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    It's easy. 7 seconds long. [Fade from black to 7 Days to Die logo] Joel: 7 Days to Die. It's a game. I'm not going to sit here and tell you about it, get off your ass and play it." [Cut to black. End scene]
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    Yeah there is no doubt about it. I've seen the videos clear as day, had it happen to myself a lot. Tons of players have talked about it. its a real thing. As I said and deleted lol, it has gottin a lot better though. P.S. damn I'm surprised you caught and read all that I had posted then deleted. It wasn't up more than a minute lol. I guess someone is always watching huh lol.
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    Yeah I think something is wonky with the hitboxes/hitregs, it doesn't happen often, but I have clearly hit something and it doesn't hit sometimes before.
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    Pizza is about the worst thing you can put in your body. Most people cannot digest properly or are allergic to dairy and gluten. Ironically that was the straw that broke the camels back for me in 2014, I was at my brothers watching a UFC fight and brought a pizza over to eat. I got hot and my whole head and upper body turned beat red for a few hours. It just kept doing that every night and I started developing more and more symptoms. Low testosterone was the main culprit, so getting on HRT helped some, but correcting 47 years of eating foods I was allergic to and managing my stress better made all the difference in improving my blood work and now I feel like I'm in my 30's on most days where 5 years ago I felt like I was dying. I'd start researching paleo and low carb diets. Read nutrition articles on bodybuilding.com or anywhere that seems reputable. I think Athlean X is pretty good for a youtuber but I don't hear him talk about diet very much. The main thing is to get your carbs from low glycemic fruits and colorful veggies, not pasta or bread, and try to avoid dairy and get allergy testing. Rotate foods every 4 days so if you are allergic to something you minimize the damage. I hope that helps. WIth google you can find info on all this stuff so easy. Some people can turn a new leaf and just switch, others it takes time to slowly replace bad habits with good ones so its tolerable. It depends how motivated you are for change but once you are eating clean and proper 80-90% of the time you will start to feel a huge shift.
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    Any thoughts on decreasing the rate in which gamestage increases in the future? This isn't a request but just me speaking out of curiousity. Maybe it's because I am aggressive in leveling and thus my gamestage is usually higher than most, but imo it would be an "unnerving situation" to typically be fighting against ferals without a "decent weapon", since you're all proposing that the early game be stretched out. (My opinion of that? Yes please. ) Again, I have zero concerns and this post will probably have no weight, this is just one random thought that popped in my mind (finding decent weapons at later gamestages = possibly being unprepared until then, unless gamestage was tweaked slightly?). (Also, just my opinion, and maybe I'm wrong, but the transition between ferals to radiateds is a bit... sudden, anyway? *Shrugs* Again, no complaints nonetheless. )
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    Wow, that's great news. Thank you! I just told the guys on my Discord, and there was literally an applause. I wish I could have recorded that.
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    why you released stable with such a big bug, not everyone read the forum, and this experimental was like 2 weeks out so there was a time to fix that
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    I know a lot of people that will be happy to hear this. Smart move Fun Pimps and thank you very much.
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    I think it may be a cascading error. Do any of the modlets you are using have the quests localization?
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    First, 'people are of all shapes and sizes?' Yeah, sure, but you probably shouldn't bring realism into things when you're talking about a flesh-eating walking corpse that explodes like a car bomb and appears like clockwork every seven days under a blood-red moon. I know 7 Days isn't the most realistic game to start with and never has been, but the Demolisher is an especially action-gamey element. Was height-filtering effective? Sure. But was it creative? Extremely. And now it's gone, because the creative solution was deemed an exploit and removed. That's what I mean when I say anti-creativity - A creative solution was discovered and just as quickly destroyed because it wasn't the intended non-creative way to deal with it. As you yourself basically admit because you state what the intended way to deal with them is. That's what I refer to when I call demolishers and the way they're being handled anti-creative. There's one intended way to deal with it and anything else is wrong and needs 'fixing.' It's the antithesis of creativity. As for effective feedback, that's not going to be affected. People who are looking for a way to avoid demolishers are going to find a way to avoid demolishers, whether it be letting them blow up useless POIs, avoiding late-gamestage hordes altogether, or just modding them out, because they've already given their feedback (they hate them) and there's nothing more they can contribute to that discussion. And when they do, they tend to get dog-piled by people who either don't agree with or don't believe them, so what's the point of offering more feedback? They'll just mod them out or avoid them so the game goes back to being fun.
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    Any news on if bundles are intended to give the insane amount of XP they are currently giving or the bundling and re bundling giving xp?
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    The header changed, note you need an extra comma after the first field now: Key,UsedInMainMenu,Source,Context,Changes,English,French,German,Klingon,Spanish,Polish Example new line: airConditioner,,blocks,Block,--,Air Conditioner,Climatiseur,Klimaanlage,,Aire acondicionado,Klimatyzator However, if your localization file has the old header as the first line it should load without errors based on my test. That line is: Key,Source,Context,Changes,English,French,German,Klingon,Spanish
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    What? Where did you get that from? Look for "zombieDemolition" in entityclasses.xml. There is a line with "Explosion.BlockDamage", currently set to 5000. And if you look for "meleeHandZombieDemolition" in items.xml, you can set the damage he does to blocks or players (currently 500 and 20).
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    Asphalt dosnt look like asphalt.. looks like forest ground. And when are you guys adding behemoth to the game?
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    Whatever happened to the flamethrower traps that were teased a while back? We could use more traps, to be honest.
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