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    Dont forget boarbears too!!! 😂😂😂 - - - Updated - - - Tanks A19 Confirmed!! 😂😂 - - - Updated - - - Careful....he might think your snowdog...😂
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    Harvesting the corpses has given me resources. I can't imagine any activity more important than that. It's no different for me than when I'm in the mine. Besides, you didn't had to do it. The corpses disappeared after 30 minutes. I often had to hurry to harvest all the corpses before they disappeared.
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    Of course the chicken shouldn't be turned into a turkey. It should be turned into a roadrunner. Then the coyote can chase it around the desert biome. (And very rarely, as an Easter Egg, you should see a coyote setting up a junk turret or a cooking pot mine...)
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