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    I never understood how people could enjoy A16 with the broken zombie pathing and OP stealth at night rendering you 100% safe and undetectable by zombies from even a block away if you crouched. Then there were the stilt bases and column bases that you could build before your first horde night and would keep you safe forever rendering the bloodmoons pretty pointless. I played lots of A15 and very little A16 because the player was just too OP in too many ways compared to the zombies. Now reading how all the same people hate the new weapons progression because they can't have OP weapons sooner rather than later I begin to understand...
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    Only everyone for the last seven years. But the devs have stuck to their guns. Didn’t even give in during the huge Battle Royale Trend.... They have said they plan to look at developing PvP once their primary vision is done. They know exactly how lucrative the PvP market is but they wanted to create an amazing PvE experience and have stuck to that niche.
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    Hey Everyone! This weekend we have A19.1 b4 for you to have fun with. If you want to continue your A19 b180 savegame, please make a backup, in case there is an incompatibility issue we did not find yet. A19.1 has: We found Tim the Toolman Taylor's toolbelt and gave it to players allowing you to carry 10 instead of 8 slots A fix for the robotic turret freezing games and servers when destroying a block as collateral damage Huge improvement to ladder usage Some new and shiny zombies, one of them with hair physics! Added Player side stepping while on ladders Players falling onto ladders will be slowed until they reach a reasonable speed to attach Support defining POI zones in Prefab Editor Set entity rigid body drag to .25 when spawned with 0 Death ragdoll physics set max velocities lower 20 Slot Toolbelt for Prefab Editor New Stripper, Utility, and Business zombies Changed Improved AI ladder use Ladder type blocks to only be climbable when vertical Increased player horizontal move speed on ladders and running boosts Jumping conflicts with starting to climb a ladder Console command replies on the Windows Dedicated Server terminal window same green as regular console output now Loot window of writable storage box shows custom text if assigned Reduced zombie flesh physics bounce and increased fat bounce Increased toolbelt size to 10 slots Increased value of cigars Reenabled docks_02 in Navezgane Fixed Switch lights do not seem to be working when they are placed. Switches that are turned on will be white when logging back into the game Fixed light source on player industrial light First person hand animation for block placing is faster and doesn't de sync with fast placed blocks Stone axe abledo brightness Trees are invisible from one side and not the other Object quality diminishes world object render distance too far Cops and Radiated Cops aim poorly (Increased vomit radius) Soldier zombie only shows head on fire Goldenrod seed uses full grown stage ghost when planting (and similar drawing bugs in other plants) Block placement would start rotated for certain blocks Broken glass looked white when holding AI jumping at you thinking the path to you was unreachable if you had moved AI could not jump while on a ladder AI obstacle check was disabled on ladder if not climbing AI pathing not making horizontal ladder connections AI pathing making unneeded inside drop connections "house_modern_03" has zombie trapped in tub if/when spawned Trader hughes poi has missing beam Terrain AirPocket in cave_04 House_old_victorian_10 fire place paint looks out of place Player jumping to a ladder block after having used a ladder would not attach unless jump was still pressed after entering the ladder block Player or AI moving down from air to a ladder would fall 1m Player moving down to ground while in a ladder block would keep you attached (slow) Holding jump after attaching to a ladder slowly slides you down Player does not use stamina when bunny hopping Ladder rung above hay bale negates hay bale protection Water makes moving dots effect HUD timers overlap icons with local language changes Prefab Editor nullref when toggling 'Show Stability Glue' "ERR Prefab loading failed" when clients join a world with a custom POI Toolbelt only remembers one slot per item type to return to (e.g. multiple spears) Controller unable to select player profile character onSelfEquip event consistency issues Harvest animation plays when out of range to harvest Healing other player is not working Food animation speeds up after firing any weapon Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn't have firing sound(s) for clients Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn't fire correctly for clients AP rounds not working as expected Robotic sledge placement can be rotated using reload key during placement process Junk Sledge dupe on 2 player pickup Auto turret and traps use mod of item held in hand. ie. burning shaft mod Spawning in a trader with ctrl num* causes nre Error if anim pause (ctrl num*) enabled when placing robotic turrets Dynamic resolution causes Z selection box issues Floating crawler stumble Zombies fall through floor/world when jumping over metalRailing blocks Knocked down Fat Cops play a weird ragdoll Bear corpse harvest ragdoll is excessive Bear ragdoll hips could keep moving and improved impact handling Lab and Hazmat zombie show no fire when burning Robotic Turret freezing game when shooting a block and having 0 BlockPenetrationFactor
