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    A20 NEWS!!!!!!! Started on the water overhaul this week. I'm working on the water chunk data and another programmer will be doing simulation/mesh changes. My plan is water will not be a block, but additional chunk data, which is a pretty big change. It makes more sense, since any block could have water in it while still being whatever block it is.
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    I have made a lot of data changes and code cleanup for water, but it looks exactly the same at this point, so nothing new to show currently. I am taking a break from water and have spent the last few work days deleting old shaders (50+) and related files (old mats/images/prefabs/code) and renaming shaders into proper Game/ categories. Shaders are a big chunk of the game's build time and many of the deleted ones were being included in the build.
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    Welcome to the Alpha 20 Dev Diary. Here we will discuss upcoming features for Alpha 20. Alpha 20 Dev Stream Videos 1) Alpha 20 First Look with Prime and Madmole October 28th, 2020 Alpha 20/21 Roadmap 1) Unity Update Details Coming 2) Random Generation Update Details Coming 3) Vehicle Mods Details Coming 4) Shape Menu and Building Update Details Coming 5) Dynamic Imposters Changes to the world and player built forts will be represented in distant terrain 6) Micro Splat Improvements Details Coming 7) Feral Sense Game Option Set zombies to different states of awareness from dumb to feral 8.) Biome Difficulty Snow and Desert will have gamestage boost creating tougher enemies and better loot Wasteland will have a greater gamestage boost creating even tougher enemies and even better loot 9) Pipe Weapons for Primitive Tier Pipe Rifle Pipe Pistol Pipe Baton Pipe Shotgun 10) Trader to Trader progression Details Coming 11) Water Overhaul Details Coming 12) Loot Progression and Gamestaging Improvements Details Coming 13) Character Overhaul Replace UMA system with in-house custom system Thematic outfits will work like books. Wear the complete outfit and get a completion perk Foundation for Bandits 14) New POI's and Environment Art New Gas Station 15) AI and Sleeper Improvements Zombies can crawl through 1-meter holes Wandering Sleepers 16) Dynamic Music and Ambient Audio Improvements Details Coming 17) Animation Improvements Details Coming 18) Digging Quest Improvements Details Coming 19) Restore Power Quest Lights go out when rally marker is activated Find the generators and repair them 20) New Zombies/ Entities Nurse Drone Screamer Fat Cop
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    Here is a copy and paste of my notes that I took during the A20 Dev Talk stream tonight. A20 Roadmap notes. Many of these will get details in later A20 Dev Talk Streams Unity Update as we expected. RWG is getting more work. Vehicle Mods Shape Menu They are working on Updating Distant POIs/Terrain. Not sure if it will make A20 Microsplat terrain is getting some performance updates Feral Sense game option. Lets you set how easily zombies see/hear you. From dumber than now up to Horde Night GPS all the time Biome Progression. Some biomes will be harder than normal. Snow/Dessert with Wasteland hardest Pipe Rifle, Pipe Pistol, Pipe MG(???) Pipe Baton. Water is being redone Loot Progression/GameStage tweaking based off data from A19 Gamesparks telemetry. Trader will be Gamestaged but probably a bonus over POI loot. Character Model Overhaul. More POIs more environment art (aka new blocks shapes for POI designers) 1 meter entrances for crawling zombies.... scary Some "sleepers" will be walking around instead of just sitting/standing Ambient Music improvements Existing Quest improvements. multiple tabs of quests so you can run lower tier than the max you unlocked. 5 quests per tier instead of 5 total to choose from. Restore Power Quest More new Zombies (New Zombie Nurse with Jiggle Physics but on her dangling Jawbone ) Doors are getting reworked. new farm block model. Character Model Overhaul details (still in progress) --- old Clothing UMA system going away replaced with code they developed. There are themed outfit sets. Each piece gives you bonuses (with QL level making them better) Full Set bonus for wearing an entire set pure Clothing often have some armor value as well Example themes include Farmer, Lumberjack, Miner, Nerd/Crafting, Nomad, Scavenger. they still have Mod Slots. At least some basic ones will be craftable. Sounds like current armor sets will become their own clothing sets. So you might have to decide between bonuses from say a Mining Shirt vs a Steel Chest Armor. Restore Power Quest first look --- Hit the rally marker and all lights in the POI go OUT. looks go spooky at night or in bigger POIs that get dark inside. go inside and find the generators and fix them. Q&A answers --- Drone work is coming along All zombie models pre-A19 are getting either redone or replaced with a different new model Bandits still in progress. The new Player Model tech is a part of making them work since they can have their own visual cloathing/armor sets that can change with GS. A20 ETA="When Its Done (tm)" Probably no more complexity to the electrical system Steam Workshop when the game goes gold not before. (basically because right now mods break with every update and folks expect Steam Workshop to just work...) No shooting from vehicles in A20 (Faatal in chat) POI localization will be coming (aka nice names to show in quests instead of GasStation_05 ) Vulkan graphics support still not working well due to Unity issues. No Dual Wielding weapons/tools FubarPrime's Twitch Integration he has been working on in his own time will probably come to Vanilla 7days eventually. still a work in progress.
