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    Zombie reach can be shortened for $.25 per centimeter...
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    Nitrogen is a safe way to get them. Check it out. It´s easy to use and provides other advantages over RWG also.
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    Tell me you got the shadows fixed in A-19. Walking through them is literally like night and day. Also the way that they seem to follow you in the morning and in the evening is a pain.
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    Not 100% sure because we're still fleshing out all the rules, but plain bandages do not restore any max health but just stop you from bleeding out. Regular damage doesn't lower your max health at all now, only critical injuries.
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    Disclaimer: Most of the credit to this design goes to madmole. So you're new to 7 Days to Die and you want to know how to fight off the first blood moon hordes. While there are many ways to go about this, one of the simplest and cheapest structures a new player could erect is the humble 9x9 tower. Take a chair and have a seat follower, I'll show you the tricks up my sleeve. You're going to want to start off by digging a 9x9x1 square pit into the ground with your shovel. It should look like this: https://imgur.com/oVTGIOQ Now wipe the sweat off your brow and put away that spade. It's building time. Fill in the 9x9 hole with flagstone, and upgrade the two outer layers with cobblestone rocks to cobblestone. You'll see why in a minute. https://imgur.com/5MqZUiE Next you're going to erect the two outside layers five blocks high to form the lower base of the tower. Be sure to place and upgrade the corner blocks to cobblestone first, for you won't be able to reach the innermost corner blocks once the walls are in place. https://imgur.com/2W4xAS7 Nerdpole your way inside the base of your tower and choose one corner for your ladder system to go. Place wooden ladders and a hatch on top. On top of what, you might ask? Why, a ceiling of course! (Just be sure to leave a spot open in the ceiling for where the ladder shaft will go.) https://imgur.com/hnner70 With the necessary blocks now in place, make your way up the ladder and emerge on to your new second floor. This is where you will make two layers of wood bars placed sideways going all the way around the tower, 5 blocks above the ground; making it two blocks across will lessen the chance of you falling. Add protrusions along the corners to stand on and allow you toss throwables down at the zombies below, like molotovs or pipe bombs. (Be sure you're using wood bars and not wood bars centered!) You can upgrade these to iron bars in the future when resources permit. https://imgur.com/hILSfGQ Now it's time to get the third and final story started. Erect 5 block high walls around the edge of the second floor. These don't need to be double thick since the brunt of the zombies' attacks will come from ground level. Leave a spot open on one side to put in a door later on, and spaces for windows in the locations shown, mirrored across all four sides. https://imgur.com/HqMBvJH Run along the bars and place sideways-facing poles (not poles centered!) upwards of the window holes. Attach hatches to these poles so that they open upwards, as shown here. Replicate this on all four sides. You can upgrade the hatches later. https://imgur.com/LTujYcD Head back on inside and install a door and wooden bars placed furthest away from the player along each square window, as shown in the image. Now would be a good time to add the roof above, but again leave room for another ladder shaft. https://imgur.com/5AePYCK While you're at it, place a lip that circumferences the tower on the same elevation as the floor above. On the underside of this lip, place flagstone arch 2m all the way around as shown in the image. https://imgur.com/XplV7ft Next, raise a wall two blocks high around the very rim of the top of the tower, and place additional blocks to form a parapet with gaps, forming as the castle battlement. How could one not appreciate a medieval aesthetic touch? Prior to this, adding in second ladder system and a hatch would probably be a good idea! https://imgur.com/7gAnPLc You remember the ladder shaft on the one side of the ground floor? Knock out the flagstone block placed at the bottom of the ladder shaft and dig a 1x1 pit down. I chose mine to be 9 blocks deep, with the back edge of stone knocked out and replaced with flagstone to support an extension of the ladder system above. You'll also have to knock out the bottom-most ladder on the ground floor to place in an additional hatch. This is going to serve as the entrance/exit of your tower base. https://imgur.com/KeLriYH Climb down to the bottom of the ladder and mine a straight tunnel three blocks high and as far as you care to go. I chose my tunnel to be 24 blocks in length. https://imgur.com/1I5tqTw Once you've mined out a sizable tunnel, dig straight up and break in to the surface. Place another wall of blocks on the back side where you will attach a ladder shaft leading up to the surface. You'll want to make this entrance/escape hatch visible, so construct some sort of simple structure that easily stands