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    Why is this mod needed? What this mod does? Important!: Making your gun mod compatible with this mod (i.e. adding reload sounds to your .unity3d file and adding the custom properties (ReloadAnimationClip, SoundReloadClip#)) does not make your mod incompatible with vanilla. Vanilla 7DaysToDie will just ignore the custom properties and the reload sounds and will use the default ones. It wont even give you warnings. How to use it? To add a custom reload sound to your gun you need 4 things: 1) Your gun has to have unique reload animation name. (Because I can't tell which animations belong to which item in runtime because they get grouped together in the RuntimeAnimationController). Also make sure the animation is long enough so you can add your sounds to it. If your reload animation is 0.5s you won't be able to add sound at 0.9s. It wont fail or warn you in any way. The sound will just not play. 2) You need to add the following property to the main section of your item entry: <property name="ReloadAnimationClip" value="animation_name"/> Where the animation_name is the name of your gun's reload animation (it has to be unique, so in my case M1911Reload) 3) A few properties with consecutive names of "SoundReloadClip0", "SoundReloadClip1"... with value containing the name of the sound you want to play (the name is the SoundDataNode name from sounds.xml) and a param1 attribute containing the time of the reload animation at which the sound should of played. Example: items.xml <config> <append xpath="/items"> <item name="gunHandgunT1M1911"> <!-- T2 pistols --> <property name="Tags" value="weapon,ranged,holdBreathAiming,reloadPenalty,gun,shortRange,pistol,barrelAttachments,sideAttachments,smallTopAttachments,magazine,firingMode,selfLoading,attAgility,perkGunslinger,9mmGun,canHaveCosmetic"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="M1911"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="rangedGun"/> ... <property name="ReloadAnimationClip" value="M1911Reload"/> <property name="SoundReloadClip0" param1="0.1" value="m1911_clipin"/> <property name="SoundReloadClip1" param1="0.8" value="m1911_cock_back"/> <property name="SoundReloadClip2" param1="1.09" value="m1911_cock_forward"/> <property class="Action0"> <property name="Class" value="Ranged"/> ... </append> </config> sounds.xml <config> <append xpath="/Sounds"> ... <SoundDataNode name="m1911_clipin"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Reloads"/> <Noise ID="6" noise="7" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/> <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/m1911.unity3d?1911_clipin"/> <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="0.5"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode> <SoundDataNode name="m1911_clipout"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Reloads"/> <Noise ID="6" noise="7" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/> <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/m1911.unity3d?1911_clipout"/> <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="0.5"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode> <SoundDataNode name="m1911_cock_back"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Reloads"/> <Noise ID="6" noise="7" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/> <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/m1911.unity3d?1911_cock_back"/> <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="0.5"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode> <SoundDataNode name="m1911_cock_forward"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Reloads"/> <Noise ID="6" noise="7" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/> <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/m1911.unity3d?1911_cock_forward"/> <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="0.5"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode> <SoundDataNode name="m1911_draw"> <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Reloads"/> <Noise ID="6" noise="7" time="2" muffled_when_crouched="0.5"/> <AudioClip ClipName="#@modfolder:Resources/m1911.unity3d?1911_draw"/> <LocalCrouchVolumeScale value="0.5"/> <CrouchNoiseScale value="1"/> <NoiseScale value="1"/> <MaxVoices value="10"/> <MaxRepeatRate value="0.001"/> </SoundDataNode> ... </append> </config> They are more examples in the items.xml in the mod's Config folder because I needed to re-add all sounds of the guns that come with the game to work with the new system because I remove every sounds from the animation of the player's hands for every gun holding type. Github: Link to the mod Archive with the mod: Modifiable Reload Sound.7z
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    Hmm, too bad. I just want to be a Terminator-esque action hero that just goes around and murders everything. 😛
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    Mary-Anne? you grew ... up? 😛
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    I just tried to party with the radiated biker zombie. He didn't like my dancing too much and got angry.
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    No quest, I went to a trader I went very far away on 8K map. I was gone about 2-3 game hours. Single Player.
