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    But there isnt. You crouch to be in stealth and you try to sneak up on a zombie. It either wakes up or it doesnt. There is no indicator that shows that you did something wrong.... the zombie just detected you. There is thematically no difference between a zombie that awakens because it detects you and a zombie that awakens because its in an auto-aggro room... it's only your outside knowledge of the game mechanics that tells you there is a difference.
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    We have an updated A19.3 version for you guys! Have a fun weekend everyone! A19.3 b5 contains: Fixed Challenge notes can now be read from slot 9 & 10 Using admin/whitelist/ban on users with special characters in their name breaks the serveradmin.xml Weighted Head can no longer go into Machete/Knife/Bone Knife
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    Alpha 20 Stream with Richard Huenink and Lathan Meadows will be going live on Wednesday, November 25th at 8:30 PM CST.
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    Water transport is already in the game... just take a bucket of water and bring it wherever you want!
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    Ahh very cool, I did a grep through my mod folder and had found no reference for id=950 outside the vehicle mod which is why I asked. I really appreciate the quick response I wanted to make these available to my players and since I couldn't find a fix myself I came here. Thanks again you rock!
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    But how would you know that? Its not like there is some indicator in the game that says, "You screwed up!". What you do looks exactly the same whether the zombies wake up and see you or not. I still maintain that a lot of this heated debate is because people are aware of the existence of auto-aggro rooms.... if no one knew they were there most people would attribute them to failing their "stealth roll".
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    I tried hiding from the zombies during the night but I think they might have found me.
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    I have been wondering over this question for a little while. If stealth is an intended gameplay mechanic with its own build/perks why are the developers of this game deliberately screwing over the stealth builds in their POI design? I mean in particular those auto-agro rooms where everything is waking up and beelining straight to you by a script and not by any action you are doing yourself? This is, ofcourse, not the only indication of particular dislike towards stealth gameplay by whoever is designing the POI's there are also these breaking floors you have to run over or fall into a trap and there is a pile of rubbish practically in every doorway just because. The way I see it it is basically equivalent to giving zombies in a POI a 25% armor penetration when the game detects a strength based player enteering a POI, because reasons. I mean 90% damage reduction and making heads and limbs explode with shotgun/club and no pretense of any kind of stealth, running everywhere cant be the only RIGHT WAY of playing this game, I suppose? The reason can not be, as far as I can see, that otherwise it would be too trivial to beeline straight for the loot, as devs are doing nothing to prevent it otherwise by putting in almost all POI's the loot on the roof and allowing nerd-poling and/or landing on the roof with a gyro, so you do not need to sneak if all you want to do is to pick up the main loot from a POI skipping all other stuff. Nerd-poling, for example, is trivial to prevent and has been done even in fair few mods like, for example, Ravenhearst. All you need is a small delay for block deployment. Stealth gameplay is already penalized enough, as these are wasted perks during the blood moon (stealth does not work) and when clearing POI's the stealth is much slower at it than just running through the POI with sledge/club/shotgun (plus miner 69 to break any door in half the time) and making everything ded. If stealth is deemed such a problem by the developers why not just remove it? Instead of targeting that skilltree specifically in a roundabout way through their POI design?
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    Thanks for the kind words. I did put a lot of loot in it (*), but I feel like you also have to work for it, which makes it worth it (until you start finding the hidden secrets, that is, which does makes it easier in the long run ) * I don't know if the guys that tweaked the prefab for the combopack modified the loot amount, though
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    I thought zombies were supposed to dig in A19, but I built a "trap base" near bedrock with a long ramp going down to me, and they didn't show up on BM. I guess there's a limit on how far pathing can reach out? @faatal : could you check this for A20 and see if it's possible to have them path to you from 60-100 blocks away? (at least during the Blood Moon!)
