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    All that rant over an FOV slider? Who is being arrogant besides you, who has a lot of balls to say the game is unplayable without mods? We redo things because either A, the public didn't like it, or B, it was a placeholder while other systems were being developed to properly do the feature. If you don't like changing systems then don't participate in EA. What criticism? All you have done is complain and mention our development process of changing things. Design them right the first time, yeah thanks captain obvious. Thank you for the well thought out careful critique we can throw in the trash because you didn't actually say anything other than you are angry and the FOV slider bugs you.
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    I think the point is that you're getting conflicting signals exactly because there IS more than one way to do it. MM giving gameplay advice is only one player giving his opinion, he stands on a tower raining explosives - you can make a cage and fire head on with AP rounds - but both have to do due diligence in having protection, backup plans and trying different systems. I've found at least 4 different horde strategies and base designs specifically aimed at getting around the demolisher, and while one is clearly an AI exploit the others are not - and I'm not really actively LOOKING or thinking about it. I ain't seen ANYBODY playing the way MM does on lets plays or in the games I've played - and nobodies got a 'must have' answer yet - indicating multiple viable options; you seem to be annoyed that the one you want to work isn't amongst them - and that's not a very strong argument.
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    Thats a risk I'm willing to take!
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    Then clearly you would get food poisoning.
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    Well... actually there is a reason why certain methods are forbidden in casinos. (Like the coin doubling method Technicially this also works with every other chance based statistic, but a 1/50 chance ramps up super quickly. But again: Food poisoning is not bad. I was one of the few advocates to move it to cooked foods to give canned foods some value (although 5 stamina is laughable). What I am saying is that the punishment is a bad one. You just lose all your food. It adds nothing to the game. It is a ressource dump with no benefit. It should add something. I gave an example very early on but here a slightly modified version: Increase food poisoning chance by ~6%. Give it a "buffer" of 50% total that you need to fill up before you can get food poisoning again (at 10% per normal meal, that is 5 meals are safe, while higher percentage foods fill it up quicker so no exploit) Lose 50% of your missing stamina (min 30 as base value) over time. You can take antibiotics/honey and so on to reduce the effect duration by half. And while you have it, you are attracting zombies in proximity and you are slowed down. This way there is a gameplay effect, a counter measure and it is not as random, since it is way more likely to happen. Gameplay effect means that you will have a harder time exploring, maybe needing ranged weapons, counter measures are antibiotics and always beeing full (its like alcohol. An empty stomach makes it worse) is reducing the overall effect and people will get it once in a while and not feel so anxious because if it happened to them, they can at least relax and know that they can eat up without having to fear it happening again in a while.
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    Go to https://www.wolframalpha.com/ and type in plot 1-((1-0.04)^x),x=1..100,y=0..1 This gives you a visual representation of the overall probability at 100 meals that one of these 100 meals will give you food poisoning. If you change "x=1..100" e.g. to "x=1..10" you will get the view for 10 meals in a row. That would be e.g. if you eat 10 grilled meat at once.
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    I'll give it a shot.... You have a 4% chance of getting food poisoning, as we know. The question isn't "what is my chance of getting food poisoning on my 5th cornbread?", because the answer to that is 4% The question is actually, "what is the chance I got food poisoning at least once after eating 5 cornbread" I could give you the formula (or you can just look in this thread, it's been mentioned a couple of times) but the answer is about 18% chance. As others have mentioned, sometimes its easier to think of it in terms of coins. "what is my chance of getting tails on my 5th coin toss?". The answer is 50% "what is the chance I got tails at least once after 5 coin tosses". I hope its obvious that it's not a 50% chance. It's about a 97% chance that 5 coin flips will produce at least 1 tails.
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    You said you'll leave but one more try: If you throw a dice, how high is the chance of getting a 6? 1/6 (16.6%) If you throw it again, it is still 1/6th. Again still 1/6th. That does not mean that if you throw 5 dice, the chance of all dice landing on a 6 is 1 in 6. Dice one: 1/6 Dice two: 1/6 Dice three: 1/6 Dice four: 1/6 Dice five: 1/6 Every dice has a 1/6 probability to be a six. But the chance that ALL dice are a 6 are WAY lower right? Chaces add up. Same with a coin toss. Toss it once its 50/50. Every subsequent throw is a 50/50. But getting the same result every time becomes rarer and rarer.
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    The cooking math is botched As it is implemented, when you eat a handful of berries ONE BY ONE, you become 99,99% poisoned when you eat the same handful of berries in one gulp, you become 4% poisoned. I hope this picture is enough to make clear WHERE the culprit of the issue is located. Respectively make it clear without further question, that the implementation has nothing to do with logic or intuition. Or CONSISTENCY. You implemented CONST poisoning chance bound to atomic eating EVENTS. Instead of binding the chance to the AMOUNT of things eaten. I for myself modded the food items a little bit to mitigate that major mistake. By giving the food with very little calories a very little poisoning chance. Since the funpimps defined the chances only as integers, i kept them being integers, so the smallest chance is 1% for berries or corn cobs. The problem with that approach is that the "iron gut" perk does not work as intended, since it does not PROPORTIONALLY decrease the poisoning chance, but ABSOLUTELY. The iron gut perk SHOULD decrease the poisoning chance for example "by 20% relative to whatever it was before", not "by ABSOLUTELY 1%". =========== Again as always: For ME, that all amounts to no problem at all. I simply zero out the biggest dumbsticks by correcting the XMLs. When i post something in this forum, it's for other gamers that like to discuss the matter, and possibly for someone from the funpimps who is actually interested in such discussions. So, as a disclaimer: I will never expect a funpimp to become my personal opinion slave (just in case my beloved personal moderator (was it Roland?) wants to repeat that point). And as a hint to the funpimps: You seem to have fired all programmers who know how to do integer math (your integer divisions, for example in firing recipes in the forge and chemstation, are still screwed) and all programmers who actually know how statistics work (as seen in food poisoning). You seriously need some tutorials! There were times when you actually did those things right. Up to Alpha17, if i'm not mistaken.
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    Normal relay consumes 1W, like usual, but all other electrical controllers, timed relay, pressure plates and switches consumes 0W (as they should)
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