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    Hello! A19.2 b3 is coming to EXP! Please as always start a new game and or make a backup of your stable savegame. With A19.2 we enabled Steel Series's game sense feature, allowing Steel Series Mouse and keyboard users to have some ingame events tied to their hardware LED lights. We currently support (default settings): Time Progression: F1-F12 Ammo: 1-0 Health: Q-P Bloodmoon Warning: A-L Visibility Meter: CTRL - ~ Tool / Weapon Durability: Num - - Player Facing Direction: numpad 1-9 Bleeding: Del-Pause Being Hit: Mouse Duke Amount: Display We also updated to a new version of microsplat, improving performance. Changelog A19.2 b3 Added Console command "ai pathgrid" Console command "gfx dti" to set distant terrain instancing Console command "gfx dtpix" to set distant terrain pixel error Trees are set to consistent LOD transition values by code Support for Steel Series SDK Changed Renamed console command "ai path" to "ai pathlines" Optimized path grid move buffer copy Optimized path grid block checks and misc Reduced the effect of High and Ultra Object Quality settings Deleted WaterDepthRecorder that reduced FPS a bit Updated terrain shaders Improved terrain shader settings for better performance Prefab editor to use same tree LOD bias as game Our custom speed tree shader to Alpha Test queue Fixed Trees are not rotated correctly on the diagonal directions Desert terrain normal textures not set as normals FirMed01 tree popping in oddly Two trees not instancing 8 block entities not instance rendering You could see under the water plane when camera was close to it Unlit explosives can explode in hand after throwing a lit one
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    No, since our current list is subject to change. Top goal is water that does not suck.
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    I love new Unity versions, but as we are getting into a gold mindset and have been talking to Unity, we plan on using LTS releases. A20 should be on 2019.4 LTS and next year hopefully move to the 2020 LTS for A21, so would be able to get those benefits. Not likely. Vehicle speed is limited by chunk loading speed. Last week I make an improvement to chunk deco spawning speed, but a lot more would have to be done to the total speed. No. The current one may get a few tweaks and will probably go stable within a month. A lot of team time is now going into A20.
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    Hi guys! How can I send this to the game's official Twitter? How can I show this to Joel? 😄
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    So.. I'm back! Anything new around here? My daughter was born exactly one month ago today, and everyone is doing fine (I could use some more sleep though..). The world has one more ginger!
