---- Hopefully the disappearing backpack bug is now fixed. That was not easy to track down. There was about a 5% chance, depending on when random chunk saves happen, that a newly dropped item would be lost when you teleported away, because its chunk might not save.
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    COMPOPACK_44(for Alpha19exp_built169) is available now !!! to get it go to the openingpost here is the Changelog: CHANGELOG COMPOPACK 44 : i asked Pille to do the whole conversation from A18 to A19 for all the CP-prefabs - and he did it inner minutes - thx Pille really appreciate your competent and good work it was also needed to adjust the brightness of the lit lights for A19 to let them appear like they were in A18 - also thx for that Pille in detail: changed following blocks to air in all prefab: 1779 : treasureChest cntMountainManChest 2250 : cntBuriedStashChest cntBuriedWeaponChest 2119 : cntBackpackDropped backpack03Prefab 2670 : toiletBlockVariantHelper cntToilett01 2667 : woodFurnitureBlockVariantHelper endTable exchanged following prefab with newer versions (thx to TopMinder for keeping his own prefabs always uptodate and also thx for working on some existing CP-prefabs) : xcostum_4Apartments(by_TopMinder) xcostum_7EndStore(by_Jackelmyer) xcostum_Blue_House(by_TopMinder_and_Pille) xcostum_CanucksCoffee(by_Genosis) xcostum_Cave1(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_celltower_2(by_axebeard) xcostum_celltower_2_waste(by_axebeard) xcostum_ColonyShip(by_NAGGcommunity) xcostum_deerstand_1(by_axebeard) xcostum_deerstand_2(by_axebeard) xcostum_Dormerhouse(by_TopMinder) xcostum_DriveIn(by_NAGG_Genosis) xcostum_Experimentalhouse(by_TopMinder) xcostum_hideout(by_axebeard) xcostum_hideout(by_TopMinder_and_Pille) xcostum_Hostel(by_TopMinder) xcostum_InsaneAsylum(by_Genosis) xcostum_MinderManor(by_TopMinder) xcostum_ModernArtGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_Paintballarena(by_Jackelmyer) xcostum_PetStore(by_Jackelmyer) xcostum_research_vessel(by_Pille) xcostum_Villa(by_TopMinder) REMOVED: xvanilla_carlot_03_temp (not available anymore) xvanilla_remnant_burnt_deco_01 (not available anymore) xvanilla_remnant_burnt_deco_02 (not available anymore) xvanilla_theatre_01 (not available anymore) xvanilla_warehouse_01 (not available anymore) xvanilla_settlement_trader_01 (renamed) xvanilla_settlement_trader_02 (renamed) xvanilla_settlement_trader_03 (renamed) xvanilla_settlement_trader_04 (renamed) xvanilla_settlement_trader_05 (renamed) xvanilla_ranger_station1 (renamed) xvanilla_theatre_01 (not available anymore) xvanilla_warehouse_01 (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_01_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_02_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_03_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_04_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_05_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_06_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_07_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_08_red (not available anymore) xvanilla_mp_waste_bldg_09_red (not available anymore) courthouse_med_02 (not available anymore) all A18 xvanilla-prefabs (exchanged them with the new A19 versions) NEW PREFABS : xcostum_Bookstore(by_Kayido) xcostum_Bunker(by_Pille) xcostum_ExcavatorMassGrave(by_Pille) xcostum_HNHouse(by_Hernan) xcostum_LazMans_church_01(by_LazMan) xcostum_Modernhouse02(by_TopMinder) xcostum_OrigamiGallery(by_Pille_TopMinder) xcostum_Sawmill(by_Pille) xcostum_SmallWoodhouse(by_TopMinder) (all the new A19 vanilla-prefabs) FIXED: -added questRallyMarker to xcostum_Bavarian_Bowse_Shop(by_magoli) -some block-repairs to xcostum_swimmingbath(by_magoli) (roof,water,cactee) -some block-repairs to xcostum_timbershop(by_magoli) (misrotated bedrolls) -set rotationvalue to 0 and metavalue to 0 on block256 terrWaterPOI (done to all xcostum_prefabs) WORKS on PREFABLIST.TXT FOR NITROGEN : -removed all entries for vanilla-prefabs that are deleted in A19 -added all new vanilla-prefabs to the prefabslist.txt -renamed all vanilla-prefabs with new names (if needed) -checked and fixed all sizes, rotations and yoffsets values for all prefabs Magoli 2020-07-18 keep in mind that there is NO RWGMIXER.XML in this COMPOPACK44-Release pls use the delivered examplemap or use Nitrogen to generate u a own map have fun
