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    Uh I don't actually know if there's some artificial material stronger than diamond. As far as i know diamond is the strongest natural stuff. Love is stronger of course. <3
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    Relentless Zombies, Weapons Madness, Challenging Survival, and More! Current Release: 1.1.1 Greetings everybody! During my time playing A17 I have stumbled across many awesome mods and modlets made by the community and I had a thought... What if I took those mods and made a pack out of them to help showcase some popular and less well known mods alike, whilst adding some tweaks over the top? Well, a month of dev work and various learning later and I think we have ourselves a modpack that will provide a challenge for both new and veteran players alike. Modpack Overview This pack could be considered a heavily overhauled version of Just Survive, Somehow (JSS), with all tweaks derived from the way JSS works. For those of you who have played JSS before, it ought to feel like an expansion to this mod whilst increasing the difficulty and changing the look and feel of the game overall. For a more detailed list of changes and tweaks, check out this Google Doc Full List of Modlets and Dependencies This modpack requires the use of SDX or the new DMT to run correctly. Dependencies: - Hal's DLL Fixes by HAL9000 - SDX Buffs by sphereii - SDX Dialog by sphereii - SDX EAITasks by sphereii - SDX EntityAliveSDX by sphereii - SDX ItemActions by sphereii - SDX Quests by sphereii - SDX SpawnFromEntityGroup by sphereii Modlets: - JSS (Just Survive, Somehow) by mjrice - Workstation Pickups by MaxFox Gaming - Home Depot by OrbitalBliss - Custom Firearms by Mayic - Melee Weapons by Mayic - Clothing Carry Capacity by MaxFox Gaming - Shopping Go-Kart by Guppycur - Faster Vehicles by JaxTellar18 - Brass Doorknobs from Doors by Xajar - Faster Hammer and Nailgun by Xajar - More Traps by wolfbain5 - Bad Company UMA Zeds by Khelldon - Baby Bears and Wolves by Khelldon and MaxFox Gaming - Get Piggy! by Khelldon - Static Vehicles Pack by S420 - Hal's Display Cases by HAL9000 - Motor Tools Upgrade by Drconfused - Mechanical Traps by moongaming - Animal Packs by MaxFox Gaming - Better Biomes by MaxFox Gaming - Random Zombie GetterUpper by Guppycur - Rage Zombies by Guppycur - HDHQ Biome Baseline by DUST2DEATH - HDHQ Biome Redux by DUST2DEATH - HDHQ Particles by DUST2DEATH - Admin Arena Blocks by MaxFox Gaming - Increased Zombie Spawns and Sight by MaxFox Gaming - Zombie Transmoginifier by sphereii - Dead Rising Modpack Config by MaxFox Gaming Download and Installation You can download the modpack in several ways. The easiest way is by using the Mod Launcher to do it but you can also download and install manually if you want to. MOD LAUNCHER INSTALL (Recommended by all Foxes nationwide) 1. Go to the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher website and download the latest version. 2. Open up the Mod Launcher and navigate to MaxFox Gaming. 3. Click on Dead Rising and then install a copy of 7 Days using the launcher. 4. Install Dead Rising - it is a large pack so may take a little time to download fully. 5. Play Mod! DIRECT DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL 1. Go to the Dead Rising GitHub Repo. 2. Download the pack as a ZIP file and extract it. 3. Navigate to your 7 Days to Die folder under Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days to Die 4. Extract the entire Mods folder into this folder. 5. Navigate to 7DaysToDie_Data/Managed and replace AssemblyCsharp.dll and all the other dll files with those form the package. 6. Launch 7 Days to Die Screenshots and Videos Dead Rising Series The Official GuppySeries! A dense forest biome, now with more trees and some zombies too! The snow biome now has more trees and is also more dense Showcasing the new rocks and desert tree. One of the many new melee weapons you can get in the game. This one is a mace with a Star and Electric modifier. Planned Updates - FennecMod Foods from my previous work in A16 will be incorporated into the pack. - Early game survival to be made more challenging with restricted access to water, having to filter water more than simply boiling it. - Cooking pots and grills to be made rare unless you choose chef class to start. - Buffs and debuffs to be made more severe, broken arms to be added. - Infection to be brought back and to allow it to kill you. Contact with zombies have high chance to infect you unless you wear armour. - Zombie rage to be more random to add more challenge and also apply randomly to all zombies in the pack instead of just the vanilla ones. - More zombie abilities, such as being able to buff other zombies when nearby, elemental damage, etc. - FennecMod Bosses from my previous work in A16 will be incorporated into the pack for horde night spawns. - FennecMod Workstations from my previous work in A16 will be incorporated for advanced resources and ore processing. Known Bugs - Sometimes you may randomly get a bit of red text when walking around the world. This is due to prefabs that use the ZombiesAll spawn group instead of a specific sleeper spawn group. - Some loot containers don't have very good loot or make no sense from a balance perspective. I'm working on balancing the containers a bit more to meld all the modlets together a bit better. - UMA zombies don't have a rage mode. - Melee weapons from the Melee mod sometimes give red text when swung. This is due to some missing sound assets but does not interrupt gameplay, just spams the console behind the scenes. - Lots of yellow text for missing assets on game startup. This sometimes causes a crash but in general restarting 7 Days will fix this issue and allow you to enter the game. - GuppyBug #1: Books like the horror books can be read, but don't do anything. - Some tall rocks have no hitbox higher up. - 4x4 causes nullref when trying to place (only one client instance shown, needs more testing) Contact Me For any questions about the modpack or to report bugs, feel free to get in touch with me here on the forum thread. Alternatively you can find me in the following places: YouTube: MaxFox Gaming on YouTube Twitch: MaxFox Gaming on Twitch Twitter: MaxFox_Gaming on Twitter Discord: The Foxmillions' Community
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    I am really hoping that this is MM downplaying the hype and that the team pulls it off for this weekend. But seriously I know you all will present the best game possible for the release of A18. Keep up the good work.