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    I would say a significant amount. Boidster posted the volume types for Red Mesa, I believe: 75% of that POI can be stealthed and only 25% cannot. Now, I could see an argument that a better ratio would result in a 90% 10% split but even at the current ratio I think Stealth can be beneficial and helpful. Not knowing which volumes are 2s and which are 0s requires you to be tense and ready to switch from stealth to something else but I think that enhances the experience. Exploring unknown POIs is always more enjoyable for that reason than ones I am familiar with. Making stealth 100% possible is a mistake and here is why: You are stealthing sleeping enemies so it is almost guaranteed success every single time. You don't have sentries who may discover you and raise an alarm. You don't have moving searchlights or alarm tripping traps (other than trash piles) to remove. The only way to get caught is to miss a hidden sleeper (which ironically is another complaint often raised by stealth players that zombies are hidden in unlikely places). I mean, I can use a machine gun to shoot into a volume I haven't crossed into yet and nothing wakes up. That is how easy "stealth" is in this game and yet there are people who want that everywhere all the time? So if all rooms could be overcome with 100% stealth with no hidden sleepers...would we even have a game involving threat and risk? You are more skilled than me. How do you know there isn't someone who is more skilled than you? You want things changed to make playing the game at your settings possible without cheesing-- but how do you know that there isn't someone out there who can handle these situations that you can't without cheesing? Your request would ruin the difficulty level they like. When a setting turns out to be too difficult for you, then the appropriate step is to turn down the difficulty to the point that you feel challenged. Too often, people come here and complain about being forced to cheese because the game is "impossible" to play without cheesing. We get that constantly about base design after changes to zombie behavior-- until we don't any more because people have adapted and learned that it isn't actually impossible. Of course some people just find a new cheese tactic because they need that crutch for their skill level at the difficulty they have chosen. 99% of the cases where people feel that cheesing is absolutely necessary can be fixed by reducing the difficulty to a manageable level for that person. Your cheese tactics are your crutch for the difficulty level you've chosen. Either make your peace with the crutch you use and keep your difficulty level or reduce your difficulty level to the point you no longer need your crutch. But don't seek to ruin the difficulty level for those who play it just fine without the need for your particular crutch to make it possible for you.
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    I built the house myself ...
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    Just thought I'd show off the bridge I built. It's part a massive castle linking 2 buttes together on Navezagne.
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    yeah, it's time to open the a20 thread:
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    Hello Everyone! A19.2 is now going stable. We updated to a new version of microsplat, improving performance. You can report bugs here, but please read here first. Enjoy this patch and have a great day! Hated With A19.2 we also implemented Steel Series's game sense feature, allowing Steel Series Mouse and keyboard users to have some ingame events tied to their hardware LED lights. We currently support (default settings): Time Progression: F1-F12 Ammo: 1-0 Health: Q-P Bloodmoon Warning: A-L Visibility Meter: CTRL - ~ Tool / Weapon Durability: Num - - Player Facing Direction: numpad 1-9 Bleeding: Del-Pause Being Hit: Mouse Duke Amount: Display Here is what changed from the A19.1 stable version: Added Console command "ai pathgrid" Console command "gfx dti" to set distant terrain instancing Console command "gfx dtpix" to set distant terrain pixel error Trees are set to consistent LOD transition values by code Support for Steel Series SDK Changed Renamed console command "ai path" to "ai pathlines" Optimized path grid move buffer copy Optimized path grid block checks and misc Reduced the effect of High and Ultra Object Quality settings Deleted WaterDepthRecorder that reduced FPS a bit Updated terrain shaders Improved terrain shader settings for better performance Prefab editor to use same tree LOD bias as game Our custom speed tree shader to Alpha Test queue Fixed Trees are not rotated correctly on the diagonal directions Desert terrain normal textures not set as normals FirMed01 tree popping in oddly Two trees not instancing 8 block entities not instance rendering You could see under the water plane when camera was close to it Unlit explosives can explode in hand after throwing a lit one Electric fence wires drop to the bottom of the pole after unloading the chunk or FO point.
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    Really soon unless things change.
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    We are aiming for performant water that does not have holes in it. Beyond that, it will depend on how slow the simulations run and how much time we have. Boats could be done at any time if we wanted to, with old or new water. Water is still block based, but it is not a block. Meaning it is the size of a block and shares the space of a block, but any block could have water in it. There may still be water block(s) for placement or other reasons, but when placed it would become water data.
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    Racking up the hours in a Steam game is easy. Just load up the game, leave it in the game menu and go to bed. I see ppl doing it all the time, making topics like these completely unimpressive in my opinion.
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    If scheduling is proving so hard, why not let the community help out with the baby sitting, errand running, and cleaning? Surely there is some calendar or spreadsheet that can be released, or some projected date that we can help brainstorm around.
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    No, that would be like getting the book set bonus for not actually collecting the whole series. You will have to wear the entire outfit to get the full set bonus. What repair quest? That isn't in the roadmap. It is never coming. Requires starting over completely and we're basically 95% done with weapons.