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    Why, isnt it obvious? Because the party never stops! It's the after party after the after party
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    blood moons are very easy to handle ... people are just spoiled by cheesing it with 0 effort so they dont even try .. just whine around
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    I'm still traumatized after finding 4 Big Mama's and 3 Hawaiian zombies in the same room last alpha... *Shudders*
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    Find a Big Mama...consume 6 beers...bam, party girl
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    When the forums changed to a new company and a new platform there was no way to automatically redirect every individual link to the new location of the posts those links pointed at. Hence, all links to forum threads and posts that existed before the change must be manually fixed. Therefore a new mod index needs to be made and to share the work on that I am asking for every mod author to post a link to their own mod. This is not a thread to express your outrage. Vent elsewhere. Simply post the name of your Mod and the link to your main thread that advertises it. Huge thanks to Clockwork Orange who created the mod list index we had. 0XP Rolmod bdubyah's modlets Community Watercraft Project ComSenMod Darkness Falls Doughs modlets FarmlifeV3 Modlet Gnamod Gnamod UI Guppycur's Modlets Harrys New Calibers Harrys New Callibers Junk Turrets Harrys Motor-tool Mods Harrys More Loot From Zombies Harrys Improved Vehicles Harrys Better Biome Spawns khzmusik's Modlets LazMan's Modlets (Quests, Tablesaw, Trader, etc.) Ragsy's Modlets Ravenhearst Mod SMXmenu - MENU Replacement modlet SMXhud - HUD Replacement modlet SMXui - UI Replacement modlet Subquake's Undead Legacy theredwolf13s modlets War of the Walkers
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    Just a quick question. Since the update no one in my group can find any steel tool schematics. We've searched most of the maps and check all 5 traders multiple times and still nothing. We've found steel tools but can't make them anymore. Thanks for the help. Oh yeah....WE LOVE THIS GAME!!!
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    The classic murder hobo play style then 😛
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    People that enjoy the challenge of making a good defensive base don't generally use those methods as that would defeat the purpose. Cause at that point it's no longer a challenge.
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    Well. I'm stupid. I thought when I deleted it a year or so it deleted the mod too, and assumed Verifying the game cache would have taken care of that if it was the issue. It was an old mod. Thank you. A moderator can lock or delete (I would, but I don't see how to delete thread in edit options). Sorry.
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    I am going to chime in. First....one person is going to say you need to read the sticky and provide logs 😀 Second....you are going to get some replies that point out that it looks like you are using a mod. Are you using a UI or inventory mod? If so, you will want to see if that is causing the bug you are seeing. If you are using the mod, can you disable the mod and the issue go away?
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    I agree, I believe there would be no way they could think with any tactical know how. I never used the wall system before the demolishers and before the AI that chooses a single path and knows what block are the weakest to break down. I used to use a series of catwalks and towers when the zombies would just attack from all sides.
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    These ideas and the description are so damn amazing and I would love to see some of them in the game. But I think that will never happen 😕 They don't have enough people for such complex zombies. but imagin these in another, completely new game from another studio.
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    It does have drop same type...... that and drop all. All it is missing is the ability to lock slots to not drop. You know, the ability the vanilla code had while it was commented out and that actually makes the feature complete.
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    I have her about every 2-4 hours with 2 or more forges going and when mining ore I never get a rest from her and her cronies.
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    Hello, Hmm, I remember that bug. It is possible that when I was adding some materials to the forge, some may have gone over the limit, it showed 30k of course but I think I had some more iron still smelted in addition as I didn't notice in time that I had reached the max. I removed the 420 UI mods you mentioned and added Khaine's modlets from the Mods forum here. Thanks for the info on type error message, I will look for that in mods. I removed for now the decoration and furniture assets, will wait until they're officially updated for A19, just to be sure. Thanks for your assistance Beelzybub.
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    Hah, glad to be of assistance .. I have to admit, it was so obvious I almost didn't reply, since I figured you must've tried it ... but sometimes it actually is just that simple
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    Is that kinda like finding 3 bikers and one of the twitchy little guys in the yellow shirt all in the same hotel room together?
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    I would need Grandpas Moonshine for that!
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    I feel like a lot of these players would benefit from turning bloodmoons off entirely, because if you pay attention a ton of them constantly complain about the new zombie AI rendering their cheese bases nonfunctional and about how bloodmoons "are impossible to do legitimately" and stuff like that.
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    Try running these two in the console (first uninstalls second reinstalls) regsvr32.exe /u ntdll.dll regsvr32.exe ntdll.dll I'm really confident this is an OS issue.
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    If you are admin u can enable debug mode in console. Then press F8 until heat display pops up.
