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    Just some tiny fixes for things, I'm not so happy about the final outcome or current state FARMPLOT CHANCE: Description: In A18 b149, POI farmplots became useless to harvest. I mean: 4 nitrate and some clay? That's not right. For me, you should still have a tiny chance to gather a plot. With this modlet, you have a chance of 35% to successfully harvest an usable farmplot. Maybe I'll look into it to pair it with skills and so have a better chance to get one - but I'll see. Currently I'm fine in this state. Compatibility: A18 b149+ https://www.mediafire.com/file/c57m31cv4amfqmd/Claymore_Farmplot_Chance.zip LOCALIZATION FIXES: Description: The advanced RWG generator still isn't translated to any language. Just the placeholders. Not that important, but an annoyance for me. Fixed with this modlet. English only! Compatibility: A17+ to A18.1 (b2) Reason: TFP fixed this issue in A18.1 (b4) https://www.mediafire.com/file/sjw27dpf0xwvvin/Claymore_Localization_Fixes.rar 100% STICKY ARROWS AND BOLTS: Description: Arrows and bolts shall not break and are sturdy enough. We leave many arrows in the world and won't collect them, because we can't find them anymore. So it's just reasonable to collect at least the few we see and from the zombies and animals. That said: Why not also make the fire variants sticky too? They really give a good temporary light source nowadays. Try it . P.S.: No, explosives are not sticky, since they explode on contact . Compatibility: A18+ Changes: Forgot to add iron and steel variants. https://www.mediafire.com/file/io984h4il0ts56t/Claymore_Sticky_Arrows_Bolts.zip/file CRAFTABLE SCRAP POLYMERS: Description: The new A18 (b152) now requires 2 scrap polymers to craft steel arrows and bolts (replacement for wood and feathers). Feathers are rare enough, but scrap polymer is worse to harvest. Sure: It should be balanced, so I chose to go the way of real life chemistry (almost ): 50 gas cans equals 1 scrap polymer in the chemistry station. Compatibility: A17+ Changes: Former recipe was too cheap. Now requires 50 gas cans per 1 scrap polymer. https://www.mediafire.com/file/63hcaggmgkr19zy/Claymore_Craftable_ScrapPolymers.zip WORKING JAILDOORS & POWERED JAILDOORS: Description: I remembered, that jaildoors once worked. Thought, A17, but no: A16 was the last time, they worked. So I ported the original recipe over to A18. Same recipe, same harvest loot, same everything. One exception: To make them 100% work again, I had to remove the multiblockdim. But doesn't really matter, since it simply works great. And I currently added powered jaildoors too: Simply add 2 electrical components and craft the powered variants... if you have unlocked it like all powered doors need to . See screenshots for examples. Compatibility: A18+ Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/jSnRFvD Changes: 1.0.1: Collision: Bullets don't collide anymore with the jaildoor. 1.0.2: Added: Powered Jaildoors. Gated like other powered doors. 1.0.3: Added: Secondary recipe for Powered Jaildoors: If you already have normal jaildoors crafted, simply add 2 electrical components to it in the workbench. 1.0.4: XPATH correction: Somehow worked, but missed an important thing. 1.1.0: Major bugfix: Powered ones could be crafted without unlocking them via perks or recipe. 1.2.0: Major bugfix: Unlocking via schematic didn't work properly. 1.2.1: Update for post 18.3 versions: Localizationfix 1.3.0: Missed the repair material. Fixed. https://www.mediafire.com/file/vnvwemtknjyyscr/Claymore_Working_Jaildoors.zip RETURN OF RESOURCES: Description: A18 is unforgiving. Mining doesn't really make fun anymore, especially because veins are rare to find without the corresponding resourceblocks above. I decided to simply port over the harvests from A17 to 18. So resource stones are giving iron, potassium, lead, coal and stone, and terrestrial stone is also giving some iron. Like I said: Same like A17. Compatibility: A18+ https://www.mediafire.com/file/pnpqjkd53802976/Claymore_Return_of_Resources.zip SNOWBERRY SEEDS: Description: Dunno why those plants are the only ones, not able to get seeds from to grow them by yourself. It's gated, of course: Living of the Land 3 or the schematic is needed to make seeds out of 5 snowberries. Fully working with A18 methods: If grown and harvested, they go back to state one (seed) and kept being seeded. Note: Only works with snowberry plants, grown by yourself through the seeds! Compatibility: A18+ Changes: 1.1.0: Added own schematic and lowered the requirement of Living of the Land to 3 (Same as blueberries). 