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    For now. We are working on a new corpse like crawler with his guts hanging out. Yes I will start videos soon. I did all the animations back then. Brian and team are much more talented than I am, but it takes a while to get to everything. For A19 we've added some hand movement to the off hand on one handed weapon holds, so when you run with a torch your left arm will jog instead of being completely stiff. There still might be some stiff old anims though, but we did prototype a successful fix for that particular issue.
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    is it sad to say the run animation back in A1 is better than A18...
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    I watched the launch live and my inner-evil-nerd just couldn't help saying aloud: "Not bad, but pretty crappy special-effects". -Morloc
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    Slight variant. 😃
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    Go to your steam library. Right click on the game. Click on properties tab. Click the betas tab. Underneath the "Select the betas you want to opt into:" Click on the bar to drop the past betas list and choose which older build you want, out of the list that is available. edit: Almost forgot. VIP! Start totally fresh. Clean everything, along with your character profile.
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    The question: "Why do Trader, and Trader outposts, even need to be made invulnerable anymore?" They have the mechanics that can "Respawn" whole Prefabs, with Spawn, and Loot points included. Just wondering is all.
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    You'll live in game but you'll probably die IRL from the all the noise generated by all the zombies hitting the invulnerable blocks. 😂
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    This looks like Mike Myers
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    Me and my brothers always have called him "Iggy Pop"... because he kind of looks like him lol and he is all twitchy...sort of like the way ol' Iggy "dances"
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    Who is this damn Summer and why does she get an early copy?
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    you guys calm down or I am turning this forum right around and we're going home then no one gets to play... 😛
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    Ignore the white clock at the top. That's my currently not working UI version.
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    GNAMOD DOWNLOAD HERE Join Gnamod's Discord 1. Basics 1.1 Introduction Gnamod has been developed since A14 by Haidr’Gna, hereafter referred to as mod-author. It all began as a set of tweaks for personal use and grew bigger during A15 into a full overhaul. The name is derived from the mod-author’s nickname and has no special meaning and is not an acronym for anything either. Gnamod grew from just one overhaul into a group of mods that all share the same base of alterations to the game. This mod is now referred to as Gnamod Core and is the foundation for nearly all Gnamod versions since A17. The only exception is UI, which is known as Gnamod CoreUI and forms the foundation for all UI modifications for Gnamod but is also available as a stand-alone release. Gnamod is aimed at any player that finds the vanilla game lacking and is seeking more of a challenge in all aspects of the game. It brings back the survival aspect and offers a slower pacing than the vanilla game. The aim is a challenging but also fair gameplay experience where you will have to fight and be smart to earn your place in the world. The zombies are far more relentless, looting a lot more challenging and the world is more interesting. Gnamod is a complete overhaul of the game, which means every aspect of it is altered in some way or will be in future versions of the mod. Gnamod is also continually being worked on and new content is being added. Since A17 introduced xpath there no longer is a need to redo work when a new alpha is released. This means Gnamod will continue to grow along with the game. DOWNLOAD HERE 1.2. Manual Installation A. Navigate to the game's base folder: (~\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die). B. Extract the contents of the zip file(s) directly into the game’s base folder. C. Make sure the entire contents of each zip you install goes into the base folder. D. Start the game, if you done it correctly a you will see the Gnamod logo in the main menu. 1.3. ModLauncher Installation. A. Download the ModLauncher from sphereii at: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...-7-Days-to-Die B. Install the ModLauncher following the instructions. C. Find the tab for Gnamod, open it, select a version and use Install Game Copy. D. Use Pre-Sync to download the mod and then Play Mod to start. 2. License and Use 2.1 Terms of Use This section applies to all mods released by the mod-author under the name of Gnamod. Any such mod will always start its name with Gnamod, such as Gnamod Core, Gnamod Horde Mode etc. Assets found in the Gnamod.unity3d contain the work of The Fun Pimps, myself, work from other authors listed under Included Work and used Unity packages, therefore it is NOT allowed to re-use this in any way without permission from the mod-author and/or the original author(s) of the content. Gnamod is free to play by whoever owns 7 Days to Die. This includes running it on a private or rented server and hosting a game for friends. Users of Gnamod are also free to tailor their experience to their needs by altering the XML files. When hosting a server or game with such altered contents, it is required to notify users that an altered version of Gnamod is being used. Users are free to borrow ideas that are unique to Gnamod in their own locally used mods or hosted games for friends. When using ideas unique to Gnamod in a mod that will be released to the public you are required to ask for permission from the mod-author. It is good practice to credit the mod-author and reference Gnamod in the mod’s documentation and advertisement in this case. Users are NOT allowed to take the code from this mod to add to another mod in any way without asking the mod-author explicit permission for it. This applies for taking (parts of) the code, XML or assets as well as altered versions of these. Gnamod is intended to use as is and not to be broken down or redistributed in altered form. This includes adding any part of Gnamod into any kind of overhaul mod or mod collection pack. Due to the nature of Gnamod, the Core mod will likely not be compatible with any kind of modlet and the CoreUI mod will likely not be compatible with any modlet that alters the UI in any way. It is up to modlet authors to facilitate compatibility with Gnamod if they so incline. Bugs and issues that occur because of the use of other mods will not be resolved by the mod-author. It is of course allowed to design modlets that enhance Gnamod. Such modlets should be named in such a way they always load after the Gnamod Core mod. The Fun Pimps are ultimately the true owners of this mod as it only works with their game and is only possible because they support the modding community of their game. 3. Mod Overview 3.1. Mod Structure Gnamod is build around two Core mods, Gnamod Core and Gnamod CoreUI. Core is the main mod that houses nearly all changes required to overhaul the vanilla game. CoreUI is the same for all the UI changes required for Gnamod. By this design the other versions are just modlets designed to specifically alter or activate certain stuff within Gnamod and thus are dependent on the Core mod to function. Want more Gnamod, find other players or know what is cooking: Join the Discord Channel! DOWNLOAD OLDER VERSIONS
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    It would be kind of cool that if a trader got destroyed you could get a quest from another trader to re-establish the trader. It would re-spawn just like POI's do when you activate the quest marker. Maybe a double respawn deal where when you take the quest and travel to destroyed Trader POI and activate the quest marker it respawns as a destroyed trader compound with sleepers and a boss of some kind within the walls that you must battle and defeat. Then when you return to the trader that gave the quest it respawns the fully functioning trader again so the next time you go there it's back.