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    I like this because it is pretty much the same for sp and mp. Everyone can hunt every day and not have these huge droughts of no meat in cleared areas. I went with a high chance for small game, low chance for big game, spawning any time. every day. For predators, they spawn only at night in the starter biomes, every 4 days like zombies. (still tweaking things, but I think this is going to be what we do for the next patch)
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    Changelog for b158-b163 Added Writable Storage Box American Flag Version Flagpole Chair versions of plaid and leather sectional couches. Player stats UI shows values using tags if set Night is darker when the moon is not full Add POI name to dbs command screenshots Boars, coyotes, dogs, mountain lions and wolves can attack while moving forward Changed Items that cure a condition show 100% instead of an unspecified amount Updating steel club icon to match mesh changes Zombie bears drop testosterone extract Yucca juice recipe no longer needs water but is boiled in a cooking pot The stamina buff from cooked food does not count down while your food bar is full. Put a small weapon bag in survivor_site_02 Bullet casings now partially visible in iron sight aim Reworked laser attachment effect for desert vulture Boiled water does not cause dysentery Reduced excessive food value on super corn Merged heavy/light armor, all melee weapon and all ranged weapon loot groups for better performance due to fewer probability table lookups Schematics scaled in loot. Early on you will find more immediately useful ones like for a forge, basic recipes, seeds or medical bandages. Deployed sledge hit distance to be entity MaxDistance and aiming will start 1m earlier Physics push to not angle down and if not on a ragdoll use x5 force Traders sell tech 3 weapons in the higher secret stash inventories Robo sledge YawRange changed to 170°, making it easier to place in tight quarters. Reduced entity damage on robo sledge. Increased block damage and perkTurrets affects it. Loot abundance to effect each item in the container instead of the master count Tech 2/3 guns are not autounlocked by the weapon perk. Go find yourself a schematic. Chainsaw and auger are not unlocked by perkAdvancedEngineering Localization updated to support language to new blocks Slower recovery of the dynamic crit resistance that occurs when taking multiple hits from zombies Added more friendly animals to all biomes Enemy animals can spawn during the day in forests Chickens can spawn in forests now All animals respawn much faster than before 10% less resistance against stun and bleeding Blade trap hits don't prime the demolition zombie Food max stamina buffs will not overwrite if an existing higher value buff is above half duration. Stone block destruction doesn't fire heat events like wood or iron blocks Auto shotgun cannot use scopes for now Increased dog, dire wolf and mountain lion pain resistance Improved sleeper volume noise response Temporarily disabled reflex sight as a visible attachment on the auto shotgun Fixed PerkHealingFactor works while player is supposed to die from hunger or thirst Pyramid_05: Removed the locked lootchest at the end Repulsor mod is not working Steroids add 50% run speed instead of the stated 10% Regression from: Both random desk helpers are solid only on one side Missing documentation for how the "soft cap" on overeating works. Wrong oven paint in apartment_brick_6_flr Falling window pieces in modular_03 Replaced faucet with showerheads in fire_station_02 BuffElementCold, buffElementFreezing, drinkJarRedTea, perkSlowMetabolism have no effect on food. Put proper shelving support in vic_13 Removed windowsidings from vacant_lot_05 PerkTreasureHunter and/or Lucky Goggles are not speeding up treasure radius reduction 4x scope on AK47 placement issue Barbed wire mod not causing bleed buff New auto shotgun scope had no material Mannequin colliders shapes don't match mesh Stone axe fire anim moved up. Super Corn is now unlocked by rank 2 of living off the land Collapsing candle on bookpile in book_01 was changed Armor not resisting bleed buffs Factual and grammar errors in the Dysentery and Survival journals Wrong ingredient count on ammoBundleBlunderbuss Not allowed to access triangles/indices on mesh while in prefab editor Blocks have a model for 3rd person viewers Ragdoll Force parameter does not work for a deployed junk sledge Both robotic turrets/sledges jitter while aiming at their targets Deployed