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    INTRO & CREDIT: Everyone needs a little downtime, right? Find, grow, and smoke your own cannabis. Sure, it'll make you a little hungry, but you sure take some punishment when you're high. This modlet adds seeds, plants, schematics, progression, buffs, and usable items. DOWNLOAD & INSTALL: Alpha 18: MeanCloud__Cannabis_v1.01.zip (version 1.01, 2020-03-20) Download and extract this modlet to your 7 Days to Die Mods folder. For Steam users, that's <steamdir>\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create 'Mods' if it doesn't exist). USING THIS MOD: To get started, start looting around until you find some cannabis seeds or (cannabis buds and the perk or recipe to craft seeds from it). Plant the seeds as you would any other and wait for your cannabis to grow. Cannabis can be rolled into joints or smoked in bongs that you can craft or find. Smoking cannabis joints will give you damage protection and a bit of fortitude for a few minutes. It'll also heal you (like weak painkillers), but you'll lose some perception and a bit of max stamina (got the munchies?) in exchange. The perception, fortitude, and damage protection effects are temporary. Smoking cannabis in a bong will give you a more potent effect. NOTE FOR MULTIPLAYER: The current version of Alpha 18 does not push localization data to users. If you are playing multiplayer (either hosting or via dedicated server), each player will need to install the cannabis mod themselves to get the proper descriptions of items, buffs, perks, etc. that this mod changes. SUPPORT ME: PayPal Donation if you enjoyed my work and want to encourage me to do more. All of my modlets for 7 Days to Die.
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    Nice Job REV6:7-8 More zombieMoe's to kill is a good thing ..... so all is good in the reality feel. Regards Ragsy !!
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    The guy was giving bad reputation for nothing to a lot of people. I spent my last days to +1rep those people to compensate
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    Banned? Damnit, he was supposed to +rep me later to compensate for his trigger happy -rep for a joke I made ... oh well
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    ZombieSurvivor gave me -1 rep for this comment lol. I see he's banned now.
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    I’m sorry but SMXui is made to be an enhancement to the vanilla user interface and the vanilla game. I do not have the time to make adjustments to other mods and or modlets. Changing the modlet to allow for more inputs might sound like a simple task but if you look at the forge screen... where do I put them without breaking the design I made?
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    Your work and perseverance can never be adequately thanked in a post. Nice work. Looking forward to it.
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    I would guess this week. We branched A18 from trunk, so work can start on A19. I'll be moving the fix from trunk into A18.1 exp tomorrow.
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    I don't want to count the ways that it is whining. I'll just leave the recent post here as evidence.
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    hey guys, I've some good news: Bought the forge perk Started crafting a forge Drank the elixir, watched the Forge recipe get locked again (active craft unaffected) Waited for the craft to complete, have a forge. Read the Forge schematic, started a new craft Drank the elixir, watched the Forge recipe stay unlocked (active craft also unaffected) Waited for the craft to complete, have another forge. Could start another craft, cancelled. Bought the forge perk Started crafting a forge Drank the elixir, watched the Forge recipe stay unlocked (active craft also unaffected) Soo, you do not Forge the Forget recipe with the Forgett.. Nor do you Forget the Forge recipe with the Forgettin' Elixir if you've read it from a book.
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    I find it somewhat strange that there is a strong tendency to believe that each of the builds are meant to play precisely in line with the other. What I have learned is that right now in this moment, build diversity is way more distinct and nuanced from each other. None of them are on equal footing. So of course a STR build is gunna feel OP compared to melee of other builds. STR is meant for melee, and shines really well in solo play across all difficulties solo or in group play. Compared to other lines, where you might have to flip your script in how you play. For instance in AGI and PER to me, what makes those builds successful is being free in your movement. On open ground, or boxed in - you should have a plan for how you move. If you're stuck, stunned, or otherwise having difficulty in combat, then I'd think any given person not playing to the advantages of their own build. In stronger heavier armour, movement becomes very tight and you have to rely upon pure grit to survive. That is also not a new play style. I kinda expected all the saltposting considering in the past everyone picked up the club and the bow and got good with those things because those basic needs took practice to get right. The play of these weapons end up emerging and converging as a universal combat meta. Now were in a place where that's no longer true.
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    Camel and Survivor aren't in A18, so ... quite likely. The indications for the skill gating system wasn't exactly intuitive in those golden times, but if it says 40, you'll need 40. You may already have 40, then you need the other thing it is listing .. And if you're playing something other than the current stable or the current experimental, please state which version, so we don't need to guess which advice to give...
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