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    This modlet adds a very powerful, feral rabbit. Run Away! Run Away! My main modlet page, where this modlet can be found: Doughs Modlets Also: Made an additional "Spawns-A-Lot" modlet for increased spawning rates of this rabbit, if you wish to load it as well. This is a silly mod, that is even sillier since caves have been temporarily removed from the game... For those unfamiliar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_of_Caerbannog The rabbit was supposed to have a chance to spawn only in caves and violently patrol a small area (killing everything near it), but caves have been removed from the game (temporarily I hope). Currently the rabbit has a chance of spawning in certain gamestages as part of the horde and has a much larger "patrol area" if it's still alive when the night is over. Once caves return I'll likely remove it from spawning in the horde unless people indicate they like it to be in the hordes. I don't know how hordes generate with the "probability" so i guess its likely to get several of these on certain horde nights. I haven't tested it really well to see how it behaves in a real game. I do know that its small, fast, and hard to kill if you can manage it. Feedback is welcomed! UPDATE 2020-07-05: Tested for a19. No changes needed (It ?seems? the game AI makes it a bit less willing to hunt you down ruthlessly than a18) UPDATE 2020-01-25: Release notes for v2.0.1: - Minor tweak to jump at you from farther away. Was supposed to be in v2.0.0 UPDATE 2020-01-25: Release notes for v2.0.0: - Works properly in a18.3. May not work well in previous game versions (not tested) - Rabbit now attacks - Rabbit now jumps - Rabbit now eats your flesh after you die. - Added Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (modified from Khelldons version). Modifications to it are: Cannot loot item, must craft from flesh chunk from a killed Rabbit of Caerbannog. Grenade explosion radius dropped a little to avoid frame rate loss. Made item ID unique so if you want both Khelldons grenade and this mod you can load them both. UPDATE 2020-01-14: Discovered that Khelldon has already created a modlet for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! The original modlet does not work well in a18 due to changes in modlet format, so the repo it was in has been forked and the Holy Hand Grenade updated to work with a18 (it works, but needs a little more work). The forked repo with the modlet can be found here: https://github.com/doughphunghus/7d2dModlets UPDATE 2020-01-01: Release notes for v1.0.2: - Rabbit now has a proper texture. Thanks to Mumpfy for creating the white rabbit texture and Mjoelnir.hh for merging the texture into Textures.unity3d and providing help on how to use it.
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    Clear answer: It depends. Afaik the ps4 version was not sold as an developing alpha but as a final product. So you shouldn't have any expactation on updates. You bought a final version. If you're not confident with that version, you shouldn't have bought it. There is no such thing like developing Early Access on PS4. People are ALWAYS complaining. On the PC-version they complain about they don't like the recent changes of the current version, on consoles now they complain about not getting any changes. And to be honest, the A15 version the console port was based on imho was a more complete game then some other "final" game releases. I don't get it. You buy a game as it is in this moment... if you don't like it as it is at that moment, don't buy it. That also applies to the PC-version. If you buy alpha X and don't like alpha X+1, just continue playing alpha X. If you don't want a game to change, don't buy an alpha version. And the console version was even sold as "final", take it or leave it. IMHO. The "best" is people complaining about recent changes after they already spent 1000s of hours into the previous version. What the hell do they expect? A lifetime support of fun excatly what they imagine for just paying 25$ once? I wonder what some people dream of while they are sleeping. For PC-Users i'd say: Mod it. There are dozens of mods out there. For console players: At the time you bought the game you knew that there will be no mod support, so don't complain about missing mods! Many people buy full price games at ~60$, play them for 50 hours and are absolutely satisfied. They even buy the "same" followup game next year with little changes for again full price of ~60$ and are lucky because they got a new version. WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥ IS THE PROBLEM WITH 7D2D THEN? You bought a game for only 25$, played it for hundrets of hours and still complain about not getting an update? What makes you think you deserved an update? Do you also go the cinema, pay 15$ to watch a movie and then complain about you want to watch another movie or the sequel without paying again? Because you paid already for the first movie? I don't know how some people think, or if they even think at all. I paid ~25$ for A15 on PC. I spent only ~500 hours on 7d2d. Reading the forums that is even a very low value. But for sure it was one of the most cost effective game i ever bought. How many hours did you console guys got entertained by buying the latest Call of Duty or other blockbuster games? For full price, just because you wanted to have it on release day? And you are still complaining about not getting an update on 7d2d. That's ridiculous. Would you by a house which doesn't fit your needs and you know even before buying you need to completely rebuild it? No you wouldn't. Or buy a house under construction without knowing how it looks like if it is finished? But why then are you buying a game under the same circumstances? Because it just costs 25$? If the price is the only reason, then shut up complaining. You bought stuff you have no idea about so deal with it if it doesn't meet your fantasy. You gambled, you lost. Imho from A15 (as i started playing) the game could have been released as final. It just would have needed some bugfixing, but regards the content it's worth a full game. You can spend hundrets of hours playing it. Once you've spent 100s of hours, what exactly is the complain? Just want more? Because, Because, because you want to have more? It is not yet final, because the devs decided it is not want they want to be final. Thats ist. Nothing more, nothing less. It is NOT YOUR decision. Deal with it.
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    With OP's departure, I guess that means this ballot is... spoiled.
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