sledge fire delay not decreasing when no target and target could not be seen at certain angles Trader setups have nonfunctional item quality parameters Robo sledge displays an ammo counter Several items state wrong recipe unlocks. Molotov not applying burning when entering the flames Fast Food 2 has suitcase poke through bathroom hiding spot Added missing bock to cemetery_02's surface building's ceiling The new store freezers are cutting thru fog Pure mineral water cures dysentery? Transparent building mats not fogging correctly Candle light not illuminating surfaces when standing too close to them Another shelf in vic_13 was updated Cobwebs bright in fog Flagpoles did not have any harvest resources Wood texture seams on frames when upgraded are not lining up properly Better Barter 5 incorrect description Ranged weapons playing a second start sound on the last round False Max Stamina Buff from Healing Items
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    Hey Madmole, here is the link to the castle. I built it just for fun while waiting for the game to come out of experimental. Just a FYI to anyone else that watches, the comments said in the video are just for fun.
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    +1 for a handle on the hatch! FWIW, the way I've dealt with it is that unbroken side has the hinge. Three sides have some sort of overlapping patch piece, but one side is unbroken. That's the hinge side.
  24. 9 points
    A20 is either going to be really small and focused or launch next spring/summer. By the time we finish A19 it will be August 15th, that leaves 2.5 months to work on stuff putting us at Nov 1st to content lock and release and be stable by the xmas sale. While it wouldn't be incredibly hard, we have to pick our battles instead of add cool forum idea #5693302 which is also cool dev idea #4349326294. Everything takes 2-3x longer than estimated... so what can we do in 2-3 weeks? I'm actually working on A21 at the moment, something I know is too ambitious for A20, but I can get all the designs and concepts done.
  25. 9 points
    I just ate 3 grilled meats and a boiled meat. My food was in the 80's. I started mining and 3 minutes later I was hungry. This is ridiculous. I had a splinted broken leg, that may be causing the hunger clock to tick faster. I am on board with making things edgier.
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  27. 9 points
    My fps is stable again, no more dips after playing a while, great work!
  28. 9 points
    Recently there was a lot of discussion of the food issue, especially in early game. Most people recommended "do burried supplies quests". I'd also go with this. Until the question came up: You have to walk to the location, you have to dig, do you even loot more food value then you burn? That made me think about it. I'd say it did, but i never meassured how much, or in worse cases even it does not? So i made a little test. The rules were: complete the starter quest no clothes, beside the plant fiber shirt and the plant fiber pants you got by the starter quest just a lvl1 stone shovel and a lvl1 club distance to quest used given by the trader no other looting done during on the quest didn't kill any zombies on the way to the quest, i outran them i didn't kill the Zs that spawn when you open the chest used creative menu to start every quest at 9 o'clock for time measurement every quest was started with (almost) full food and a fully repaired shovel i only killed Zs if they disturbed me while diggin for the supplies no perk points spent, not even that one from the starter quest, to keep the results comparable no buffs used, no coffee, no mega crush, no tea, nothing i used debug mode to reset the trader quests if there was no burried supplies available for testing purposes Done on pregen1 and i started at the trader at O154, N378. I did 10 burried supplies, for the first 3 i had the newbie buff active. I didn't know it increases stamina recovery and decreased food usage... but it does. I personally run to the quest point, so food usage could be less if just walking but increasing mission time. The clay amount should give an idea about how much i had to dig. Condensed outcome: Distance Food usage Time (ingame hours) Clay food loot food balance 298,6 12 4 736 50 +38 448,5 14 3 562 70 +56 387 15 3,5 752 30 +15 292,2 9 1,5 276 30 +21 264,8 19 3,5 572 32 +13 255,1 19 3,5 676 89 +70 486,5 17 3 427 20 +3 456,4 28 4,5 901 94 +66 451,3 