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    Srsly, can we please not balance basically *anything* around PvP primarily? This game seems to solidly focus on PvE which is great. There are plenty of other survival games that are built more for PvP where it works better with the existing mechanics and engine. So many things in this game get janky when you add in a PvP angle and basically every change you would have to make to balance it would make PvE worse PvE primary focus with a "Make sure this doesn't glitch out in PvP" makes way more sense for this type of survival game imo.
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    Water Bandits??? Oh god...no more Waterworld please!!!
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    A19.2 b4 Fixed Electric fence wires drop to the bottom of the pole after unloading the chunk or FO point
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    @faatal Regarding water, can you share the list of requirements and/or desired behaviors that you will be trying to meet? I'm genuinely curious, and also can't resist the upcoming... wait for it... WATERGATE! Haha, history has come full circle!
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    I don't think the running and hiding and then returning matters at all. That is still all traditional and acceptable stealth gameplay in ANY game involving stealth. The premise was that stealth is broken and useless because certain rooms completely negate using stealth. Now, it looks like that might not be true at all. Sure, you might have to retreat to a hiding place and then crouch in the shadows to return and kill the now awake zombies but if you're careful they won't detect you and you will still get your perk bonuses and you will still be using stealth 100% of the time. It's like people want the perk to do all the work for them so that they are always hidden in the shadows no matter what happens. As soon as they actually have to employ some skill in getting out of sight and actively hide in the shadows until the aggro level calms a bit that means stealth doesn't work? I realize I'm getting ahead of myself here because this really should be reproduced by others to see if hiding and returning to the auto aggro rooms and then killing the zeds from a stealthy position for full perk benefits really does work. If it does, I don't think it is too much for TFP to ask people to employ some of their own skills to make the perks work in these situations. Even the run and gun guy will have better success if he actually....aims.
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    Well, killing every zombie with a headshot from a silenced Vulture while they're just standing there not moving is kind of cheese too. I think the Devs want you to have to fight your way through some of the POI areas. You can still stealth a fair bit of POI's right? At least, I know people can without a single point in Hidden Strike or From the Shadows. So employ your stealth tactics when you can, but be ready for a fight when that doesn't work. Variety is the spice of life and gaming. You say forethought...but you're (presumably) entering a building you've never entered before...should there be a little box out front with the buildings blueprints available, with the zombies positions marked? You should be ready for anything....even an ambush...
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    It is a bug I noticed and tried fixing, but it's an engine bug. I reported it to Prime so once he gets that fixed Traders Rekt will be selling seeds.
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    Once the new framework is done (if we do it) then all shapes will be unified in menus and all will upgrade, except for certain blocks we might not want in steel like iron bars, etc.
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    Tonight at 9pm Central is the next installment of the Developer Stream series. Please tune in to see members of our development team talk about Alpha 20 for the first time and establish some of the projects that will be involved with it. https://www.twitch.tv/fubar_prime For those who can't make the event live tonight there will be a link to the youtube video posted right here in this thread once the recording has been uploaded. See you tonight in the chat! Here is the recorded stream!
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    Ok, DF V3.2A is up. Changes as follows. - Coilshotgun can no longer be sold (same as other coilguns) - Fixed the Quicker Crafting book not actually levelling Quicker Crafting. - Fixed Mining Action skill not actually letting rare ores drop at 91+. - Fixed display on Nerdy Glasses regarding craft time. - Fixed a bug with tame wolf attacking AI. - Slightly lowered cement craft time as it was higher than intended. - Slightly lowered forged iron craft time as it was higher than intended. - Slightly lowered iron dart craft time as it was higher than intended. - Slightly lowered bullet tip craft time as it was higher than intended. - Slightly lowered both arrowhead craft times as they were higher than intended. - Increased iron bar craft time as it was lower than intended. - Fixed a bug with the prefab editor toolbelt (though it may not be useable). - May have possibly fixed a bug with the baseball bat and wooden club damage. - Added new menu music. - POTENTIAL fix for the "free bellows in forges" added. - Added a failsafe to properly remove Anemia 4 on player death. NO RESTART NEEDED! Client (GDrive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sLA6AxPxUS2oJGGntUeTcJ5xNCZgSyrI/view?usp=sharing Server (GDrive): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jFkK8gcr9wq85Wt690pDhfFp7BDa-0MA/view?usp=sharing Client (Git/Launcher): https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/darknessfallsa19client/-/archive/master/darknessfallsa19client-master.zip Server (Git/Launcher): https://gitlab.com/KhaineGB/darknessfallsa19server/-/archive/master/darknessfallsa19server-master.zip
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    The first step is to replace everything, and get new HD player outfits working, which also opens the door to bandit models. If everything is running good yet there may be room for additional basic zombies.
