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    Survivors, Avoiders, and Maniacs! Since a lot of people are sitting at home and are looking to kill some time, we would like to offer you guys a chance to bite A19's bugs before they even arrive on EXP. You will need to be able to communicate in english. Broken, fluid, native speaker, avid learner, as long as you can describe an issue, you are fine, fear not. Builds are coming regularly, having to start over up to several times a day should not be an issue, if you are interested. For communication we will provide a discord server where you can report bugs, talk to other people and maybe catch some of the QA team by chance. Here is what we would need from you: Steam name: Hours played: Started on Alpha: Discord name: Native language: Operating system : Hours played and community involvement will be big factors counting towards an invite. Added operating system, as we will need more linux and mac testers. If you already applied, please just edit your original post.
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    Steam name: HaidrGna Hours recorded: 4704 + Hours spend modding Started on Alpha: Alpha 9 Discord: #4726 Native Language: Dutch (But quite fluent in English). I am the Author of Gnamod for 7 days to die, so I am familiar with the inner workings of the game and the struggle to balance it. I am also a professional web developer, test automation engineer and specialized in software quality.
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    Hello. i am someone that has 17000+ hours in the game + years of experience of running one of the most populated servers around. During this time i have seen over 35000 players come through our server and i know this for sure: This forum post disgust me do to the fact cpm has made it managable to even run a server in this bugged filled game. Without the work this coder has done to improve the game it wouldnt have lasted this long on the pvp side. Without a doubt he is one of the best modders / coders in the game i know and someone i have followed over the years. Never has he been dishonest or anything to that effect to me and he always has gone out of his way to help anyone make this a better place to play. This guy should be on TFP payroll. Its a shame and a great loss to the community if he leaves.
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    Because that usually is not how testing goes. Testers arent asked for balance feedback and game direction advice, it clutters real test results and provides distracting conversation. testers are usually the cog in the machine. We act and we report, at least thats what we do on RH. Besides with new players you run the risk of the inevitable complaints about wipes. Even when they say they understand they usually do not. But ultimately that call is up to them. Maybe they DO want balance feedback although i suspect not.
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    Hello Madmole A while ago you talked about adding an industrial forge, there plans to add it to alpha 19? Is there some art (sketch drawing) of this forge? thanks
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    I'm honored to have an Awesome Post button, thank you.
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    The big plan is to spawn in a central large forest, have a trader or two in that forest that gets you set up and going without getting wrecked unfairly. Traders will send you to the next trader which will be in another biome that is harder than the previous one, introducing weather survival and finally radiation in the wasteland and the hardest challenge. Maybe a few bits of this will be in 19 but the full thing isn't done until A20.
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    Steam name: -TSBX- Hours played: 3545 (Through steam, many more through the .exe) Started on Alpha: Alpha 7 Discord name: -TSBX-#6147 Native language: English Additional info: • Former team lead of Medic team in Doc's Army • Manager of Guppy's Unofficial 7DtD Modding Server (900+ members) • Experience managing a dedicated game server • Experience with JIRA • I'm not Joe Exotic
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    Spoiler alert. Zombies are not following social distancing guidelines. So remember to... encourage them. ​
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    Since I have been playing in this EA all experimental releases always were available for linux from day 1. So I wager a guess that even the pre-experimental includes linux builds. I also guess there is a good chance they might miss noticing your questions until it is too late, so it might be a good idea to edit your post and add your data on the very likely chance that a linux build is included.
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    Experiments with vanilla-style houses:
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    Steam name: MacInvisible https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048817609 Hours played: 6381 Started on Alpha: 11 Discord name: MacInvisible #7080 Native language: German
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    Holy log file batman. Pastebin that.