18 3 569 25 +7 425,3 23 3,5 608 79 +56 So my conclusion: Burried supplies is absoluty worth it... in early game. Especially while the newbie buff is active. It helps a lot. Even if you have a bad run, you'll get around a 0 sum on food, but you get the quest reward + the extra drop from the chest (receipes, elexirs, mega crush ...). After those 10 missions, i was level 4 and had 7 points to spend, that already could have been used to speed up digging and reward. Like sex rex, miner 69er, mother lode, cardio, treasure hunter or lucky looter or in this case even the daring adventurer. Not even mentioned, that i ran accross many bird nests i did not loot, that would have given some eggs as additional food and feathers for arrows. On my way to the missions i've seen 2 deers and 3 boards, so even potentiall further food. The eight mission also contained the bacon & eggs receipe. And i could have used coffee or tea to enhance stamina regeneration while running and digging. I made 5600 dukes, that could have been spent for even more food... which is not needed, because the loot from the supplies totaly feed me anyway.... or a better shovel. And a full stack of clay (6000), what you will need later anyway. I also got more water from the loot, that i needed to drink. I attached an openoffice sheet that shows details on what i looted, what the quest rewards have been and some comments on each mission. 7d2d burried supplies.ods BTW: Please stop telling me that you need to eat after 5min of mining when started fully. That was with 60min days, so 1 ingame hour is 2,5min. Accordingly every mission took me 5 to 20 minutes and i didn't need to eat anything. Even the worst run only took my food down to ~75%. WITHOUT ANY PERKS! Either this is a bug, or time is running faster for you....
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    With corona and strict stay inside orders in just a few days animals took over many areas. Like hundreds of wild monkeys in one city I saw a video on. Its not even an apocalypse and I've seen up to 20 stag walking through my yard, boatloads of geese, fox, wild turkeys, and obviously cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. I hear coyotes at night. I live on the edge of town is all. Off topic but the coolest thing I saw was a fawn (baby deer) in my front yard, I was able to get about 8' from it, so cute. Wasn't much bigger than a small dog.
  30. 9 points
    I've been working all weekend on this. I think I have it pretty good now. It might be even subjectively harder than it was before. So now, in an upcoming version there are a fair amount of rabbits and chickens and rare big game, but the chance respawns every day. So if you dedicate time to hunting, you can feed yourself, where before there was plenty on day 1 or so then it was dry for 3 weeks. So for MP people can hunt and get food, but you are getting a chicken here, a rabbit there. I haven't seen a stag or pig yet, but I also haven't been actively hunting, just doing quests and killing what I can in between quests. Sorry for the rushed version you guys got. What seems good looking at what spawned flying round in the editor is completely different than playing the game for 3-4 hours. That is being worked on.
  31. 9 points
    We do care about it. I never want to see stuff added to the game that ends up being useless, because then it was waste of time and we only have so much of that. There was not enough time before experimental to make the sledge better, but this week I finally had the chance to get the ragdoll effect working, add knock backs and fix bugs I saw (range, targeting and attack delay). It now works well and could be an insane monster if we wanted by changing speed, knock backs/ragdolls and damage.
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    Not exaggerating. That is exactly what I did in that POI, which was a typical house. Closets? Stabbed with knife to break, then stab zombie. Ceilings? Don't remember any up there in that POI, but would shoot with bow. If a trap happened and they heard/saw you or sleepers jumped out of the wall or whatever, then you deal with it. No one said you could play the game 100% stealth. If you don't like stealth, then don't put points in it. Legitimate? What does that even mean? We should be playing games for fun. "Strength is the best, so if you don't play that you are dumb.....". I'll play the game however I think is fun, not based on some min/maxer nightmare.
