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    Here is where you can find a collection of my modlets. Most will be Ravenhearst favorites pieced out so you guys can use them on your own. Some will be my own personal tweaks that I feel enhance gameplay or balance. In order to download these find the version you wish to use them for below and click the link. You can download the full mods folder at that link. Individual links will no longer be available post 18.2b5 due to space and upkeep. Below is a full listing of the modlets you can find for use along with a description of what it does. Archived Modlets A17 Modlets A18 - A18.2b2 Modlets A18.2b5 Stable Modlets A18.3b4 Stable Modlets Current Modlets Experimental Modlets - (A18.4b4EXP) Stable Modlets - (A18.4b4) Keep in mind most of these will be designed to make the game a bit more difficult. If this isn't your cup of tea I totally understand that. [TABLE=class: grid, align: center, width: 600] [TR] [TD]Mod Name[/TD] [TD]Mod Version[/TD] [TD]Description[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Working Sinks and Coolers[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]By request, similar to the stove mod this adds sinks and coolers you can upgrade in the world and use to fill jars and buckets.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Realistic Vehicle Damage[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]More in line with what Pimps are looking to achieve in 19, this reduces max health on all vehicles so that you have to be way more careful when you are riding around.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Less Clutter in Biomes[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]Decreases the chances of overall clutter amount in the world. Less garbage, less trash, less tires, less crops in the wilderness. Slight boost in performance as well. You can add this to a current world but you will not see the actual results unless its a new map or a covered area.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Increased Wilderness Zombies X5[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]Increases the amount of zombies in the wild by FIVE! What are you CRAZY?[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Increased Wilderness Zombies X3[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]Increases the amount of zombies in the wild by triple.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Reduced Harvest from Blocks[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]Ive seen some talk from people about how harvesting from blocks can give a lot of extra resources. This modlet reduces the harvest you get back from blocks like cloth, pipes, polymers, mech parts and electric parts.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Action Skills (Deceptive Adaptation)[/TD] [TD]1.2[/TD] [TD]With permission from Deceptive Pastry here is the working updated Action Skills modlet. It is fully functional and adds skill categories for LBD (tools, weapons, etc) I will be expanding this further so as of now it is just a basic edition that increases stats incrementally as you use your item. Updated to Include Fist Weapons, Turrets[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Gimme Back My Iron[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]This reverts the insane decision to remove Iron from the game. Brings back iron ore and pallets. Only for use on EXPb6.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Working Stoves[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]Always wish you could cook on a real stove and not a campfire? This modlet adds a Stove Upgrade Kit you craft. Using a hammer upgrade the open non lootable stoves in the world to a working one to use as a campfire.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Reduced Probability on Station Schematics[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]We all love getting a station schematic but 5 on day 3 takes the fun out of it. This modlet makes schematics looted from destroyed stations more rare.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Weapons and Tools Break[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]All weapons and tools will now break if not repaired. WILL destroy mods so be careful.[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Paypal Donation: If you appreciate my work here or on Ravenhearst feel free to use this link to show support.
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    It was off theme. Inspiration alone can't make them on theme... only additional enemies like that can. Lack of motif. It's like if van Gogh painted a solid yellow sun into Starry Night.
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    Hi MM, a while ago you talked about an evolving system similar to the Fallout one in which you fill the cleared POIs with different threats each time you go there on a quest or certain time passes. Those POIs would have the bandits, the cake and all the beauties with the npc AI of course. On the same line, nowadays there are games that have some interesting evolving AI that result in a rich experience. Have you thought of making an npc that behaves like a survivor, has a bit of level/hp advantage and performs tasks in real time while occupying the server slot of a human player? Looks like a Pimp Dream from the outside, but also seems to me that as of now, your team might be able to pull it off. idk, what is your take on this matter?
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    You have the gift to twist every single word and make it sound dirty. It's actually impressive.
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    Now the itch for A19 has begun!