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    I've found a way to change POIs on quest activation. Multiply prefabs can occupy the same spot and they can share a questmarker (the latter doesn't seem to be important but might be use). If you activate the questmarker the current prefab will be overwritten with that of the current quest. The order of entries in the prefabs.xml defines which POI is visible at the start of the game (bottommost position in the XML file means that the overlapping area to other buildings is overwritten by the blocks of the last POI). If you use the same position for two or more prefabs in the XML, the game will always restore the first entry in prefabs.xml on quest activation, no matter what the quest points to. Solution is to add some irrelevant layers at the sides or bottom of your POIs and then change their positions accordingly (see pic below). Also static entity spawns are possible now thanks to Hal9000. He gave me the correct hash function that can be used to translate the names of the entities to IDs which can be stored in the tts file. Those tts files use an old file format that can't include the more recent features (i.e. paintable textures, light settings, sleeper settings etc.). However, static entities can be added to small 1x1x1 prefabs and we can place those inside regular buildings by editing the prefabs.xml. So all I need to do is to create small POIs for each entity in the entityclasses.xml and to write a tool to enter them in the prefabs.xml. Fortunately that's fairly easy.
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    The bottom line is not about how to dig, but about that there was no reason to use the merchant to create a refuge =)
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    Why does the moat have to go to bedrock? How about a moat that is 10 blocks deep and then your base attached above that beyond their reach? Also seems like you could just dig it along a single side of the merchant..maybe just barely around that side's corners. You are way over-producing your exploit....
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    i wanted to talk about corpse in game. i think a model where they are just a mummy or very old corpse. like this also maybe a zombie model for A20 that looks like a unrecognizable Corpse so you can't tell who they where. would fit in nicely with generic zombie when almost all of them have a Distinct look, like the fat woman.
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    How about cutting the texture resolution of all zombies by half, and adding 4 times as many (including old models) zombies into the game. The enemy variety is really repetitive. And if you have the old artwork, why not use it. Its not that players observe zombies up close anyways. (my grammar is lacking)
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    Which is exactly what you are doing now. Pushing your opinion. See how we can go round and round on this all day. So again, stop with the "hardcores can be elitist" attitude because reading your "dumbed down" post is just as elitist and privileged. Maybe we can change the narrative here. Maybe we can ALL be right, and we can respect each others opinions instead if playing a game of one upmanship on who has the better idea and what kind of player is the best one to make money from and what category of game this should be. Instead of pointing fingers at a type of player and yelling "you ruined it" lets acknowledge that we all paid our money, we all put in the hours so we all have the right to love and experience the game as we wish. So its ok to miss sticks and the crafting grid, its ok to like the perk system but its also ok to NOT like some of the changes and its also ok to NOT like a new direction for something when for years the old direction was so well loved. Stones and glass houses and such.
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    This was basically the idea TFP had since the Kickstarter back in 2013 lol
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    HAHA good analogy.... ( Ek het al daai tik koppe gesien wat so lyk )
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    Well "deserved" is what makes it subjective, which we all agree is the problem.
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    Excellent point Guppy. I sure hope whomever Gronk has in mind applyed for the pre-experimental testing. Peronsally, I think volunteers who actually test and report bugs are more loyal then any streamer out there.
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    5? What will MrMadnessMD say about your porposal? Doesn't he deserve a spot then too? He surely won't be among the top 5. If you make this about rewards you automatically divide the community into two parts, the ones who seem to deserve it and the ones who don't.
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    Preview of improved import and export:
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    I don't understand where the greed is in opting out of this service. It limits your customer base if you choose not to participate. In fact, opting-in to the service would potentially increase sales, because you can offer your game on a platform that will reach millions of people that cannot afford to buy a nice PC, but would like to play high-end PC games.