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    Steam name: Stallionsden: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075943969 Hours played: 5262 Started on Alpha: Alpha 5 Discord name: Stallionsden#7883 Native language: English I make mods and prefabs and add excitement for tfp :-D
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    Steam Name: omega5000 Hours Played: 2000 Started on Alpha 10 Discordname: omme#9290 Native Language: german you can find me under omega5000TV too. thanks. nice to see you
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    Steam name: Zoochamp Hours played: 3300 Started on Alpha: Alpha 16 Discord name: zoochamp#7303 Native language: German I am currently the most viewed Twitch streamer in both Germany and worldwide ( https://www.twitchmetrics.net/channels/viewership?game=7+Days+to+Die ). Since Alpha 16 I have learned to love the game and would be happy to help you find bugs so that they can be fixed.
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    Welcome to the Alpha 19 Dev Diary. As of this time we don't even know what to call Alpha 19. It might be small named updates like "The New Combat Book Update" which could start at "19.0", with the "Vehicle Update" landing on 19.2, etc. What we do know is we're working on some new books, a vehicle update, etc but how and when we roll out what is to be determined. Hopefully it can be several point release patches to get you guys more frequent updates over 6-12 months instead of one big drop in a year. Weapons Update All weapon types will have 3 tiers. (eg: Wood Club --> Baseball Bat --> Steel Mace) Each weapon still has 6 quality levels. New top tier Auto Shotgun New mid tier Machine Gun New low tier Junk Sledge New top tier Junk Drone Most pre-alpha 18 weapons have new models and textures New Steel Fireaxe, new Steel Club. New Books Tech Junkie Learn from MacDyver himself to build useful gadgets from common household junk! Grease Monkey Learn to modify and craft vehicles of all currently existing shapes and sizes Bar Brawling Learn from Irish legend "Lucky @%$*#!" himself and never get bested in a good ol' fashioned bar room brawl. Spear Hunter Get connected with your inner caveman and master the forgotten art of spear hunting. Perk tree reduction Many non combat perks didn't feel like they were worth investing into or the cost was too great for what they offered, so many perks are being reduced to 3 ranks instead of 5. Lucky Looter: removed all digging bonuses. New perception perk: Treasure Hunter: Become one of the greatest treasure hunters of all time learning tricks that would even make Blackbeard envious. Rank 1: Plunderer Narrow down treasure locations to 7 meters and find 10% more items in buried treasure. Rank 2: Maurader: 5 meters and 20% more items. Treasure Hunter: 3 meters and 30% more items. The Infiltrator, Animal Tracker, The Penetrator, Lockpicking, Sexual Rex, Well Insulated, Living off the Land, Rule #1 Cardio, Run and Gun, Flurry of Blows, Parkour, Hidden Strike, From the Shadows, Daring Adventurer, Charismatic Nature, Physician will all have reductions or changes made to them. Yeah science will be removed and its perks distributed to others. Candy Candy will be added to vending machines, making canned foods more scarce in the process. Candy has zero calories but will boost attributes or provide special abilities for a short duration, like recog and fortbites. Here are a few examples of over 10 new candy items coming to A19. Skull Crushers Rock hard candy: Gives you a rock hard punch. Increases melee damage 50% for 2 minutes. Atom Junkies: Atom sized candy and atomic sized power! Increase explosive damage 50% for 2 minutes. Sugar Butts: If ifs and butts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas! Well now it can be with one tasty Sugar Butts Candy. Increases Better Barter one rank for 2 minutes. New super filling foods All new super foods have 0% food poisoning. Gumbo Stew Shepard's Pie Spaghetti Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast Improved Animations Player arms in third person will no longer be stiff when moving with one handed tools, fists or weapons, instead their arms will move more naturally when they walk and run. Zombies heads will turn to track the player. Loading Screen Tips Loading screens will come with interactive survival tips the user can advance or go back to read the next or previous tip. Random World Gen Improvements Random biomes! Points of interest 7 new or refurbished ranger stations Hardware stores reimagined Much much more. Traders All traders still sell everything, but now each one specializes in something. Joel sells armor, Jen sells meds, Bob sells vehicles and tools, Hugh sells weapons and ammo, and Rekt will sell food and seeds. After graduating to the next quest tier traders offer a special quest that will take you to the next trader. Traders have head tracking so they look at the player. Integrated Survival System Hunger and thirst bars returned to main play screen New Zombie vs player critical hits system give specific injury debuffs such as lacerations, arm sprains and breaks, etc Injuries cause a lowering of max health and/or stamina until they are remedied. Multiple injury effects stack. Vomitting removed. Bad food hurts health and has a chance for dysentery. Basic food heals a little and adds fullness. Advanced recipes give max stamina bonuses and greatly increases health and fullness. Vehicle Update - pushed to A20 Vehicle Mods Vehicle break down and collision system
