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  2. Oh wow, updated AND nitro prefab list? Thank you and the team for all the hardwork~! Aaand for the lovely frustrating hard but very fun time in it <3 Couple things I have noticed tho including some exploits. I found for perishables that if you make sure to drop like lets say meat on the ground that is already gone bad some in your backpack, and then carve up new meat from an animal, pick up your old meat afterwards. It will stack up with fresh meat and the old is now fresh meat. I gotta play more around with it but if you have the structural brace on a weapon and it runs out of durability, just take it off and add to it again to re add durability. I also found out that making arrowheads can create more stone than put in, takes one stone for two arrows, just make one arrow then scrap the other to get your stone back. Or use that exploit if you seem to be short on stone for something else. Last note I noticed junk turret ammo uses gunpowder, it kinda seems pointless to make junk turret ammo when I can use that gunpowder to make a 9mm bullet. I tested around with it but it takes half the amount of shots for a 9mm pistol (which was half the item quality of the junk turret to begin with) and with pistol I can aim for the head and take up even less of ammo to kill a zombie. (Junk turret you can't aim with ♥♥♥♥ with how it is, and in auto turret mode it misses third to half of it's shots ^^; I was wanting to offer some solution cause it feels very useless/pointless to me now to spec into junk turret. I understand that brass and leas ins't as easy to come by, but junk turrets eat through their ammo/iron like crazy even in vanilla. (that and they are my babies as Junky the only thing I have in the zombie apocalypse) Change the gunpowder to nails, from looking at it it seems to be using air-compressor so I can see it spitting out nails. Could also do variants where like screws instead for bleeding effect (less damage overall) or nuts and bolts (knock down zombies easier but also slightly less damage) With the nut/bolts idea the junk turret could still be useful in headshot kills only option Again thank you soo much for the updates and hope everyone has happy holiday~! <3 Also my zombies still have a hard of hearing and do not hear my gunshots ^^;;
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