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    Well, you know why a Chicken Coop has 2 doors, right?
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    It's not a *diss* just constructive criticism. And yes this is why I get in trouble. I just want it to be the best they can do. It's years between posts, in hopes of getting in less trouble hehe. YEARS btw..... oh snap... yeah, it's been that long. Spare me the rhetoric, they do a fantastic job. I just feel like they lose their direction a little and placate things that will get scrapped later. Aand round and round we go.
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    I doubt it's the graphic ...
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    honestly feel like it's not the wires but the 100s of things they power that lag the game lol
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    Contradiction in all its glory
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    Technically a character currently can pass through a hole 1 block high, provided that they do so vertically. Pure Semantics, I know.... but the Pedant in me had to have it's say.
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    Just to provide a nicer reply than Victor did... The Fun Pimps are not planning out anything for A19 or beyond yet. They are only working on A18, everything else is just talk. - - - Updated - - - He answered your question. Mod support via workshop will be added in Gold or soon after.
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    Ahhhh! Right! Schematics was what I was thinking of. Yeah no I see how that would work better than a simple +1. Totally on board with that. You built bases, only to leave it when they came inside? I mean... I guess I do that too when I get overrun... still a weird way to speak of your base ^^ https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Impregnegate
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    this is waaay of topic but frickin' tornado started forming right over my house. I looked out my window and everything was going up instead of down. I have never seen anything like that in my life! (heart racing still) I got my camera ready so if it happens again ima catch it on film.... If you never see another post from me you know why ha ha.... jesus almighty that was frickin' scary yo
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