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    It allows stacks of 500. I was going to fix it but looked and here is the thing, a safe sells for 138 dukes, 40 forged steel sells for 400, so selling gun safes loses you money.
  35. 8 points
    Where we are going we won't need roads.
  36. 8 points
    I'm actually a miner/builder at heart myself. 3 updates again I was building things from scratch as my first horde base. But the game has shifted away from that to "convert POI, get secure, level up a bit, then you can build your own base". I like mining, I like diggy diggy hole lol. But when the game shifted I took a step back, thought about it, and TBH I agree this is a better progression. The idea of building your own stone base in 7 days after starting naked in the wilderness just makes alot less sense both from a gameplay perspective and the dreaded "realism" perspective. The last few updates made me step outside of my miner/builder comfort zone a little and adjust. And if I want to do that now I still can :). I'll just be making that stone base on Day 14 instead of Day 7. Getting a forge early and going heavy mining is still very viable. But now not doing that is equally viable. The current game feels like a series of tradeoffs whereas pre-A17 you could get basically everything by going a single route skill path. I think people are still spoiled to getting everything without having to pick and choose what they want to be good at. I've seen that friction increase a little more in each update A17-A20 as the developers make changes that diversify the gameplay styles and make you make hard choices about what you want to be good at. If you want good tools early, grab the skills for it. If you want good weapons early grab the skills for it. Etc. But you can't skill everything you want right off the bat now :). TBH progression is still Much faster (in the things you skill into) than the learn by doing days where I'd spam craft and smelt for weeks. You can still progress by playing how you want now. But people will always complain :).
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  38. 8 points
    They wanted to extend the game's stone age, which is a good thing in my opinion. But of course, TFP being TFP, they once again chose a terrible way to do that (last one was perk level gates).
  39. 8 points
    In my opinion, they just need to re-introduce item degradation. The first time you repair it you get 75% durability. The second time 50% durability. The third time 25% durability. Then it is just broken and can only be scrapped for parts. In this way the item always keeps the same number of mod slots so no mods are popping off the item when it degrades and items aren't changing colors. Then it doesn't matter if you found it in loot. It will eventually be gone and you'll need to either find or craft a replacement. Boom. Crafting has a more significant role. The thing that kills crafting (and looting) right now is that once you find that best item you have it for the rest of the game. Let it degrade away and now you will need to craft one until a new one can be found. Find two of something? That's great. Save one for when the first one breaks. Tie stats to durability so that weapon and tool effectiveness degrades as the bar empties and you'll see people crafting to replace even before the one they found is completely destroyed.
  40. 7 points
    NitroGen, This is a random world generator. It will create customizable random worlds for 7DtD. Configure your own personal world.. You can select: -type of landscape (currently included are Forests, Alpine Mountains, Canyon Desert, Rocky Hills) -the number and size of cities and towns -the general number of POIs and smaller settlements (Farms, trailerparks, old western towns, etc) -4k, 8k, 16k (experimental) or custom dimension maps -the player start positions (far away, close to towns or random) -the number and position of traders (close to cities and towns, or far in the countryside) -even import your selfmade hightmap (play on a realworld terrain or a cat picture) -spawn together in Multiplayer, and spawn near a town if you want -the number of traders -[dedicated server, Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls (see bottom of the post)] DOWNLOAD: for Alpha 19: NitroGen v0.501 A19 (experimental) A19 experimental version for Alpha 18: NitroGen v0474 NitroGen v0.481 Experimental (new highway feature and ability to generate several maps at once) Performance: After you finished generating and installing the map, and want to play, close NitroGen, as it reserves a substantial amount of memory for the generation. In case you want to drop a small donation: A19: CompoPack temporary workaround for A19, prefablist by CrainBramp - removing some import errors of A18 POIs https://pastebin.com/raw/hf7mhe2D (overwrite the resources/prefablist.txt with this, or add a custom prefablist) Want more POIs? check CompoPack It will require you to have JAVA installed. (like old Minecraft...), you