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    No plans yet, the first is to get a reliable performant water solution.
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    Test Question Method Result What happens to surface zombies as you increase vertical distance from them? Spawned Arlene in a caged platform at the surface. Used god-mode flying to increase vertical distance while watching her behavior (AI active or not). AI remained active until about +140m at which point Arlene despawned. Further attempts to spawn a new Arlene resulted in immediate despawn. How far underground do you have to be for a chest opening to be undetectable by a surface zombie? Spawned Arlene on surface, opened/closed a chest multiple times at various depths, listening for Arlene alert sound. No reaction at -10m How far underground do you have to be for a gunshot to be undetectable by a surface zombie? Spawned Arlene at base of tower, fired pistol & M60 at 5m platforms until Arlene showed no AI reaction to noise (i.e. did not path to the corner of her pen closet to me). Repeat test underground. Above ground: for both pistol & M60, no reaction at +45m. Below ground: no reaction at -35m How far underground do you have to prevent Screamers from spawning in a hot chunk? Fired dev pistol (unlimited ammo) at various depths under ground, watched chunk heat (F8) and console (F1) for screamer spawns. Repeat above ground. Both below ground and above ground, screamer spawns failed at about +/- 30m from the surface. I think you both are talking about related mechanics and both are correct. For the purposes of waking up a sleeper or attracting notice, sound is immediate and localized, with distance-based attenuation. For the purpose of adding "heat" (they call it the Activity Map in the journal), sound affects the entire chunk, as do torches, forges, building/upgrading etc. You can press F8 twice to see current chunk heat, and shoot a pistol or something to see it go up. If it reaches 100%, a sleeper will spawn almost always (and reset the heat back to 0%).
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    No need to play on scrub settings bro. You’re just playing higher than your own skill level for a stealth approach. If you don’t want stealth to be “impossible” at your current settings and you refuse to lower the settings to the point where you can be successful with stealth, then your only Option is to mod. Go in and change all the auto aggro rooms to something easier for you.
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    Dude... its not about "screwing over stealth", you seriously can't believe that's the reason volume triggers exist? It's about the level designers wanting you to confront zombies at certain points in a POI. Luckily, as has been pointed out, you don't have to.... you can run away, re-stealth and come back. No they don't.... people figure it out through trial and error. I noticed what was happening after only a few POIs.... I'm sure you did to. Not everything has to be spelled out. Letting players learn how the game works on their own is a good thing, IMO.
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    Lmao, that's on way to twist the facts I suppose. What really happens from what I've seen tho is PVPers posting about a feature, get told PvP is not a focus now and that such early feedback is not going to affect anything, then they get all beligerent and spam the same crap over and over and over which yes, leads to punishment. As it should. That's not discrimination, that's moderation.
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    I think i found the reason you all lost 100k players. Just read the chat in some of those clips. Camping level 1's? Yeah man, sorry. Somehow your evidence of amazing PVP turned out to be just a video of troll kills. A true PVP experience set inside this world of 7 days would involve factions, territories, loot runs under fire etc. Not just jump shooting a noob in the face with an M60
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    I can appreciate that you play for greater challenge.... but the dude in that video certainly is not. More than half the kills in that video were against people that had zero chance to defend themselves and most of those looked like people that just started out. In my experience, many people that play pvp do so to exert power over others.
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    I'm sorry, but until you have at minimum 9000 posts in this forum you really are not in a position to be able to understand the nuances of text-based conversation to demand anything of anyone. Now... I'M going to need a complete list of names and timestamps.