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    Did someone ask for a formula? Ta-da! gameStage = ( playerLevel + daysSurvived ) * difficultyBonus That's a bit more complicated than it looks though. For example daysSurvived is (total days played - (deaths x 2)) And daysSurvived caps at playerLevel. I.e. if you're level 4 on day 8, daysSurvived is set to 4 in this calculation. I recommend you look in <7 Days to Die folder>/Data/Config/gaemstages.xml for a very thorough explanation, including how groups influence your GameStage (GS)
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    A lifetime ago... I built educational software simulations in ML(animation subs) and C++. I mostly built biomes filled with wildlife with primal AI (thirsty, hungry, sleepy, defending). Managing the threading priorities (what is noticeable) in the event manager is key, along with giving the entities faster options (e.g. less accurate approximations, or delaying an action) when the number of active entities gets too high, or FPS for example drops. So, in this game, I would imagine a scenario, like 100 zombies getting hit by a concussion grenade and falling down. If they all try to follow the exact same AI script to get up all at the same time, not only would it break realism, it would over tax event handling. My desire would be to have them recover at variable rates and "decide" to act when it is in the best interest of making the simulation realistic, within the constraint of the capability of event management ( some number of entities would choose to delay acting for the benefit of the others). But, they also need to be smart enough to not be random, in that they delayed an action rather than skip it. This game compounds what I dealt with in my simulation problems in a number of ways. I never had to deal with the structural integrity and physics of every object in the world. I didn't have to load/unload regions of the map (in effect freezing time while unloaded and possibly reacting to changes when unfrozen), and I never had the issues of multiple players driving at high speed in vehicles through the world changing the decisions of hundreds of AI entities and physical objects. So I would just say in sum, good job to the developers who are working on this software and I'm looking forward to seeing how you resolve the issues. Probably most people would not understand the challenges that need to be resolved or the vast number of compromises that need to be made for performance.
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    bruh i would put barrels on my 4x4 and a boat motor and sail across the sea! Who needs boats? Like this! TFP i will be waiting for my paycheck
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    The game decides the number of zombies and the spawn lists to pull from based on your game stage a lone so no other variables matter. Now the game will only spawn zombies up to the cap that you have set in the game options so only that many will be alive at a time and more will come as you kill them until the horde hits its cap based on your game stage. It is possible to go through horde night with only a small handful of zombies if your able to avoid killing them till morning.
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    Forgive me I do not have the numbers on all this but I'm sure someone will have the formula... Do the hordes scale based off heatmap, player level or just the number of days in you are? Hordes will be based off of player level (each player), game stage, number of deaths, etc.. Does noise matter during a horde night aside from affects on the heatmap following? It will not effect the 7th day horde (or what ever day it is set to) Do 7th day hordes scale dynamically during the encounter based on any factor? Just the ones listed in first question And lastly is it just an endless horde until 4AM or is there a finite number of specific enemies that spawn per 7th day? Unfortunately no. Most hordes will end far before morning depending on player/group game stage.
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    Scales based on gamestage (shown on player listing). Which scales by levels + days .. well, close enough, both influence it, not that linearly though. Noise won't matter, neither in terms of stealth nor heat. I think the heatmap is entirely off during the horde. Not sure if based on time or just the last zed alive, I'd assume time. During the encounter, not sure, but likely no. The later waves during a night are harder than the earlier. Finite number, if you go for horde every night, you'll only get around 5 on your first night.
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    Regarding your point #1, i believe that is a setting you can turn off. Maybe dof? For #2, the issue with adding companions is performance. The game has to run acceptably for both single player and multiplayer (currently supported for 8 people i believe). Adding companions with advanced ai for 8 people eats into the amount of zombies and in the future bandits that can be in the world. Many people already feel like there are not enough zombies in the world, so it is a concern. With that said, they are currently working on a drone which will sort of act as a companion. We will just have to wait and see how things go. Welcome to the world of 7dtd, and may your journey be safe and happy!
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    Well, at least we agree that the “problem” is truly insignificant. What’s funny about this idea that people can notice an auto aggro room on their own without any meta knowledge is that we know there are auto-aggro volumes and we also know they are rare and yet we have people who claim that every other room is auto aggroing. I bet they could remove every auto aggro room from the game and we would STILL have people complaining about them because it is so much more ego-friendly to blame a game mechanic than your own failure. I know this to be true because it has already happened with people complaining about auto aggro rooms in the hospital and the sky scrapers when in fact...those POIs have none.