out. https://imgur.com/YcobmYy Now it is time to place the defenses. At this point in the game (day 7-14), you should have a forge going and a fair bit of forged iron produced. Use a portion of this forged iron to craft iron spikes, and use them to surround the base of your tower. I made my single row of spikes two blocks in height, to prevent most zombies from jumping on top of them. If you don't have access to iron spikes, wood spikes and/or barbed wire fences will do for the first couple of hordes, but be sure to place a far greater quantity of them! https://imgur.com/mqGINXj There's no point fighting the horde if you can't see the gun right in front of your face. Place some torches around the structure, inside and out, to give you the necessary light levels to face the horde comfortably. If you're concerned about screamers possibly showing up due to the torches, consider turning up your gamma instead, or simply remove some of the torches. https://imgur.com/pDb0uj3 You're all done! The majority of this tower should be possible for you to construct for the day 7 horde, and as long as you continue to use it, be sure to make appropriate upgrades, such as upgrading the rest of the flagstone to cobblestone, and then the cobblestone to concrete and then reinforced concrete. This design is only intended to do well against the first few hordes on its own, but with the right additions and modifications, it could certainly take you into the late-game, assuming you haven't constructed a much more foreboding base elsewhere by then! https://imgur.com/avRWsp4
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    thank you @xyth😊 that comma-bug-fix was it, I think. I first tested in a new world and later also in my existing world. Every creaturepack sleeper woke up by self and the best - no NREs so far 😁
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    Never heard anyone say "you going to strip club" to someone with a bunch of one dollar bills? Guess you dont hang out with cool crowd.😈
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    lol --- naaa. not a private dance.. just like a 30 second / 1 minute dollar dance at your table, not in a private booth/room. Actual dances are usually quite a bit more Lots of places do this.
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    No I probably did not! Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I was only messing about with rwgmixer.xml because n00b. Never even thought to change the POI's xml file. DUH. I will change zoning as you suggest and try again.
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    first the death turkey, then sidestep the little monkey and target the other two flying chickens of doom that decided to show up out of nowhere, because: of course they did.. then double-tap the macaque and wait for mama cass to waddle her fat ass into range, and swing for the fences...
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    Yes. Mod must be installed locally (client version) and on the server (server version)
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    Or tempting women with it in a geico commericial...🤣
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    It sure seems like the place is dead.
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    If i had a dollar id be gettin a dollar dance at the strip club.
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    It feels like a whole new game again ™ For nineteenth time...
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    New A19 screenshots from MadMole The new Linear Lightspace and textures are looking nice!
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    Yep, at the moment the core of the mod, which is pretty bare bones version of it, is currently being tested in early access mostly by my supporters, that have been following through my struggles over the years on working on the next version of this mod. It's no were close in terms of content, that I once had with it during A16.4, but that's because I've been focusing on improving the quality of life aspect of the mod instead of trying to update all the items it had. But before everyone starts grabbing their pitchforks - I will be bringing most of the stuff the mod had back in A18/A19, but it will take time. Before that happens I want to make sure that all the underlying C# code is working as intended and no major game breaking bugs occur during early access testing. This week I'm busy with IRL stuff, next week will be polishing and preparing it for release. Content will be added and re-added over time. Skill overhaul (one i worked during A17) is pushed back till A19.
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    The only way I know to make slopes like this from within the game is: 1) Place terrain blocks 2) Beat on the terrain blocks with a combination of low-level stone shovel, stone pick, hammer, and/or fists to pound it approximately into the shape you want Making something as smooth as your picture would take a long time. I've only used the technique to repair holes I've created accidentally, where there was a bump after placing a soil block to fill the hole. I just beat the bump flat (so it ends up as a partially-damaged soil block, but even with the surrounding natural terrain).
