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    As so often people are freaking out over their own imagination. And then they wonder why "the Fun Pimps never tell us anything!"
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    Most people are not logical. The logical thing to do is to hose people for just standing around in their base, but we went the friendlier way and are attacking the race car drivers as they are the ones with loads of food piling up and not the noob who is standing around reading the tutorial. As I said, 80% of calories (roughly) are used just breathing IRL. I can sit on my @%$*#! or work out, I get hungry every 3-4 hours regardless. Do you not get hungry when traveling? Sorry bro everyone else does. But they aren't. The base calorie rate for being idle is really really low and below normal... and we tuned it since his post anyway and will continue to tune until it feels good. The end result is hopefully you don't go from eating 5x a day to once a week like it was when you got a motor vehicle. That is just bad. Food needs to be a slight issue even late game if you don't put effort in.
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    On page one the first post of this topic Madmole posted that: Vehicle Update - pushed to A20 Vehicle Mods Vehicle break down and collision system The new ISS system alone will change the way eating and drinking works. I want the zombies to be able smell the food you are carrying again unless its in a tin can or another kind of seal container. You should try driving for 18 hours straight, through the night on bad roads at 40 mph or less because any faster and you will die, while there are pot holes the size of your head, all the while you are carrying live cargo. It makes you both physically and mentally exhausted. I am waiting to see how this new system works and give it a fair chance before I leap to conclusions and fly off the handle. There is so much that is been added I will wait and see how everything goes.
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    We haven't had a good gate like this in a long time. And (mostly) everyone was so well behaved it almost didn't feel like a gate, Now excuse me while I go run some errands around town. I don't have to leave quite yet but I want to eat a good meal before I do all that driving...
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    My watch tells me that I burn more calories sleeping than I do during the day. Granted, I sleep a lot during the day too, but my point is everything burns calories. And for the third freaking time, this is a non-issue. If you have a vehicle, you do not have food problems. Unless having a vehicle means your crates full of food get destroyed, you will never notice the drain.
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    60% of a very tiny amount is still a small amount. It was the same as being AFK before which made food a non issue once you got a vehicle. No matter how active you are 80% of calories burned IRL come from base metabolism and not moving around and working. Yep just sitting on your @%$*#! breathing, thinking, uses 80% of the calories you take in. 20% from activity, roughly speaking. Do you not get hungry sitting on your @%$*#! driving somewhere? Its not going to drain your food meter dry, its actually going to burn a bit like it should. Was broken before. I wanted to just bump the base metaboliism but we want players to be able to idle and not get screwed so we added some to vehicles. I hope that makes sense. Food should be an ongoing concern. Its way way cheaper than sprinting somewhere yet, but its using more than being AFK or idle.
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    There is nothing to fess up. It is done when its done, and no it won't be a week.
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    Vehicle damage, player in vehicle damage and zombie damage from vehicles is different in A19. There are many changes we make in every alpha that don't get announced until the release notes come out.
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    This is stupid. what purpose does it serve? You will essentially punish player for using vehicles. You can frame it however you want, but that is how it will feel. Especially stupid is that it is blanket solution, so there is no gameplay to decrease this consumption. And even if there was, how are you going to communicate this concept to players? It only brings frustration, nothing else.