can get JAVA here https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp !! Make sure the DEFAULT is the 64bit version, if you have multiple Java versions installed !! The world-generation will take around 4 to 5 minutes for an 8K map This is a playble 4k example map, if you want to see the generated output: Example 4k Map (Alpha 18) (unregular updates): https://twitter.com/TheDamocles [Overview by youtubers] English: German: https://7days2die.de/alpha-18-x-rwg-nitrogen-tool video by Survager (Russian) some streamers using NitroGen maps: stream by JonahBirch jonahbirch stream by the bearded guys gaming https://www.twitch.tv/beardedguysgaming [Quick Guide] Hit 'GENERATE WORLD' to create a default 8K map. The world data will be saved to a folder (map name) inside the output folder. You will have to copy the created world-files folder to your 'GeneratedWorlds' Directory for 7 DaysToDie It should be somewhat like this: C:\Users\--MyUserName--\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds Then you can start a new world from within the game (the generated world-name will show up in the selection when starting a new world) This is Version 0.21, please test if there are any problem when running a multiplayer game (only tested in singleplayer at this time) older A17 version: NitroGen for Alpha 17 (stable) ---------------- [HOW TO RUN NITROGEN] JAVA: You would need to first install JAVA on your machine. Its a Java App. You can check if you have Java installed and configured by typing java in the console .. something should pop up then The java Runtime can be easily obtained from https://www.java.com/en/download/ INSTALL: -just copy the NitroGen folder anywhere you like. All required files are included in its sub-folders. RUN: -doubleclick the nitrogen.jar file (if JAVA was configured to run it) -OR use the bat file, wich basically just runs: -OR type: java -jar nitrogen.jar into the console (Nitrogen should work basically on Linux too) COPY FILES: copy the generated map folder to your 7DTD GeneratedWorlds folder. If you select preview map you can have a look at the generated gamemap PNG file. -best is to delete a previous folder of the same map name, (especially the dtm_processed.raw file, wich would be loaded instead of dtm.raw) START NEW IN GAME: Go to NEW GAME and browse throug the gameworlds, the generated map should appear then. ----------------- Troubleshooting: #1 there where several issues discussed in this thread, you might find you solution when searching though the posts #2 Can not get it to run, how does that work? -The generator needs Java to be installed, preferably a 64bit version -you can check if Java is installed AND configured by opening a console (cmd in Windows) and entering: java -version this prints out details about Java (it should state 64-bit Server somewhere, so you know it is pointing to a 64 bit installation) #3 Out of memory error: -if you see a out of memory error, you either run a 32 bit Java version, or did not reserve high enough heap memory. You can edit the .bat files to start the generator with more memory (4 Gigabytes should be enough for a normal sized map, defined with the -Xmx4G parameter, increase it as needed) #4 It does not start generating: -check if you extracted everything from the .zip to a folder (can be started, but cannot operate out of the zip) -check if you already have an output folder with generated files, use the option "check folder" to allow overwriting ----------------- [more recent] Post by MelT regarding dedicated servers: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...l=1#post996818 Post by zootal regarding dedicated servers: A18 tutorial from the official server admin staff: A hint for hosting very large server maps: NitroGen creates several intermediary outputs during generation: -genHM.png -poiHM.png -previewMap.png They could be deleted before hosting the game, so the clients dont download those images (takes more time than necessary, and looking at the preview might spoil the exploration aspect.) Preview POI colors: (by EpicSpire) houses mountain alone farm citycenter industrial trader carlot --------------- Modding: Prefablists (Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls, CompoPack) by other users (MelT, Xylvier): All prefab lists in a single file (latest versions) https://github.com/NickPhaedra/7-Day...refablists.zip -> you need to manually replace / rename it to prefablist.txt in the resources folder Prefablist-Generator by Xylvier https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wfp...hFInbvTuC/view links: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...l=1#post972744 https://github.com/NickPhaedra/7-Day...ee/Prefablists Compo-pack prefabs: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...for-Random-Gen McTaco Compo-pack prefabs-list for NitroGen:https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...lt-gt-NitroGen
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    Ahh but you will, 7 Days 2 my friend.