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    Steam name: Енот https://steamcommunity.com/id/Firetie/ Hours played: 429 Started on Alpha: 12.5 Discord name: Енот#8607 Native language: Russia / English
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    Steam Name: RyuuDZ https://steamcommunity.com/id/RyuuDZ/ Hours played: 2000+ hours. Started: Alpha 1. I was a kickstarter backer. Played almost every version of the game. There'd be 1000+ more hours but this was before steam on alpha 1 & 2 Discord name: Toga#0001 Native Language: English
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    Steam: Rizzano Hours: 2617 Played Since: Alpha 7 Discord: Rizzano#0673 Native Language: English
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    Mr. Mole, With a buddy im working on a Horde-Superfortress and we try different Tactics. Lately we use the Junk Turret a lot and notice a flaw that will result in heavy Damages. It might be intentional for Balance, but the Junk Turrets have a Talent to activate the Demolisher Charges. Is it possible to let them aim at a different hight? maybe the Legs/Hips? The alternative of course would be "Git gud"
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    Steam name: Tprice321 Hours played: 1,043.5 hrs on record according to Steam. Started on Alpha: Late alpha 14 Discord name: Tprice321 Native language: English
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    We need to see how it looks first. Anything that looks janky gets tickets to add/fix. Probably will need something is my guess, but not for animals.
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    Its only going to say "Report TSBX".
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    TehKarmah 4850 A7 TehKarmah#3864 English Server owner of Barren Realms for the last 3 years. Admin on the 7 Days Admin Coalition Discord server. Participated in the a18 Streamer event. Helped QA team repro several duping and spawning bugs.
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    Steam name: blind_devotion98 Hours played:512 hours and growing Started on Alpha: 12 Discord name: Blind#4753 Native language: English Other qualifications: Bachelors in Technical Writing, lots of free time, and an abundance of enthusiasm
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    Worry not, they just envy you have brain and they lost theirs. You know the drill, get rid of them.
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    They wont talk to me, and some of them just scream at me.
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    Steam name: G48RI3L Hours played: 1540 Started on Alpha: Alpha 13 Discord name: G48RI3L #7416 Native language: German I am currently one of the smallest viewed Twitch streamer in both Germany and worldwide ...gg
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    I must say that Prisma did a lot of work to make server maintenance and servicing nice and easy. He spent a ton of his private time just to hear this in the end, Alloc? TFP cant even add a part of these server manager tools that Prisma done. Pure vanila server is vulnerable to cheaters and impossible to implement any features like special zones, some unique commands and etc. He is a realy good coder and his job must be appreciated in a good way, not by public throwing weird stuff on fan. Honestly I dont care why his code is obfuscated just because it implements a lot of things. I would rather want to see Prisma in a dev team than to read that your message @Alloc . Prisma did not ask any $ for his work, any donations were free.
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    Steam name: Synonym_D http://steamcommunity.com/id/ Synonym_D Hours played : 1677 Started on Alpha 15 Discord name: Synonym_D Native language :German
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    Steam name: ValeriaOffcourse Hours played: 4197 + several hours in mods Started on Alpha: 12 or 13 Discord Name : ????????????????#7486 Native language: German
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    Steam name: Shurenai https://steamcommunity.com/id/Shurenai Hours played: Steam lists 868 hours, But I've played at least around double that counting the pre-steam days, modded installs, alternative version installs and so on. Maybe 1,500ish at least. Started on Alpha: 1! ​ Or might have been 2. Very very long ago; Pre-steam. Discord name: Noa Aldritt#4713 Native language: English, born and raised. I'd like to think I'm decent at it. I haven't been super active here on the main forums(Though i plan to be changing that soon.); But I've been quite active on the Steam side of things. Was recently made to be a moderator there and here. Don't mind having to start over again and again in the slightest and would love the chance to help bugtest this game I love.