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    I also think TFP did that to please the YouTubers, as many of them have to edit the strippers out from their videos in fear of getting demonitized... Let's face it, Let's Play videos are the best free advertisements for the game, TFP would want to please them to get them playing more.
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    It's not really hard to explain. Rifles and pistols are very simple in design. They are just pipes with a spike that hits the back of the bullet. You could improvise something like this with a pipe, a nail and a hammer from the hardware store. In this Wikipedia article you will find many improvised firearms that work with standard ammunition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Improvised_firearm The main difference between these guns and industrially manufactured guns is that they are mostly unreliable, inaccurate and do not last long. Most of the time they are single action guns. I hope the pipe guns in A20 will look like they were welded together in a garage. The melee weapons already have this Mad Max look.
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    Another A19 vote here. I don´t miss anything from A16. It´s just that A16 fans cry louder. People usually voice their opinon more likely when they don´t like something.
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    Give it a few years, and chances are we will end up with something very close to alpha 16.
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    Well, stupid stuff needs to be fixed because it makes the game look stupid. /shrug
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    The information that the horde stops only after the death of a player is not correct. The horde stops after all 3 waves are spawned. On low gamestages this happens pretty fast while on high gamestages the horde usually end at 4am. If you want also on low gamestages a horde that lasts until 4am there is a mod from @Boidster You can find it here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1087
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    In general, I would like to see some rare super-dangerous zombies. Like a big, bulky, mutated abomination of a zombie that could bash your head in with ease. Something that actually makes you wanna sneak around it, or try to avoid it in any way. This would make sneaking (and minding your noise level) more relevant. Bears and lions fills this role somewhat, if you are ever surprised by one you're in big trouble. Unless you have a machine gun, they usually get to ram you once before you've blown it's head off. And they never show up inside buildings (except for that Bear bar, where you are prepared for them). So a big threat that you can't just see as walking experience would be nice. Something that makes you flee in panic
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    I find the new progression curve about perfect. D24 in my game and just got the chem station, have the workbench and mixer already. Have the steel club, a steel shovel and iron pick. Compound Bow with steel arrows, decent AK for hunting and horde night dogs/cops and a magnum and pistol that sit in a box. Just got off the bicycle and bought a motorcycle so all I lack now is the crucible. I wouldn't expect nor even want this stuff any sooner than I got it. Well done TFP!
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    You do know that AMD is expected to officially be better at per core performance with this new lineup (already is compared with most of them) and Intel still to this day has nothing left to offer aside from even heavier overclocks which I think at this point they reached their limit on that, at least until 2022, and even then no one is expecting them to catch up for at least a year or two after that. Also, isn't the Core 2 Duo the one where they faked the benchmarks to make AMD look worse? There was even a lawsuit where they lost and had to pay their customers a small partial refund for their false performance. EDIT: Maybe that was a different one cuz I can't find a source anymore.
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    Hi guys! I have released an important bug fix update to all bots on a18 and a19 (should be everyone). There is also a bug fix version of Mudlet which I have installed on a few bots so far. I will leave them running overnight and if nothing bad happens (shouldn't) I will replace everyone's Mudlet. The main fix is IRC is 100% working now, not randomly going deaf to all commands send from IRC. There are some other fixes and over the next 3 days I will be working on adding 1 or more SQLite3 databases which will host all the memory tables and the tracking table (but not inventory at this stage). These changes and more that we are working on will significantly improve bot performance.
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    Claim vote uses the API key that is provided to you if you register your server at 7daystodie-servers.com Once you have the API key, you can securely give it to the bot via the panel, or via irc. I do not recommend telling the bot in game as you are required to keep that API key secret. The bot for its part does not log the API as such. It stores it in an ini file that only the bot has access to and any attempt to ask the bot for it won't work because the api key is automatically removed from all bot responses. It literally can't tell you what your key is. I don't encrypt it and probably won't since my code is open source so any encryption code I add is public. Here is the in game command (which you can do via IRC by sticking cmd infront eg. cmd /uptime) /set server api {api key from 7daystodie-servers.com} Your API key is not recorded in logs or the databases and no bot command reports it. It is used to determine if a player has voted for your server today. While the bot takes precautions to keep your API key a secret, you should be careful not to type it anywhere in public. The safest place to give it to the bot is in private chat on IRC or on the bot's web interface when that is available. Here is the bot's IRC command set api key {API key from 7daystodie-servers.com} Tell the bot your servers API key. DO NOT do this in a public channel! Your key is not logged or displayed anywhere. It is kept out of the database too. Once set, your players will be able to use the command /claim vote.