1.1.1: Fixed missing translation of the schematic. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8i14i1wl0zhln1v/Claymore_Snowberry_Seeds.zip SELLING MACHINES: Description: Player Vending Machines never were useful. At least, not for me. If we play: We play together. So I thought: Why no simple change to sell items at home? Player Vending Machines are now Selling Machines only. They'll reset each day and have the same rules (better barter & selling) like if you sell something to a real trader. Sure: You still have to buy the machines from a trader. But I think, they're now worth buying - just for the convenience. Compatibility: A18+ Changes: 1.1.0: Player Vending Machines got no full reset after one day. Fixed. http://www.mediafire.com/file/670qz6akmwungmv/Claymore_Selling_Machines.zip MODSLOTS EQUALS ITEMLEVEL: Description: This was probably done by another modder too. Can't remember. Anyways: If I find a rare tool/weapon, I expect it to be better. In my case: Better in at least modslots. @Pimps: Are you kidding me to only get 4 slots now for a level 6 tool/weapon?! Seriously? You took away the ability to craft lvl6 things. Fine. No problem. Limiting the max. amount of mods? Even for top tier things? Ahm... no. Level 6 thing = 6 modslots. Level 5 thing: 5 slots, and so on. Compatibility: A18+ https://www.mediafire.com/file/ph99wdh06mwfl1t/Claymore_Modslots_Equals_Itemlevel.zip MORE OPTIONS: Description: This was done, because I was bored and thought, what I probably miss. This time: Options, if you continue or join an existing local game. BASIC: 24 HOUR CYCLE: Up to 6 hours realtime DAILIGHT LENGTH: From zero to 24 hours. 0 = Everlasting night. 24 = Everlasting day. XP MULTIPLIER: Up to 10000% ADVANCED: PLAYER BLOCK DAMAGE: Up to 10000% AI BLOCK DAMAGE: Up to 10000% AI BLOOD MOON BLOCK DAMAGE: Up to 10000% LOOT ABUNDANCE: Up to 10000% BLOOD MOON COUNT: Up to 128 Zombies (Don't try that with a potato PC!) AIR DROPS: Up to 30 days MULTIPLAYER: PARTY SHARED KILL RANGE: Added 4096 and 8192 meters. Why? Because if you're in a party, why not share it over the whole map? Compatibility: A18+ Changes: 1.0.1: Added DAILIGHT LENGTH https://www.mediafire.com/file/g0ccgogt6uzc0a5/Claymore_More_Options.zip HP X 5 EQUALS XP: Description: Rework of all entities (Except traders) you're gaining XP from. 5 times the HP of the entity = XP. It was really sad, that, if you managed to kill a really bad guy, you're gaining like nothing. Compatibility: A18+ Changes: 1.0.1: Missed zombieFemaleFat and zombieArlene https://www.mediafire.com/file/jsvqacoigc8znct/Claymore_HP_X_5_Equals_XP.zip HAYBLOCKS NO DAMAGE: Description: Simple fix for something, I loved. Remember, falling on Haybaleblocks did no damage - whatever height you're falling on? This was damn nice to have, because you dug down, placed a haybaleblock and done. Jumping 50 blocks in one second to the mine. And just to be honest: I'm not too happy you fixed the hatch elevator. There was no need to. Fix the other damn things, then we may talk. Stopping here - I'll get in grumpy cat mode. I know, this was already done in A17. But there was no need for compensation. Now there is. Compatibility: A17+ https://www.mediafire.com/file/9ayqx66qj9kvg98/Claymore_Hayblocks_No_Damage.zip ELEMENTAL BULLETS: Description: Adds two mods for guns, shotguns and revolver. One releases the hell on earth on an enemy (fire), the other stuns and gives electrical damage. Both mods can't be uses together, since they're OP by themselves. And because of that: You can't buy the schematics: You have to find them. They're as rare as the radremover. And even if you find the schematics: The recipes are hard too. So you're required to know how to craft electrical fence posts and forges. Both sounds harmless? You're required to have - and just as one component - either 10 electrical fence posts (for the shocking mod), or 10 forges (for the burning mod). I'm not unfair: You have a tiny chance to find the mods. But they're rare. Good luck! P.S.: I won't make them work for bows, crossbows or rocket launchers. Don't ask. Thanks . Compatibility: A18+ Changes: 1.1.0 Forgot to add the burning shematic to the lootlist. Sorry. 1.1.1 Bugfix 1.1.2 Localization fix 1.2.0 Recipe didn't unlock the mod. Fixed. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1dbntn7qb74dj1c/Claymore_Elemental_Bullets.zip/file
