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    Swimming in loot? Sure i play 100% loot and raided quite a few POIs through quests and stuff, but i gathered all my stuff throughout a big range of days. - If I Remember Well, i used the traders forge for up to 2 weeks, until i found its schema... - IIRW, i did find a L2 Machete "somewhat" early, but i still had to wait until many days later until i found my trusty L5... - IIRW, perhaps i did find Crucibles at the trader to buy in the past, but the first one i bought was at around day 52 (perhaps i didn't have cash earlier or decided to buy different things) and i still need to find the schematic for it... (closing in on day 58) - IIRW, sure i got a pistol (AGI build) pretty fast, but many useful mods i accumulated over the many days inbetween, as well as a higher level pistol... - IIRW, i found Military Boots recently (used quite good L3 Leather Boots for a while), but still equipped in found L4 Padded Chest Armor, L3 Padded Glove Armor and a L6 Steel Helmet (had some kinda different before). So i am still waiting for better Light Armor (although the boots are great so far) to be found... If you mean resources, then yes, i'm swimming in it, but it's due to me gathering every little thing and hauling it back to base.
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    For one, make sure you have a line like this in the item_modifiers.xml for your item: <property name="DescriptionKey" value="modLongShotgunBarrelDesc"/> Vanilla items don't have to use it. It may be like icons where if the name matches exactly it doesn't need the key. Not 100% on that. Then for the localization.txt, I have this: modLongShotgunBarrel,item_modifiers,mod,New,Long Shotgun Barrel (Pipe Shotgun),,,,, modLongShotgunBarrelDesc,item_modifiers,mod,New,Can be installed on a Pipe Shotgun to increase range at a small cost to handling.,,,,, And my txt file has this as it's header. You'd need to tweak it depending on how you have yours set up. Key,Source,Context,Changes,English
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    Oh wow! Thank you for sharing:dance:
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