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    Okay, so I spoil your fun: TraderBobMasterMechanic TraderBobMasterScavenger TraderJenMasterScientist TraderHughMasterHunter TraderHughMasterLaborer TraderJoelMasterSurvivalist TraderJoelMasterSecurity TraderRektMasterFarmer
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    So when I woke up zombies in my last stealth test sometimes and it wasn't in rooms that were autoaggro, why didn't I get confused too? Why did I simply think "bad luck, chance"? Like a basketball player still misses the basket with a chance that is always greater than zero. And it is the norm in random-based games But yes, that idea does not solve everything, it just makes the stealth perk somewhat more valueable in a situation where stealth is at a disadvantage. As I said, a compromise. Sure, solutions that work once as a skill test and then never again. See a mine, go through the wall. Done. It does not solve what the developers want to do with auto-aggro rooms. Then you have to suffer through even more running gags 😉
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    Don't remember all the points of the discussion anymore, but maybe a compromise would be possible: For example that the trigger has a chance to fail at waking up the zombies that is higher the more you perked into stealth. It does not make it a skill test for the player, but a skill test for the player character in best RPG tradition. And naturally the maximum chance you are not noticed has to be maybe 30-50%.
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    But... if you really want tougher zombies there is plenty to tweak in EntityClasses.xml. You could easily ramp up the base zombie class to be ultra hardy, super fast, can climb walls, dig faster and leap 50 feet... that sounds pretty terrifying.
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    I'd say that the results are what really matters. If you get what you want then the POIs are 100% full of sleeping zombies that you can "stealth kill" while they remain unconscious. If you don't get what you want then the POIs have a variety of zombies that you can stealth kill by using stealth skills to evade, hide, and kill from the shadows. Those results are stone facts and not strawmen. You may not be presenting your argument as a desire for always sleeping enemies but the results of your argument would lead us there in any case. Even if some triggering device was added that could be disarmed it would only be a challenge once and then forever after it would be as mundane as clearing trash piles and broken glass piles from the ground and avoiding jumping. Disarm the trash piles, the broken glass, that tripwire and---oh GOODIE! Kill more unconscious foes. As a result of this thread we now know that you are not forced to take out an auto aggro volume openly guns blazing. You can still go the stealth route and that stealth route is decidedly more engaging for the player than lining up an immobile head into the sights of your weapon.
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    I think you misunderstand me. I'm not disputing what it is, I'm saying they also used the pole top asset to represent the rear differential and axle of a RWD vehicle since you can also find them in home garages and car shops.
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    This solution worked perfectly. Thank you so much, now I can play!
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    Thank you Meganoth! Clearing the configuration worked. I have never been so happy to see a zombie in my life!
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    The horde night death loop is a solved problem in A19. The horde loses your scent if you die on horde night.
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    The difference between A18 and A19 is that in A19 of the gamestage on higher difficulty settings does not increase as much and in multiplayer you also have a lower group gamestage. The composition of the horde is pretty much the same. If you want the old hordes back then you just have to change the value for difficultyBonus in the file gamestages.xml Currently it is set to 1.2. The values in A18 were: Scavenger 1.0 Adventurer 1.2 Nomad 1.5 Warrior 1.7 survivor 2.0 Insane 2.5 For multiplayer you only have to change the value diminishingReturns from 0.5 to 0.2 to have the old group gamestage back. EDIT: I took a second glance at gamestages.xml and saw that the calculation method for the group gamestage was changed as well. But unfortunately you can not change that back. So changing the diminishingReturns group gamestage value does not work as I thought it would. It is best to leave the value at 0.5.
