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    It's a bit of a long story. My account was deleted for seemingly no reason, so after talking to the mods about this - they suggested I recreate the post. For whatever reason my old account has been reverted to guest, which means I cannot edit that thread anymore. I have no clue why this happened, I swear I'm not trying to spam the forums - I'm not that type of person.
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    From the latest EXP build "Removed the blood draw kit is no longer used" The blood draw kit removed? how am I supposed to get blood for the blood god now? Seriously though Is there another Semi-reliable source of medkits or blood bags now or are these meant to become Essentially scavenge only? Edit: Also does anyone know if any of the perk magazines affect sledgehammers?
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    Day 16, horde night. 60 minute days, 64 max alive, 20% AI block damage. Always walk. Spent the first hour or so outside on my fighting platforms then went inside to fight from behind my wooden bars. Actually used the junk turrets, which I swore not to do but they were really fun and effective. Horde exhausted by 01:50. No glowies, police or demolishers yet. At one point I was behind my wooden bars and it really felt like I had a massive horde on the other side, I couldn't see past them. And it ran really really well. Congrats fun pimps! Oh, and by the way. I bought my son a gaming PC. We're starting our first co-op game at the weekend.
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