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    Hey everyone! Here's my latest modlet that adds a "Military" Tablet and a phone to the game to the game. (Can be crafted in a workbench under science) The tablet/phone will display the map right in the palm of your hand, you can zoom in/out with left click. also includes a see-through camera that you can toggle with right click to see through walls when close, and a flashlight for the phone The tablet/phone will mark every zombies with a red arrows, animals with a paw icon, other players with a green arrow, and a yellow icon for traders. The map is also pretty FPS hungry when being used, so for an optimal performance you'll need decent FPS (> 60) disabling vsync can help with reducing performance impact. Download Link Version 2 (A18): Click Here ! For the Japanese Version (Translated by Chiko): ダウンロードリンク:日本語版 DISCLAIMER: You need to disable Occlusion (main menu only) and enable Shadows (nearest is enough) in the graphics setting if you want the map to display correctly, might make another one that don't need it later
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    Preamble: __________________________________________________ Logical Iron Mining GitHub/Download: https://github.com/DiscipleOfBryan/7dtd_logical_iron_mining Completed Features: Reverts terrIronOre block behavior to give resourceIronFragment on Harvest. Reverts oreIronBoulder block behavior to give resourceIronFragment on Harvest. To Do: Reproduce resourceIronFragment item as is/was, in the event that it is removed from the game and pending further study of xpath.
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    Actually, click count is actually very important as silly as it sounds. Reducing the amount of clicks to accomplish things is actually something considered in software development... 😎
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    I see they've added a max level cap...and a farm plot reduction and more rotten meat. Perhaps there is still hope for A18. I still think clubs,spears and bows should get a buff though. I find them too lacking compared to the sledge hammer or basic firearms. And the weapon swings are very inaccurate . I'll check that again (because I'm currently downloading the new exp).
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    @TFP: That some people continue to miss the difference between the open and closed book might be a hint that that difference is too subtle. How about a color code, just color the outline of the open book green and you'll never read posts like this again
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    More like morrowind... Which is interesting because the fun pimps used to be elderscrolls modders. Hence why they put undead cliff racers in the game, complete with the blight mechanic.
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    The only difference to the vanilla game is, that the prefabs (starting with xcostum_) in CompoPack (in the data/Prefabs/ folder) must be copied into the 7DtD prefabs folder. (mine is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs) Once they are in, the game can load them. Then just make a world with nitrogen using a CompoPack prefabslists, and start the world as usual.
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    I just created Frobscottle, the fizzy green drink that bubbles downward! Straight out of Roald Dahl's "The BFG", Frobscottle will allow the drinker to propel themselves to fantastic heights by means of 'whizzpoppers' for 1 minute. Adds 4.2 to jump height, breakleg protection on jump (not continuous), and fun sounds to go along Craftable in a Chem Station using 1 pumpkin, 2 aloe leaves, 5 nitrate, and 1 murky water Gitlab: https://github.com/stamplesmods/7d2dmodlets/tree/master/Frobscottle Zips: https://github.com/stamplesmods/7d2dmodlets/tree/master/zips
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    The OP updated the mod in the first post of this topic. I've used it and it works in A18.
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    Yes, there will be for sure. I'm digging through and trimming all the stuff Home Depot used to do that they include in A18, and reorganizing stuff a bit, hunting down the stuff they Hid from us in A18 that they didn't used to hide (like Barded Wire). And I'm looking at delivering the HomeDepot stuff in a set of 7 Books with a bonus for the set. If possible. It's not immediately around the corner, but it will come.
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