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    Hey good morning/evening I will release next update in 3 days Some of the changes 1) increase the spwan rate for the Zombies , the spwan rate was 2 at day/night The New update 4 at day 5 at night 2)made. Wandering horde much bigger 3) nerf mutated and bosses Zombies a bit 4) treasure loot was OP , you get from tier 6 weapon . Fixed New update is out V1.1 The list of changes .. changed Zombie bosses name to legendary Zombies .. change giant Zombies name to Mutated Zombies ..nerf the amount of meat and resources you get from animals .. change all candy price from 250 to 500 .. made all candy recipe more expensive .. changed the Zombies spwan rate From 2 at day/night to 4 at day 5 at night ..made the roaming horde much bigger .. treasure loot was too op You get from it tier 6 weapon ,fixed .. there were chance for mutated screamer and legendary screamer to spwan when heat map reach 100% , fixed ..all the food that added from the modlets (war3zuk custom food +Valmars Reuseable Cooking Bowls) now unlocked by master chef perk .. nerfed all the can food in the game
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    I don't go to Ariana Grande concert expecting to hear Rammstein. I would be pretty embarrassed if I spent 1300 hours listening to Ariana Grande looking for the metal riffs.
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    You are right with the bloodmoons. Or were for older versions. Now the first bloodmoons end super early, even in a group of 4 at day 28, it was over at 01:00 am. Not really hard to be prepared for and in SP it´s even easier because you don´t have the higher gamestage as you have in a group. I think my day 35 bloodmoon in SP ended right after midnight. And when they finally start to last all night, you usually have enough of everything so you basically only need to repair your base. Getting ressources is easy because we play in an empty world. If you use the iron pickaxe you can mine 2 days straight without beeing interrupted. WIth skills in mining this is more than enough. It´s has gotten so easy these days that we can play with new people on survivalist. People who said, they don´t like fighting in games but were still interested.
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    On my server helped me just restarted the server and game...everything was ok then...
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    That was really...REALLY...RRR EEE AAA LLL LLL YYY the most stupid idea
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    This is not an exact science, since Unity does a lot of things in the background that we don't have control over. 1 Depends on the asset, but everything uses some CPU and many assets use system RAM or VRAM or both. Unloading also tends to be delayed because many resources are not specifically tracked by the game and flushed by Unity by UnloadUnusedAssets, which is slow, so not called very often. 2 Only the gfx driver and Windows really know how much VRAM is in use and VRAM use is often padded to a higher amount that what it actually needs. Microsoft is working on tech to report more info back, but then Unity has to support it to, so maybe in a few years. 3 Not sure. There are various pools of memory in use, which grow and shrink. 4 Using the mem console command does call UnloadUnusedAssets, but it won't clear memory being used by resources, since many resources are loaded once and they would never come back. Also the Mono mem heap can never shrink, short of restarting the game. 5 We have the Unity Profiler. For you, FPS is a good indicator of CPU use. Use console command "gfx g fps 200" to graph it. Our micro stutter is generally from CPU use spiking on a single frame. I've been working to find spikes and spread work across frames. Some of those changes have already been done for A20, but more can still be done. We are moving to Unity LTS releases, so A20 should be on 2019.4. We won't try 2020 LTS until after A20.x in second half of next year.
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    The bandits that "stealth" players hope for.... The bandits that "stealth" players will rage against...
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    Tonight at 9pm Central is the next installment of the Developer Stream series. Please tune in to see members of our development team talk about Alpha 20 for the first time and establish some of the projects that will be involved with it. https://www.twitch.tv/fubar_prime For those who can't make the event live tonight there will be a link to the youtube video posted right here in this thread once the recording has been uploaded. See you tonight in the chat! Here is the recorded stream!
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    Sorry. Don't know. I have never looked at our rumble code. We could, but probably better to wait for world events to get developed and have options for that. Cool. Thanks for the feedback! It could go either way. Probably depends if we find any major issues.
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    What would be really cool is "Fortify Quests." Game picks one random POI Place a random NPC in the POI Set's a timer until the horde comes. Player needs to fortify/defend the NPC in the POI from Zombies.