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    Three buddies on a fishing trip have had enough beers and stand at the side of the boat to relieve themselves. First guy takes it out and says, "Man, this water is cold." Second guy replies, "Yeah, and DEEP, too!" Third guy says, "I haven't fished for 5,000 hours yet so I can't really comment."
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    No we don't really look at mods, we have a huge list of stuff we want to do and don't need ideas nor care what 1% of the player base might be doing to their game. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, but reflects the fact that we have a clear roadmap and list of features we need to focus on. A larger inventory is something we would like to see though. The distant POI tech is coming from a modder though. So if something brilliant comes up usually we hear about it even though we aren't looking for things if that makes sense. I did mention new AI like zeds crawling through 1 meter egress and windows, which will make horde nights a lot more challenging. Feral sense options. Game play is constantly evolving but will always be similar to A18. Progression is getting a complete rewrite from scratch. OMG LOL.
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    @madmole For the sake of "simplification", we should get rid of the dart trap ammo and just make it shoot nails. Dart ammo is only used there. Whatd'ya think?
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    We will just have to agree to disagree on that point, Hiem. I don't see a scripted event as invalidating stealth if you can react to that event through stealth. Look at the game Thief in the final battle with the boss. He knows you are there. The scripted event of him confronting you happens and he is aware of you. But immediately you can use stealth in the ensuing conflict with him. I see this as a similar thing. You enter the room and EGADS! These zombies are awake and riled! But if you utilize your stealth skills you can still kill them in a stealthy manner and the skills you paid for were not wasted. Your premise is that because of the auto aggro room you must fight directly gunning them down out of stealth because it was negated. Now we see that this assumed reaction is not necessarily a forced one. You CAN react by hiding and waiting and then killing. There is no forced open confrontation and therefore the scripted event does not contradict the use of stealth. The actual scripted event is over in a second (as soon as the zombies aggro) and then you are left to react and play however you wish-- including using all of your stealthy skills (both as a player and as a perked character)
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    Strange, I tested stealth to see what people were complaining about and both shamway and shotgun factories are two pois I tested it in with military armor with muffled connectors/compound crossbow/silenced sniper,desert vulture, and a shotgun (level 300 and day 700 to jump my GS up high, just added stealth points that's it). Saw only a couple rooms that woke up due to auto aggro, which I crouched a bit in a corner and they forgot about me, allowing me to pick them off. Most of the time, I'd blow the head off a zombie and the one(s) standing next to it shoulder to shoulder didn't even notice.
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    Maybe I'm not interested in doing things faster.... maybe I'm more interested in doing things I find enjoyable?
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    I might sympathize with the argument against resetting POI's if the POI's layouts were challenging at all or if POI's themselves were rare. There are so many POI's clumped together and each has a loot room with a chest so it's not like getting double loot from a reset is really getting you extra loot you couldn't otherwise get. When the feature was introduced I did reset the POI to loot twice. I don't do that anymore because I realized it was not worth the time. Better to loot once and run back to the trader for another quest for more XP. I can get the same loot from any POI in the area so it's a waste of time to loot twice while questing. Also knowing the "layout" of a POI is really no help to me at least. I just run though and kill everything on the way. Zombies in this game are not really challenging at all once you have a gun. I just assume a zombie is around every turn so I'm not really surprised when it is actually true. I'm talking about vanilla settings with no mods of course. On vanilla settings I have yet to be killed by zombies inside a POI. Unless it was a zombie horde that crashed through the house from the outside trapping me. It's not that I'm so good at the game, rather it's the game is pretty easy on vanilla settings. If you adjust settings or mod things then that's on you not the game.