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    Steam name: shortypants1976 https://steamcommunity.com/id/shortypants1976/ Hours played: 3726 Started on Alpha: 10 Discord name: shortypants1976#0282 Native language: english
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    That's odd, because that's a vanilla sound. So that shouldn't be causing an issue. That error is related to the map having the incorrect map_info file. I'd try manually installing the mod instead as i've noticed folks who do that NEVER have an issue. I'll have to check the farming entry. It may just be a bad comma in the localization. That happens with the trader if the game detects they aren't on their "spawn block". Basically just kill them all, let the bodies despawn and it'll fix it (make sure you hand in quests first). POI issues are an issue with the maps that I need to go fix manually. Basically RWG screwed up when making them. Nope. That's intended. You have to go find the large bunker manually. It's in one of the wasteland areas.
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    Steam name: houzi83 https://steamcommunity.com/id/houzi83/ Hours played: over 4000 Started on Alpha: Alpha 5 Discord name: houzi83#4565 Native language: German / English Streamer, Modder, Programmer, Graficdesigner
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    Steam name: Kalrath Hrs played 3,782 started on A9 Discord Kalrath #9535 native language English I do play testing for Massive Entertainment and love this game.
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    Steam name: JaxTeller718 Hours played: 4,258 Started on Alpha: A10 Discord name: JaxTeller718#1602 Native language: English Would be an honor with so much downtime recently. And years of testing RH in both a Sp and team environment with how much this game has given to me it would be very nice of me to be able to finally give something back to you guys even if it is just time.
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    OH! Sacred. I almost forgot about Sacred. Hidden gem that one. Sacred 2 was complete shit though.
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    Steam name: Killerlady12 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086677813/ Hours played: 4436 Started on Alpha: 10 Discord name: Killerlady12 Native language: german
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    Hello, I played this mod and I think it's fantastic, thank you very much for the great work done! I have a recent problem, I wanted to put it on the rented server to play with friends, but whatever I do it gives this error continuously. But, with the same configuration on a local server, it does not give any error. http://pastebin.com/YF4e90Gk
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    I believe you need to post the report in the PC bug forum area (https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...pc-bug-reports) make sure to read through them or search key words in order to make sure you're not posting a known bug
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    Argument doesn't work with any electric rotating saw blade, like Skilsaw or Table Saw. Also doesn't work with water pumps, light bulbs, air compressors, belt sanders, chainsaws, etc. All the things I mentioned are specifically designed to be run at 100% or else you risk damaging them or render them useless. So clearly not all machinery. And like I mentioned already, well set up crypto miners run their computers at 100% 24/7 for years at a time often without any issues at all (with the exception of software hiccups which is of no fault to the hardware at all). If hardware wasn't designed for it, then how are they able to pull it off? If the hardware was designed for 80% usage, it wouldn't take much to code that in to the software to prevent hardware from reaching beyond that amount. Also, if memory serves correctly again, don't video editors also use 100% GPU as well, especially during rendering? I wonder how Linus Tech Tips team affords all those computer parts replacements since they edit 8K footage and render into several 4K videos each and every single day. And those super computers that are equipped with hundreds of CPUs all running at 100% during calculations and whatnot... I wonder how they're able to afford so many CPU replacements. And there's also the really ancient computers between 1985 and early 2000s which were so incredibly slow that they basically always ran at 100% whenever you did anything with them. Heat is the main source of degradation in circuitry and a lot of other hardware. If you can eliminate the heat entirely, then you're pretty much guaranteed a reliable circuit, so long as you don't cause physical damage like dropping it or something. Which is why Fast Charging in cellphones is so dumb... completely kills the longevity of the battery.