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    Hello Survivors, This thread will be used to organize all of my officially released modlets. Follow this thread for updates! LazMan's Admin Mod Summary: Adds admin tools to the game. Add's XP restoration items (10k/100k/500k/1m) into the creative menu (Dev Only) that can be distributed to other players. Works for New or Existing Saves Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Last Modified: 07/17/2020 (A19 exp B169) LazMan's Expanded Quest Mod Summary: Adds additional quests to the game Contract: Eliminate Horde Quest: Blood Moon Vanguard Contract: Build Trader Outpost Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan, Roland, Haidr'gna Current Version: 1.2 Last Modified: 06/06/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Storage Container Mod Summary: Adds lockable ammo/weapon/food/medical pile containers for players to choose from the shape selector menu for the existing Storage Crate / Furniture block. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version:1.2 Last Modified: 06/02/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Tablesaw Mod Summary: Adds additional wooden crafts to the tablesaw. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.1 Last Modified: 04/11/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Expanded Trader Mod Summary: Adds 5 additional decoration blocks for sale at the Trader. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Last Modified: 03/08/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Auto Trigger Mod Summary: Increase's Rounds Per Minute by 75% Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Current Version: 01/23/2020 (A18.2)
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    Always great when you can tell someone doesn't work in an office / has never worked with code in their life. I like the joke about the first 80% of the work taking 80% of the allotted time, and the remaining 20% of work taking the other 80% . I don't know about game design, but when working with databases and tables, what should be a 20 minute fix can very easily end up being 4 hours of head tilting and frowning
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    And proud of it.
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    In a modern vehicle maybe. We're post-apocalyptic here. There isn't any power steering. Brakes are going to be real work as well. This is something you cobbled together from spare parts. Go find an older car without disk brakes and power steering. Then drive it on regular roads. Now go drive it on some rutty back country roads. I guarantee you will notice the difference, and you may also be sweating quite a bit when you're done.
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    Minecraft sounded stupid AF about 20 times. Then I tried it. Now we are all here. Here's to bad sounding stuff turning out to being good fun.
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    Development just doesn't work like that. You can't predict anything based on current sample rates from one day. Sometimes you fix 20 bugs in one day while none come in, sometimes 10 new ones come in while you fix none because you are in meetings all day. At the end of the day its done when it's done. Its pretty great already, but there are some regressions due to some improvements and we want to ship a better experimental if possible each alpha.
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    My point was all activities, including driving use calories. The 3.5 MET for driving a motorcycle, was most likely on nice clean roads, which is not what they are in the game. In any event we will use values that make sense game play wise. If it was based on reality, then you would not be moving at all with those tons of materials in your backpack.
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    This. Yeah it's annoying that people over react without knowing what they are talking about, but it's still better to know in advance so others can explain "No, you don't understand what you are talking about" to the people who are throwing a tizzy over every . . .that IS the point. They are trying to offset vehicles by giving them a bit more of a cost because they are basically free ATM once you find a single shale patch. 60% increased food consumption while accelerating in vehicles sounds like a lot, but isn't really. It's likely just 60% increase over base food consumption, which is pretty low. So 60% more food per tick than you would consume while standing AFK will still not be all that much in a vehicle, and as others have said, by the time you have a vehicle you are completely unworried about food. For people worrying about food, just buy food from trader vending machines and throw down a few farm plots. Which do just kinda need to be cheaper, because rotten meat is the rarest item in the game during a zombie apocalypse for some reason , but once you get some you can grow all the food you need easily
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    The numbers are much smaller than you imagine. In testing, sprinting on the minibike used 1 food for 54 seconds. Meat stew is 50 food, so 45 minutes of sprinting. A stack of 10 would be 7.5 hours of sprinting. 2 stacks would give you 15 hours of sprinting. We could double or triple the numbers and I think it would be fine.
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    Example of a car that actually requires burning more calories when driving it:
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    all those emojis hurt my head
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    I'm going to just wait and see: A) how the food consumption works out when actually playing, B) above know that TFP can/will tweak it if need be, C) knowing *I* can tweak it if need be. until then, non-issue. (and I'm outta popcorn darn it!)
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    I don't know what "percentages" they think they have but I do know that I went over the balancing sometime Fri/Sat. And no. I'm not discussing this in detail because some have clearly made up their mind already.
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    We have actual percentages. We can make models with these figures. We will have to bring 2 stacks of stew before we even think of looking at a Minibike. It's a pointless penalty for having a vehicle and excess food.