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    After extended testing by our community server administrators and client hosts as well as much support from community modders here is a link for Snufkin's Custom Server Side Z(S)ombies - A19 Stable. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CustomZombies-A19-Stable-2020Oct28 A full Revisions and Readme text file for all changes to make Snufkin's Custom Zombies stable for A19 is included in the Mod. In addition here is a link for the A19 Stable version of Snufkin's Research Camera ADD ON that requires the above mod as base. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Custom-Zombies-Research-Camera-A19-Stable-2020Oct28 (There are some external links to images that display on the research camera and only Snufkin has access to these. Therefore, support is not within the realms of anyone but Snufkin. However, you can always make your own images and manually link to them by editing the code) There are 15 Zombies in total as follows: Archon, Banshee, Bomber, Cowhead, Geist, Juggernaut, Mantis, Parasite, Psycho, Scarecrow, Scorcher, Siren, Undertaker, Wendigo, and Wrestler. I believe this completes the restoration of this mod as all changes are as consistent with the original as possible. The main mod breaking issues were: 1. AvatarZombieUMAController This appears to have been removed from the default files for how the mod referenced it. As such the one clear entry to it has been purged from the code. 2. Mesh Renaming A number of characters had their properties reformatted to a new naming system. The new names have now been found and replace the temporary names. These values remain identical to the original mod. 3. Buff Entry A single buff entry has been commented out. In fact, this buff entry has also been commented out in the default game files. As such, it may reappear at a later date. 4. Particle Effects A few particle effects were causing mesh/texture warnings upon collision and the audio for projectiles for Scorcher and Geist were being looped from the initial launch location. These were changed to alternative particle effects which has ceased the issue. The Archon also saw his particle effect changed to bring server stability even though it didn't cause audio issues. *The Psycho character had not been implemented into a group but is fully functional. As such he has been added to a group of zombies that spawn in the Pine Forest at night. The Psycho will not spawn during Blood Moon at all unless manually added. This character looks like a psychotic tool wielding doctor who is intent on playing 'tag' with you in the dark. He shares the Pine Forest at night with the Mantis. However, his probability of spawning is higher to balance out his disappearance during the Blood Moon. He'll be watching you... *There is one other character who did not appear in any spawn group. This is a special character who Snufkin originally intended for a Spanish event server. However, he is a very likeable and functional character, and after some testing feels right at home in the desert at night. He is also special because he uses a naming format which is similar to regular zombies and not the custom zombies. If you want to add the Wrestler to your own desert group, or any other group, here is the appropriate command to add to your entitygroups.xml: <entity name="zombieWrestler" prob="0.01" /> for low spawn probability or <entity name="zombieWrestler" prob="0.8" /> to become a regular feature Please be careful to note the 'z' is lowercase. One fun fact is that the spawn group for the desert at night already has The Undertaker. This will be a wrestling tag team biome and probability dictates you will get one or the other...unless the odds unexpectedly bring them both. Thank you to Snufkin for endorsing and supporting this restoration with timely advice when it was needed. Last but not least, so that Slawa's recent updated release doesn't get lost in the thread, all credit to Slawa for releasing an alternative bundled version which compiles assets from Snufkin's, Robeloto's, and Slawa's very own zombie creations into a combined mod. The recent release is two posts above and is updated to v3.0. It offer even more tasty zombies. A direct link to Slawa's post with the link to the download is here INSTALLATION - For players and server hosts who have never installed a mod before If you've never installed a mod before it is necessary to create a mod folder in the main directory or in an area suggested by your server host if they have modified the installation. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature). If you drag the mod folder directly out of the zipped file it can be placed directly into the Mods folder and the game will look in there as you launch your World. If you allow your unzip function to extract the folder, it may make another unnecessary folder and place the mod inside it. This will not be recognised by the game/server if you place it in the Mods folder like this. Please take it out of the extra folder level. The top layer will be a single folder and in the second layer you will see a ModInfo.xml file with or without additional folders depending on the mod. This will become elementary once you've launched a few mods. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = NO The magic of this mod is that is only needs to be installed in the server/person who has launched the main environment that others join. It is a technical work of art. Enjoy. 👍
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    I kind of figured thats what they meant. However, there are no tier 4 or 5 fetch quests.... only clear and fetch+clear. So doing the fetch of a fetch quest is cheezing? I respectfully disagree.... if the quest is only to fetch an item... and you fetch that item, I'd call that "doing the quest" But like I said earlier, there is no fetch only quest for tier 4 or 5.
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    I'm closing in on a 1000 hours, having played since 2017.. but I guess my opinion doesnt matter because we're going with the "veterans know best" bullcrap (of a most likely fake number built by leaving the game running in the background/acting as server or something. ) So there you go.. have fun in your (mostly) self-monologued thread.
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