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    Here is an easy way to sort posts by which of the FP staff posted them. The work has already been done for you...
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    They've been eating those bath salts
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    Weird? Maybe, but I collect all sorts of crap in other games to make something, so its just a game mechanic to me. It could be called acid, rubber cement, they could use tar, black dye, rubber, whatever.. its just a resource I need to gather to make them, and I don;t really care too much what its called. I figured they would rename the resource at some point to something more logical once they nail all the real harder work.
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    That is what I said, when quest marker get activated, it recreate POI, and hence the grass change/removed and looks odd to eye, but it is not something serious.
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    funny you should ask... i had a few (local residents) invite me to a community outdoor bbq and they displayed proper courtesy and etiquette towards me... we established a good love-hate relationship. they managed to show me that my old ways of thinking needed some improvements and since then... i will never underestimate them again. of course not everyone will meet such a social-able crowd as i did so you may have to check out your neighbors on your own. good luck
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    I have faith in the event system to come. When every POI is loaded, very few people like that. Same goes if they were all empty. Same applies to outside. If zombies are everywhere, there are no surprises and it is constantly taxing on any system running the game. If there are none, then the game is dull. They will have more control over things, and I wouldn’t doubt they would be able to do something to have event that occur in cities to make them interesting.
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    Hehe just don't tell my wife..
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    and probably less crazy and stupid people
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    Everything was new and exciting, action movies, women had big hair, tight bright clothing and crazy makeup. We drove fast cars, monster trucks, loud music, rock n roll, long hair lol. Good times.
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