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    Now I'm waiting for an animated gif of that
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    It is doable for sure hard to line up though and when you're fighting tougher zombies spreading your damage out like that across multiple targets doesn't pay off a lot of the time. and a lot of people say "Use slugs for those hard targets" which is valid, Slugs are great for those tougher zombies, but they are too costly to use as a primary ammo type and the switching interface is kinda clunky and hard to swap on the fly in a panic situation. also I kinda feel that if I wanted a hrd hitting single target weapon I'd use a marksmans rifle anyways The double barrel is good for that, I'm not even tryin to say it's bad or weak. It's problem is that it's bad and weak for a Tier 2 weapon. Compared to basically any other t2 it just doesn't hold up. But it would be real solid for a tier 1 weapon. Just like the pump feels bad and weak for a t3 weapon but is a really solid t2. The problem with shotguns is I always wind up feeling like I am playing Catch up with everyone else. Always a weapon tier behind. Especially on horde night When a weapon with splash like the shotty should shine. And TBH the T2 bow either *SHOULD* be craftable without parts or be a more common drop. there are currently technically 5 bows (3 bows 2 crossbows assuming I haven't just not found a primitive crossbow equivalent) and two other full sets of agility weapons (3 knives and 3? Handguns. does the magnum count as a handgun?) and that makes it really hard to find/buy/loot a decent bow at any game stage because it's competing with so many other weapons. Especially if you sit in "Likes bows but not crossbows" or "likes crossbows but not bows" As someone who has found this info and used shotguns almost exclusively for a while now, I can still say it would be nice if there was a way to display this info in the weapon tool-tip. Especially for newer players who may not realize the ammo has separate but still relevant info about their damage. I mean I've been playing since late A15 and only just found the place in my stats section that shows my perk modified damage with a weapon. I always thought I had to figure that out myself. Birds for me. It's always the birds I miss with it, or if there are more than one I'll hit one miss the other and get "bleeding/infection" and even with raw damage per bullet it fails beyond ~3-5 blocks range if you don't use a choke because most of those pellets will miss/hit another zombie. Which is okay early but the moment you run into ferals and irradiated zombies it means none of them take enough damage to matter.
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    For me it's just weird that MM took over a "design" role but all that he's done is cater to his particular gamestyle (Run and gun and loot) and any fan resistance to the deficit of other roles and playstyles has been met with. A.) Handwaving away by MM which can largely be spelled out with two words, "Business" and "Streamlining". This is very similar to taking credit to a past administration's successes as your own. Business decisions and lack of streamlining were part of the formula that brought up this game for 17 alphas and made it successful. Going away from this trend will bring in more sales, probably, but the sales will be directed at the generic game players typically only seen on consoles and casual "Make more Chocolate" games and future gameplay WILL suffer for it. You're diluting your playerbase and alienating the people who have been here with you for 6 years. B.) The sycophants that agree with ANYTHING that MM puts out or says. Guys, come on, we all love this game, and MM can be a positive infulence for sure, but when he says that the sky is green and you agree emphatically but everybody else looks out the window and says, "Yeah still blue here...", that's a "you" problem, not an "everybody else" problem. Forming an army about a wrong opinion says more about the army than the contrast of ideas. Get your ♥♥♥♥ together, forums.
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    That's like comparing a 50$ bike that can ride up to 50km/h downhill and a 5000$ bike that can drive "only" up to 200kmh. The pump is decent but subpar for its T3 status, and the double barrel is straight up terrible in a game where you need damage to the masses. It has terrible effective range and only 2 bullets which means you need to reload (are are slowed) constantly. How fortunate that it actually deals more damage up close than a simple 7.62 bullet !
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    ...really... If I was so inclined, I could now say "the developers are begging for positive reviews, the game is that bad! All they care about is money, not making a good game!" ...really gotta watch what you say homie. So yes, sit idly by and let the awesomeness of your product do the work for you. 36k playing. Nuff said.
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    Got to agree on this one. Especially the backfire part. Once you start manipulating data you lose face and trust.
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    Even though that might be helpful in the snow biome I think I will pass on the hairy chest.
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    Enthusiasm, I'm not sure. Being a hermit has its downsides; social situations are not my strong suit. Lol (In other words, weirdness/oddness is frowned upon, and rightfully so.) Still, it's the best we've got.
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    Agreed. There is a danger Steam will interpret this as a developer trying to game its review system. It may be wise to let sleeping dogs lie.
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