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    Hi Sam_Neil, This well is known in the prefabbing world. We have this stuff and easy to do only with the in-game tools. Just ask a prefabber on Guppycur Discord how to do it. No magic behind it. Nevertheless I’d love to see a proper documentation for the game.
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    Whatcha got regarding A18? I'll discuss.
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    thought this was a forum to discuss A18 not pitch a pyramid scheme about zombie mechs and such....
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    Like the wolf companion that was originally planned. I have a robot version that would be akin to combining a wolf with a motorcycle/jeep. 20 year old idea, but been talking to some peeps in Switzerland who are actually making something very similar now, finally. They make one of the most agile 4 legged robots on the planet right now, the ANYmal, and consider my designs the future. In game it would be like a mobile turret/scout with eagle eyes, super hearing, insane mobility(wheels for feet)... well, it could easily be OP, main issue would be how to balance.
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    Been watching/playing consoles and PC's for 40+ years now. I just started investing in PC's again about two years ago. The gap between consoles and PC's are starting to widen again or I wouldn't have gone back to PC. I would have lived with the lower grade graphics, etc. of Consoles. However, PC hardware is really starting to take off again and the gap will be even wider soon. The power is there (at a great cost) to be able to create some of those games that people want to create and the cost of PC hardware has come significantly down. That said, I refuse to invest in VR as I find it still in it's infancy and much can be improved still. I'm still unsure if it will ever find it's place. So far, it feels like a bunch of demos and nothing that is more than a shiny trinket that isn't worth investing in. Cycles happen and the consumer is what they have to impress. People won't stay satisfied with regurgitated FPS games for long. It's refreshing to have a game to play with such longevity as 7 Days to Die. Thanks for actually creating a living breathing world. As a loooong time gamer, I really appreciate the effort that is put into all the tiny pieces that must come together to create such a masterpiece.
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    I play at 25% xp and 25% loot - for me it can't be slow enough.
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    I'm offended. Why you picking on bald men for?
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    It's a mystery - I mean what is even "character development"? Could it be that they are taking it literally? Fools! Well since it will provide you a way to not level in A18 by dying, you can keep dying regularly to min-max, and avoid that *brilliant* scaling mechanic the game has that de-incentivizes you from using the rpg part of the game, by essentially not using that part of the game yourself! Mind-blowing. Tropes? More like the definition of some words of the english vocabulary, common sense and the reason leveling exists in the first place. Indeed, naming it to "world progression" would be a more fitting name with the scaling in place. Do anything - the world, along with yourself, zombies and items, progresses on some invisible points that you can get by your actions. Never liked it and would at least wish for a much more sublime scaling with *global* time being a small factor in that equation, more prominently leveled zones/subzones/POIs and not so much player baby-sitting with stage caps. A man can dream.
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    Because character development aka investing skill points gives direction. It's the very foundation of any RPG, plus: Any skill point based system is basically a level-gate that locks away features from the player. I cannot understand why not to chase XP. Playing for x hours on a low game stage isn't fun as it isn't to kill zombie no. 1595 with wooden arrows or a wooden club.
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    That's what I'm saying, y'all are slowly coming around to my way. . ...just a few more alphas and I'll have you fully convinced.
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    Jun 19. Thats 40000 years ago in Internet Time.
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    I agree, but still think they were onto something with the biomes in bands. I had posted this as a dream biome scene once before:
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    This. I brought it up pages ago but it got lost in the noise due to other topics at the time. Same, in A17 going anywhere other than the forest biome was super annoying, even with clothing, mods, and even perking into it. Somehow biomes I frequented in A16 became a late game challenge in A17.
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    More like this one, right? =P
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