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    It's a one word fix: In npc.xml make the following substitution: <npc_info id="traderrekt" name="Traitor Rekt" name_key="npc_traderRekt" faction="whiteriver" portrait="npc_rekt" greeting_type="nearby" stance="Dislike" voice_set="trader" trader_id="1" dialog_id="trader" /> Replace "Dislike" with either "Like" or "Neutral" and you will give Rekt a better personality.
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    Sure, last I checked you can skip logging into Dropbox and just DL directly. I edited the post above.
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    One problem with almost all openworld-crafting games is, you need to decide yourself what you want to go for. You asked for bigger bosses but also said you are equipment is already maxed. If they were bigger bosses, you go there, kill them... and then? Asking for even bigger bosses? You want a boss almost impossible to kill? Until anybody posts a cheesy way to kill it anyway, then you go with this. Like so many people building cheesy horde bases and then complain about there is no challenge anymore. You want to survive radzone? Once you got your suit you easily survive the radone. And then? Set your own targets to whatever you want or interested in. If you on day 100 and are bored... increase difficulty level and with that your gamestage increases immediately. Survive a gs2000 horde instead of just a gs1000 horde. Or maybe do tier 5 trader quests, at least in every tier 5 able building in your own town. Make it a rouge-like game. No base building, try how long you can survive (maybe even with permadeath). Try nomad style, maybe with building but never use a base twice. Try how long you can survive that way. Make exploring the whole map your target. Without using vehicles! Try other things. Maybe prepare a skyscraper. On BM stay on top until the horde is inside, lock them, then let the whole skyscraper collapse (the skyscraper has to prepared to make the Zs go in and up and you need to bring it to final collapse fast). Play a game without gardening and don't buy food from vending machines or traders. With no loot respawn (and not doing fetch quests from traders to get free loot respawn). There are many threads here in the forum discussing about what could be different challenges. Dishong-Tower is a mod afaik? If it is still to boring just getting on top of the tower, try to speedrun it. Ah, there are dozens of mods you can try anyway. In the end there is always the question left "what's next?". If you are still bored... well for most people any game becomes boring after playing it for a long time. Then move on to another game.
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    This modlet for those who are dissatisfied with the inability to harvest meat and bones from zombies Download
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    It wouldnt be hard actually, FINALLY, after millions of dollars raised, to have ANY KIND of focused story quest. And dont tell me about Early Access. I know all about it and definitely don't need a lecture. I know a great deal about publishing fees as well, so lets not go there. Clear a Hospital looking for answer to the virus > Points you too the Military Missile Silo Base > Clear the base and the clues say the next building to clear is the Higashi Pharm tower because thats where the virus came from > Clear Higashi Tower and destroy the EMP Radar Dish at the top that is preventing communication to the outside world for rescue > Climb and clear Dishong Tower so you can send off a message from the highest point = Rescued. Game over. Having ANY kind of story at this point would be good. I know it's early access, but when you gotta make up your own story after the games been in development about 7 years, thats a little weird.
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    Trader Joel : "Bring me Rekt head". No problem, don't need a reward.
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    Ya ya, do whatever you want with the mod. It's all good. The original respawn time is either 4, or 5 days. If you wanted it to be 1 day, you'd have to change the if check somehow, whereas I just removed the instructions.
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