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    Formatting big bold colored text is a common tactic for those who feel their works are more important than others, and MUST BE PAID ATTENTION TO RIGHT @%$*#!ING NOW. This has been a habit in forum communities for well over 20 years. It's rude, and vulgar, and insulting to others in the community. It needs to be put to an immediate halt when it shows up, and I will do what I can to support that. Since you guys would rather discuss my post than the subject, and the OP has opted out, we'll shut this one down.
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    This isn't your fault at all Mechanical.... It's those dirty rotten hard-core.
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    Uh, you're twisting words, not me. I never said or even implied you said hard core people can't have opinions. I merely answered your concerns about people being repetitious, and offering an explanation as to why. Forums are for offering opinions and sharing experiences; if you find the opinions tedious to read or too repetitious for your taste, there are a number of ways you can alleviate your discomfort. /also happy I'm not a moderator... what was your point? That wasn't actually for you, it was for those who don't seem to understand what forums are for. It's definitely first world problems. 😃
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    I'm looking forward to the new release. I'm the crafter & farmer player while hubby likes the hack & slash + explore parts. Each time TFP changes some aspect of the game, we try it out. Sometimes it means a total re-imaging of how we play the game with changes in focus. Sometimes it is annoying, sometimes it gives us a oh WOW experience. If TFP change something that we find is vital to the way we like to play, we will mod it. TFP's have made an excellent base game which even without modding is accessible to most people that enjoy this genre. If I am not mistaken the large change in A18 made modding much easier. I want to see more game story and more optimizing (lolz). If it's too hard, MOD IT. If it's too easy, MOD IT. If you don't like how X functions, MOD IT.
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    Ugh here we go again... can we all agree we love the game and all play differently. But it boils down to both sides are equally passionate because we enjoy this game. When I've had a Hard day at work(I am a Mechanic on tractor trailers so everyday is hard) I come home and smash Steve's head in with my sledge and disconnect from reality. Thats what games are about. Immersing yourself into a fictional world and just disconnecting. I think we as a community forget this fact a lot of times.
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    Yes. Your tastes. And you used your account to talk about your tastes. ...that's all we're doing.
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    So.... which one are you? Statler or Waldorf? 😉
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    Well let's see ... There's now a giant "dig exactly right here" sign for digging quests, your spears glow when on the ground, and even the "hidden" satchel in a poi quest glows or something. Oh, and for those who like perks/skills (I don't) they removed what, 2 levels? So we will probably say "they dumbed down the game". And as far as us being repetitious, it's because tfp dumbs down the game every alpha, AND, it's a forum designed to allow us to express our opinions. But hey, if you're only interested in adam's poor grammar, mechs deleted posts or snows sexual innuendos, madmoles success story or people's mods, there's plenty of that too. Something for everyone. Tweaker is what I call him. Definitely has that meth vibe.
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    I think Steve was an Expectant Father when he turned. Good enough?
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    lol, my husband and I have always referred to him as the 'tik' zombie. Tik is a cheap and nasty meth amphetamine that is rife in the Cape flats of South Africa.
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    Nose doesn't look right in that pic... pretty sure zombies don't just randomly grow a nose
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    When you're convinced that everyone else is going by some crazy kind of logic it is time to start questioning your own... Nobody is bending over backwards. The way it is makes sense. Your scenario could make sense if it was written that way. Bandits do tend to raid stuff-- so how could there possibly be anything left in the wasteland? Because they also tend to hoard and stockpile stuff-- just like we do. If you would stop bending backwards to try and justify the logic you are trying pass off as the only one that makes any sense you would be able to see other perspectives as well.
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    Congratulations to everyone who qualified 😀 can't wait to see all the awesome content! I can see why some ppl would be upset but its an understandable business decision. I would like to submit (for the future) that I do believe reaching 1k subs in YT is as relevant as reaching partner with Twitch... not only in the amt of hrs it will take you (probably a year for most) but also in the amt of hrs u will spend editing. I am not even at 1k so I def have no skin in the game, I'm just trying to support those who are talented, professional, and have a certain magnetism, but for whom the YT algorithm does not yet apply. I hope that is considered in the future, but I wish everyone the best of luck! I hope this launch goes great and I will definitely be watching 🥰
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    OMG The HYPE! If this thing actually comes outs while im still on lockdown im gonna lose my freaking mind 😮 In a good way *Edit* We gonna see a return of the green room Roland?
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    Flower Bunch Mod ...so... I had a request by @Floxy_Swoosh for some flowers in a vase. I could only find one free one but I did find a bunch of other flowers, so I made a pack of them.
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    Maybe, but not for A19. I'd like to see double doors and we have a door overhaul design to get what we do have shippable.
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    The whole piranhas thing is way overblown. Real piranhas are generally scared of people and will avoid them. The only way they got them to attack that cow for the demonstration given to Roosevelt was to trap and starve the shoal for weeks prior to his visit. Most of the time they are scavengers.
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    Not sure I agree with this one. Zombies shouldn't be coordinated enough to swim. Maybe limit this ability to one specific type of zombie.
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    Ahh yes, pointing out how humans have behaved in history is bending over backwards. Another quality reply Roland.
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