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    So, I was thinking about how learning and schematics work and I think it'd be cool if the schematic system was a bit more generic and crafting didn't rely so heavily on intelligence (still). Imagine instead of finding "Crucible Schematic" you found "Schematic". Schematics would be fairly common. Found in most types of piles, especially in bookstores. Then you can craft: Schematic Workbook - 5 Schematics Schematic Folder - 5 Schematic Workbooks After that you basically have schematic unlocks that require a certain number of different schematics. Forge - 1 Schematic Workbook Iron Pickaxe - 2 Schematics Workbench - 4 Schematic Workbooks Chemistry Station - 1 Schematic Folder Crucible - 1 Schematic Folder Then we could add the item Quality to it. Iron Pickaxe Quality 2 - 2 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 3 - 3 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 4 - 4 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 5 - 1 Schematic Workbook Iron Pickaxe Quality 6 - 1 Schematic Folder (16 Schematics to rank 5, 41 to rank 6) The idea is schematics will be something you always want to loot, only found as loot, but lets you choose your own path by "deciphering" them into whatever schematic you actually need. We could then take out the crafting of the tools and items from skills. To replace this there could be Quality specific buffs. e.g.: Miner 69er: Block Damage increased by 20/40/60/80/100% plus 2/4/6/8/10% per Tool Quality Then finally the Int tree could drop it's massive unlocks and have a more benefit-focused tree. It has some nice unlocks as is, but it can feel less mandatory. Basically the current system can allow you to skip int, but you need to be very lucky to find each and every schematic, to the point you generally have to drop points in to get certain unlocks. This way you still find the schematics, but it's less random and more about what unlocks you want to focus on. It also means you are always wanting to loot, as it would take a LOT of schematics to unlock everything, but you never feel too far away from a schematic you're aiming for.
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    There have been already POIs in earlier vanilla versions that showed an airplaine crash. I've already seen some Airplane-POIs in the Compo-Pack, e.g. there is a whole airport with a crashed airplane on the runway. If you like to have airplane POIs, feel free to build some and maybe give them to the compo-pack makers. Also if you want to make airplane-crash variations of existing POIs. I guess there are more ideas out what POI themes could be built then someone ever can actually build.
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    Not sure Gupps, but this might be the first time I disagree with you. To me, that thing is hideous.
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    Hey all. I took some time to rewrite this modlet to be more compatible with other modlets. The old version would add a <buff> property to the zombie entity class directly, which could cause issues with other mods that do the same. So i redid it to attach to the player's status update buff so it will always be active on the player, then transfer to the target on hit. This new version also works on *most* animals. The old version is still available just as a backup incase a breaking bug is found... The original post has been updated with a 2.0 download link. But here it is if you dont want to scroll back up. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvpeifdfcuqb4d8/Telrics%20Health%20Bars%202.0.zip?dl=0 Enjoy and let me know what else i can do to make this more compatible with other mods.
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    I don't get the club hate. If I was in a garage cobbling some crap together (and if I had the strength to wield it), that looks about right. The issue seems to be that it's a t2 (that we know of, right?). I'd personally have it be some sort of seperate beast with high damage and high stamina usage. But that doesn't fit the pretty weapon tree tier thingie. ...but model wise? I think it looks tight.
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    Ore made the sacrifice so that Snowberries might live on. -Morloc
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    some things are meant to be a surprise and some things are ... ... ... ...
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    Are there any features that are going to be in Alpha-19 that are not currently on your first post Madmole?
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    WOW... nice. Have a nice day I have better things to do than to get in to a pissing match with you brotha.
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    You already covered a possible reason for it locked at 30 in the 4th post. Then you proceeded to lead them on a pointless endeavour. I'm not belittling anyone, I'm just stating facts. If you're going to get all bent about it, go somewhere else. I'd love to be able to help this person, but until they provide the requested information, you're just beating a dead horse. So knock it off.
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    Looks like you've never played any fallout games. That was not a complement.
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    caveat "properly built" as a brute. as an agility fighter? you dont stand ground, you keep moving.
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    UPDATE: NUCLEAR POWER MODLET fixed power fluctuations with the nuclear generator, the nuclear solar panel and the nuclear battery bank previously you add a item it increases the output. you add another it increases, you add another it decreases output. now each unit increases output to how it is suppose to work.
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    When it comes to artwork, the art needs to fit the game. in this game, we are given the what if scenario. what if a zombie apocalypse did happen, what would you do? could you survive? How would you do it? since the beginning we were given real world items to use. the art work reflected this. for reason not withstanding, it was what we were given. now reality aside, the weight, actual walking dead, etc aside. our equipment and environment has bean based upon reality thus far. personally, that club makes a wonderful art project. but who in their right mind would take the time to make such an item. modify existing bats, yes. getting a steel rod and spiking it and such yes. but no matter how much of a marvel it looks like, does the look fit this game, or does it fit fallout? I like the new tool looks, some of them. opinions vary. But please do remember the genre and "gaming reality" that has been created here. does the art fit? edit: this is neither for nor against. just food for thought when you consider artwork. as players and devs or modder
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    I will take a look and see if I can extend the time out. It's a balance, since you don't want the users to wait forever for something that will never end, but also give a chance for high latency connections to work. I may not even have access to adjust the time out.
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