  42. 7 points
    Yeah I would say 99% of the users would agree the new digging system is better. A, you can't exploit it, B the shrinking circle is helpful. Buy the perk to maximize its effectiveness. Before I'd end up with 5000 clay on some digs you just couldn't find it for x reason. Now it shrinks and I'm guaranteed to find it.
  43. 7 points
    Roland you jump to conclusions. Saying we do not like crap in loot does not mean we want best items there. All we are saying is we dont want absolute crap there. That is not the same. We get stone tools, spears, clubs etc. We dont want that. At least I dont. You think we immediately want pistols, ak-47, shotguns and iron tools. I would be much happier if I found some duct tape, cobblestone rocks, wood, forged iron, weapon parts, gunpowder, nitre, coal, perhaps some rare steel bar etc. Something that is actually useful in early game. Safes could have 100% chance for schematic so you are actually happy to see it and dont avoid it like a plague. Loot can be made fun even without giving you the best stuff ever. Just something useful.
  44. 7 points
    Not sure if it is intended or if it is a bug, but when you have a full inventory and you accept molotovs as a quest reward, instead of the molotovs being dropped as a brown bag, they all explode and set you and the trader on fire
  45. 7 points
    They have lengthened the beginning game, which is good, but I am afraid it is more to mask the lack of an endgame. We need bandits more than we need pretty graphics and car mods.
  46. 7 points
    Hello. This modlet allows you to show in the list of effects which glasses worn by the character, and whether wearing super sneakers, accelerating a jacket or a cigar. This modlet I made only for myself, but decided to share with you, and therefore do not need to write to me that this mod is useless . Or you use this modlet or not in use. During the game, I often change my glasses and other items of clothing, which give certain bonuses: - if I scoured the boxes, I wear Aviator Goggles - if I create things, I wear Nerd Glasses - if I develop a character in the perception, I wear Shades when I fight with zombies, and so on. I often forget to change glasses, but in order to determine which glasses I'm wearing, I need to open a window each time a character - it's uncomfortable. Do not open the window every time a character to learn what subjects are wearing, I made this mod. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16ii0HP8jqwu1XySM_ILgkwbpI4DMmPEe For assistance with bugs thank you very much @n2n1
  47. 7 points
    That's reassuring to know. I also think the new telemetry thing will help you further more, it was a smart move to add it. You just have to be careful to not read "too much" from it. 😉 I disagree. If you fine-tune a car for F1 racing you can't use the same car for rallying. That's the same for 7DTD, if they listen too much to some extremes they'll probably end up messing the average gamers.
  48. 7 points
    I don't post a very much but I would like to voice my opinion about A19. The new progression system with the Stone - Iron - Steel ages is really awesome. I don't get why people are complaining about getting stone tools and weapons in every crate, box and safe. That's the point to progressively get better tools and weapons in the stage you're in. The game used to be over for me quickly because I would get iron and steel tools/weapons in the same first town. Now I look at a new game as this first city is my stone age city and by the time you've looted the 15 or so buildings plus all the zombies you've killed plus all the stuff you have built, you will be in iron stage of game and can move on to a new city, which will be the iron stage city and so on and so forth. So, do I mind opening all these crates, boxes and safes to get stone stuff? No, because there are 100's more in other cities to open that will give me iron and steel later in the game. This was a brilliant step in the right direction. Way to go FP.
  49. 7 points
    It was ridiculously easy before, I nerfed it. I've still found most of my schematics in workstations.
  50. 7 points
    Wow, Idle hands are the devils workshop my dad always said. The things people dream up amazes me. We simply want to know how many people are using clubs vs stun batons so we can make stun batons better if 9 out 10 players choose the club instead... or should add more shows to the in game television? OH wait 4 people out of 10 million use the television, so maybe we should just delete it instead, or find out why nobody is watching it. Basically we want to balance the game, we have no plans for microtransactions at this time, nor do we collect any personal data.
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