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    No worries, just trying to keep the thread relevant. Given that its passed, nope Bad news, I found out we have different testing branches and I was testing a pretty old build. The good news is it felt pretty solid so I can't wait to start a new game with the latest version. Yes you have to be extra careful early game now and injuries are to be taken serious. You don't just bounce back without proper medical care and even then it takes some time for most crits to heal. No we're not being that heavy handed with it (no pun intended). But doing power attacks with a broken arm hurt it or slow the healing and it affects your aim and stuff.
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    RWG maps tend to not have the big POI´s. At least for me that was the case, in 8 different maps i didn´t have dishong, higashi and crack a book. I recommend Nitrogen map maker. Guaranteed skycrapers in Nitrogen maps.
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    Next gen consoles are going to be a BEAST!!! Zen2 Ryzen CPU with 8 Cores 16 Threads, RDNA2 Architecture, 12 TFLOP GPU, Ray-Tracing, 16 GB GDDR6, and a SSD. Plus with the work that the Ray-Tracing's engine is doing with Microsoft's DirectX accelerated hardware, the Series X can actually do up to a total of 25 TFLOPS. The Series X is gonna be a MONSTER lol! With that being said, if you start the video I linked at the bottom at 8:30 listen for about 2 mins or so...
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    Tested it. It appears you get the full 5% reduction only when you wear both of them. Otherwise it's 2.5% for each. I tested by building a tower that did 99 damage to me when I jumped off. Then I jumped off of it three times each with different combinations Clothing Dmg1 Dmg2 Dmg3 ------------------------------- NONE 99 99 99 Cap Only 96 97 96 Jacket Only 96 96 96 Both 93 94 94
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    MISSING: Tables! I guess the best we can do is THESE SORTS OF THINGS ------------------------------------- Foo Bar Foobar Hmm...now the button is there. Was it always there? Did I hallucinate before? THIS TABLE WORKS How cool is that?
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    You would be wrong. 'IF' they did: It would guarantee the first and last game I buy from them, IF they brought in Micro-transactions. Actual worthwhile DLC's? sure. Micro-BS? nah, I would pass, shelve this game, and pass on anything they produced after. Yeah, I only speak for myself, and they might? probably? would survive doing it, Just saying I know I would be one less future sale, none the less.
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    None of your logs show a game crash. If your system is crashing with a bsod, that needs to be investigated. There's a program called bluescreenview that will allow you to examine the minidump files and help you figure out the problem. A bsod is usually a hardware or driver problem. This doesn't look like a game bug so you might get better help in the General Help thread. Any overclock going on? Or xmp ram timings?
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    Today I played around with Nitrogen and compopack 34, generating 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k and 16k worlds, all with the same settings. Few cities, mega sized. Mostly flat. I first tried it with a lot of mega sized cities, and the 16k map maxed out memory usage and crashed. I don't have enough memory in the box to run that kind of map. Soo I used few megasized cities. This is the memory the server and the client consume: 16K Server memory: 27GB Client memory: 29GB 14K Server memory: 19GB Client memory: 22GB 12K Server memory: 17GB Client memory: 19GB 10K Server memory: 14GB Client memory: 14GB 8K Server memory: 8GB Client memory: 13 8K with lots of mega sized cities Server memory: 11 Client memory: 16 Note that after the initial load, both the server and client will drop memory usage by a few GB. This is unfortunate, because systems with borderline memory that might have been able to run the map, will crash on the load because they can't handle the peak. A 10K map runs with 14GB ram, but might peak at 17GB or so to load, crashing clients with only 16GB ram. Note that the memory used by the map depends on the content of the map. Lots of stuff equals more memory. Boring vanilla maps don't use as much memory. Fully loaded 16K maps use more than 32GB and while they don't really require a beast of a machine to run on, you do need a lot of memory. All of this was run under Slackware 14.2+, 5.4.25 kernel, 32GB ram. Server has a GT710, client has RTX2600. Both have Ryzen <I forget which> 16 virtual cores. 3 SSDs in each box.
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    Steam name: Dwallorde Hours played: 4500+ Started on Alpha: A7 I believe Discord name: Dwallorde #9897 Native language: English
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    I guess I'll have to wait another week to get my A19 fix. Oh well, there's worse problems to have!
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