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    I have updated the bot's github repo with recent bug fixes and changes. Speaking of changes here is the changelog.. Bug fixes Releasing a prisoner now zeroes their bail Fixed an issue with the bot reporting to players crazy long wait times for cooldown timers when the real wait was less than an hour. Fixed an issue where a line 1 block wide could exist between 2 parts of the map where on one side the rules were pve and on the other they were pvp. Now North and East covers that extra block. Fixed a bug in gimme where the randomly chosen zombie's entity id was wrong. Fixed an issue where the panel would update a table and tell the bot to reload it but when the bot did that, the database was still returning the old data. Adding a 3 second delay allows the database to finish updating before the bot does the reload. Fixed an issue where the bot would detect an anticheat entry and act on it a lot which caused tons of unnecessary spam. Now it maintains a temporary table so that it only triggers if the steam id from the anticheat event hasn't been recorded yet. Changes /resettimers now resets all cooldowns for a player. Previously it just reset base and gimme cooldowns. Added shop to the options of things that can be restored from the bot's backups. Replaced the spawnableItems table with a Lua table which is much faster since it only exists in memory. It used to be a MySQL memory table but it caused significant delays of more than a minute every time the bot was asked to read the list if items known to the server. Now that task takes about 1 second. As a result and to fix shop issues, I am now validating the shop items much more regularly which should ensure that the shop never contains items that can't be spawned. When donors expire (the status not the people) the bot no longer wipes their waypoints. Instead they won't be able to create new waypoints until they have deleted enough that they have less waypoints than their new non-donor max waypoints. A19 introduced a small change to the output of admin list which meant the a18 code couldn't read it. Now both a18 and a19 code branches can handle the old format and the new format, however if the bot detects the server running A19 and the bot is on the a18 code branch it will automatically switch to the a19 code branch to ensure that it doesn't miss any future A19 only code changes. The bot reads the Botman mod's config file. Now the config file's setting will replace some settings in the bot such as the bot's name, chat hidden state, command prefix and the state of the anticheat system. Attempted bug fixes Occasionally a player can be reset by the bot as if they were new which causes a lot of gnashing of teeth and stuff. The bot now counts the number of times the steam id appears in the events table and if there are more than 3 it will not initialise the player as new. Hopefully that fixes that issue.
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    GREAT NEWS! I'm not sure if this just changed in today's A19 update but they finally fixed that spawn animation, blur effect and noise so that that only happens when you respawn after a death (which is how it should have been done since they added that years ago). Now if you teleport none of that happens. This is the case for players and admins. This means that the bot's in-game tracking system works without those annoying effects happening. You see clearly instantly and teleport silently. HURRAH! I told them to fix that years ago.
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    Hi guys! I have released an important update to the a19 code branch and I am preparing to backport some of it to the a18 branch. It fixes issues with the shop and also massively boosts bot performance when starting up, fixing the shop or doing any shop maintenance or use of the shop. This is a significant improvement as it completely removes a major performance bottleneck that occurred when the bot read and then processed all items known to the server. It no longer saves or reads them to/from the database. It was using a memory table but it caused the bot to 'freeze' for several minutes. Now there is no observable delay at all. WIN!
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    Thanks to SylenThunder I now have a working copy of Allocs mod. I have created a zip for the A19 Botman mods which currently does not include the updated Botman mod 😮 but that will change as soon as I have it myself. The new zip is here https://botman.nz/Botman_Mods_A19.zip The map is working again which means the bot can be in API mode again. If yours is in telnet mode you can switch it by typing /use api or on IRC just type use api, or on the panel just switch it over. The panel rocks! ^^ I have released a dummy update for a18 that checks the version of the server. If it is 19 the bot switches to the a19 code branch. A second update will be required to actually install the a19 code. That happens automatically but might not happen early. You can force it by typing update code.
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    Agree. Caveat being that if you Sprint while on a ladder you could/should pop out of stealth.. maybe. I'd go alone w that mechanic, but can see the arguement for being able to sprin+sneak up/down ladders as well. Flip a coin ;-)
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    Planned feature for the PC version after release. Someone has a guide on setting it up with Vorpx around here somewhere, but I haven't tinkered with it yet. One of the many things on my to-do list that I haven't had time to do.
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