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    Actually, as of A19, all traders are in towns and given that you haven’t found vitamins yet I’d say that you are NOT really lucky. Grab a health bar from the vending machine. It will help you. Things are about to get more interesting.
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    I solo play a lot and I do very well sneaking around and using arrows to take out sleepers in big POIs. I tend to hoard my money and drop on higher level guns so I can sneak through the rest of the week and I tend to be just fine. A lot of the lower quests give you 20 mollys or pipe bombs as rewards, and that holds me over well on hoard nights, so I don't stress. Focusing your build on just one day of the week is missing the rest of the game.
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    Strength excels at taking damage and dissing it out in close quarters combat. Agility excels at avoiding damage and dissing out more tactical damage. Where Strength rushes in loud and proud. Agility instead sneaks in to silently kill targets of opportunity and when that fails, falls back on inflecting bleed while tactically retreating using Parkour, quick attacks, and fast reloads while running. The basic difference is Strength tends to require more time and resources to get going as well as to sustain it self. Where Agility focuses on being as cheap and quick to use as possible. Sure once Strength gets going it can be faster and easier to use but Agility is quicker to get going and easier to use for longer.
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    It works in all the rest of the areas of that POI. Stop pretending that one room of a POI invalidates stealth for that entire POI. It’s one room where you have to change up your strategy. You keep comparing Stealth which is one aspect of the Agility build to all of the Strength build. How about more fairly comparing all of Agility to all of Strength? If you just want to look at stealth from the agility attribute then let’s just look at Master Chef from the Strength attribute. How does stealth fare for clearing POIs compared to how cooking helps to do the same? All of a sudden, stealth looks better... Joking aside, I get what bothers you. We can already sneak around unperked so buying perks should gain us advantages like being able to avoid whatever triggers a room to aggro for unperked players. That would create a more defining line between perked and unperked stealthing. But after buying those extra skills we are still subject to the auto aggro like everyone else. The answer is simply that the level designers want everyone to experience these particular rooms as a direct confrontation. 90% of the rest of the POI you still have your advantages plus any other Agility skills like parkour that you can bring to bear.
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    Stealth is just one part of an agility build.... when you find a room where stealth doesn't work just parkour your way up to a higher vantage point and use your pistols. Parkour, IMO, is the most OP ability in the game.... I love it!
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    Stealth is not deemed as a problem it is simply deemed as a choice in certain circumstances. You can pretty much stealth unperked and gain some bonuses and be pretty successful. Buying the perk gives better bonuses but it isn't like you cannot stealth at all until you buy perks. So I think you're reading too much into the impact stealth is supposed to have in the game. Even Madmole has recently stated that there is no Stealth Build. Such a thing was never designed. Players talk about it like there is but really the build is actually the Agility Build and stealth is but one of many skills the agility player can employ. The player isn't even intended to stick to just one attribute let alone one set of skills within that attribute. I mean you can try that as a challenge or for roleplay purposes but the game isn't necessarily designed to support that-- so you will run into instances where there will be conflicts like a room that auto aggros no matter how stealthy you are being. The game was never meant to be a "Solve all problems and overcome all situations by stealth" kind of game. Hence there are some areas in POI's where stealth is impossible. And that is because the devs have designed the game so that players are confronted with choices. As for removing the stealth perks and stealth elements? Why? You can choose not to take any of those perks and spend the points elsewhere if you feel they are worthless to take because intermittent rooms are immune to it. Others enjoy it for what it is and don't feel they need them to removed just because someone out there wants to play Thief instead of 7 Days to Die...
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    This is a "feature" of microsplat. The bane of all modders.
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    Yes, gazz can float if you dump his body into a lake without weights. Are you really so dissatisfied with his work? 😄
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    The vehicles in 7D do count as water transport.
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    It usually indicates a conflict with another mod or overhaul where an item has already been assigned that id number. It has been reported on the thread for the Xpansion Weapons that the WhiteRiverToC_Spirit_of_Vengence mod has the same loot 950 951 951. @magejosh offered this solution in that instance and the same solution may well apply for your own possible conflict.
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