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    Dude, before throwing around stupid this and stupid that you could still give your feedback when A19 comes out and you actually get to play with it. You know... like REAL feedback, not biased banter on something you can only make a wild guess on. 🙄
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    No worries, I see the need to make other puns. You're just between a rock and a hard place now. I'm afraid what you're hard place is though.
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    …. /cringe More reason to hate the blasted things. 😁
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    Dodging kangaroos here is a nightmare driving at night. Like horde night everynight
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    I already said it has nothing to do with horde nights. That has been addressed in A19 by the use of Vultures.
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    @fataal Since you are looking at vehicles, can you please put the headlight on the gyro? Even if it's not in the model, at least having it work would help us night flyers. (And angled down a bit would be much more useful than straight ahead.)
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    I challenge you to drive a car down a beat up gravel or dirt road and see how easy it is. My wife and I did last year in a rental car and it was tense. Rock noise, bumping up and down, trying to not hit the big dips that might damage the car. That constant alertness and stress was definitely using calories. Decaying old roads are not like the streets you are driving on now. Now the gryo would not fall into that category, but I'd think sitting on a metal frame, looking down at the world with wind blasting you in the face and trying not to crash into something, would be equally stressful.
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    I assume we can thank the people driving away from horde night for this new silliness? Why else would food usage increase when we use less energy ourselves. ...sigh...
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    Vehicles got some attention the last two days: Added vehicle driving increases food consumption (added vehicles.xml foodDrain (normal,turbo), driving tag and _vehicleFood cvar). Fixed SDTD-12623 Vehicles remember the player velocity when falling. (a19 bug) Fixed vehicle physics not transferred when client or server took control (stuck gyrocopters). Fixed vehicle engine would not stop if broken. Added players exiting vehicles retain most velocity. Added vehicles keep full velocity when driver exits and no wheel on ground. Changed: Driving a vehicle adds 25% to your base food/water drain that you normally lose just standing around. Sprinting a vehicle adds 60% (minibike) to 40% (gyro) of the food/water drain that you would have while sprinting on foot. (Gazz) Yes, driving vehicles in the dirty, rundown, apocalyptic world now consumes food.
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    Yes. I want a clear line of sight for 50 blocks in all directions around my base. Trees, boulders, grass - it all gets dealt with. Now, if they were to make a "mown grass" terrain block, I might even dig up the ground and place down some nice green grass. Maybe a shrubbery. One that looks nice, but not too expensive. And then I will cut down the mightiest tree on the map with...A HERRING! I guess that will have to wait until the fishing enhancement. /Ni!
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    Expect you guys told us driving a gas powered vehicle burns more calories than moving around on our two feet. That makes no sense and is a lazy way to balance food and avoid actually giving vehicles real issues.
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    I think it's possible as I don't see any not circumventable obstacles.
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    ...is that a direct Madmole quote?
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    Here's a good resource to get started. 😎👍
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    Nooo.... never use Windows updates for drivers. Their junk drivers are useless for anything other than the most basic things. You have to install proper drivers from AMD directly.
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    Goodmorning world. How’s thing in the forum world today?
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    You are ridiculous. Unless you're saying it's ok for people to "scavenge" your store/home.
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    use https://isthereanydeal.com if you add 7 days to die it will let you know when there is a sale if you let it send you and email so you know when it goes on sale next time
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    I've had bigger restaurant and bar tabs for a 30 minute get-together than the price of this game. I've bought copies at full price for multiple people I know. It's thousands of hours of entertainment for less than the price of a tank of gas. Just buy it and support the developers. Just saying...
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    Looks, and so I can see those crawlers, and/or snakes.
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    Nose doesn't look right in that pic... pretty sure zombies don't just randomly grow a nose
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    Probably doesn't work anymore. MM kept dying from gravel so he removed it falling, and even tree falls don't do damage anymore. Unfortunate side effect of MM sucking is that if something kills him he removes it from the game. I'll be amazed if dart traps can blow gyro's anymore. Hell, he once had the drop key remapped because he dropped his bow. 😃
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