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    Yeah thats why I don't use the 4x4, its very slow acceleration wise, and it does get caught on every little tiny incline, one time going to a quest 1 km away I had to get up and pick up/replace the truck 6 frigging times as it kept getting stuck on little bumps. After that, I never use it, I stick to the motorcycle. It has to do with the physics engine 7dtd uses, as rl jeeps can climb hills like a frigging champ. So yeah, i'm in the motorcycle camp myself. Never planning to touch the 4x4 again tbh, its just a horrid vehicle in the game.
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    I'd use it to dig myself a hole and place a dirt block over my head.
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    New project. I won't tell what the end result will be.^^ Work in progress crevice
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    You could do something like this: I also shot them through pipes into spike pits etc.
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    Dear diary, How I miss the golden days of civilization. Or maybe not . It lacked the excitement of struggle and survival, a thing we got too used to our fattened and luxurious lifestyles. Those days struggle has become my every day life. Ever since the "incident" I managed to make a base near town. They kept infecting everyone and I had to keep it low in the fire station until one of the more courageous human baits decided to draw their attention away from me. Their sense are keen and they are drawn to fire and explosions. After successfully managing to hold the first bloody wave of "them" I am currently fighting about a hundred of those festering things every day. They get existed at night so I try to keep it low. I am running low on iron and will probably have to go to the nearest town for resupplying. Can never be too sure. Spikes and wooden bars will have to hold my defenses for now. There's always cobblestone to dig from the ground but it gets harder and harder for my walls to keep up with their numbers.. I found Joel the trader, the guy we all used to call insane, hoarding hundreds if not thousands of stock piles of items. People used to make fun of him for "preparing for the apocalypse". Not so many now. He must hide his stuff underground otherwise it would be impossible for him to have maddening amount of supplies , enough to keep a small city going for a few days! Decided to buy one of his funny "blade trap" contraptions and with the help of my wrench I have successfully assembled a generator with an engine from all those used up cars scattered around like unclaimed possessions waiting to be ravaged for parts. I never imagined however that the peaceful fattened cops in my town would turn out to be a nightmare. "Goerge the Gorge" . Last time I saw him he and his friends were eating some delicious donuts followed by a dozen of inmates. Used to be a sight for sure, but nothing would prepare me for the stultifying hideousness of his erupting and bulging innards .He promptly ... exploded in front of one of my blade traps and turned it into a pile of unrecognizable junk. Hopefully the bars covered part of the explosion and only my right hand was hurt. Was never a good cop, but I guess he was even worse of zombie. Rest in pieces old friend. I am now setting up a series of forges to prepare some steel I gathered from iron parts the other day. But I am hearing multiple steps again and roars in the distance... Is it the floor or my broken feet that trembles? Something big is coming..
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    I want more cohesion. The styles put into the game clash and immediately tells that this is an indie game. You’ve got this gritty, crass style... the bikers, the strippers, the names of some of the POIs, and the traders’ language, vomiting cops, etc. This part gives me kind of like a 1980’s Garbage Pail Kids vibe. Then you’ve got mixed into that some elements of a Mad Max type style. Spikes on motorcycles, the iron helmet and makeshift armor, the junkyard quest POIs, junk turrets and stun batons. Next up we have the things that revolve around the nuclear age. Radiation zones and gear, radiated zombies that glow, a rare mutant pig. This brings up the lack of cohesion with animals. Zombie dogs, no normal dogs. Normal wolves, no zombie wolves. Bears and zombie bears... no other zombie animals, no other mutant animals. Opportunity is there to mutate every animal... but nope. Finally we have this weird mystical lore. Zombies run at night, zombies affected by blood moons. Feral zombies with no reason behind what makes them different. Wights with no reason behind what makes them different. In general, there is no one identifying style in this game. It’s a hodge-podge patchwork of themes that the devs thought were cool at the time they were brought into the game. The game needs a direction to follow, cohesion.
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    SwitchTrigger and SwitchActivated. Activated is the on/off parameter, and the trigger is the event so you always use both properties but set activated to true or false depending on if you want it on or off.
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