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    They can easily be stopped by pretending to place a wall of blocks in front of them.
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    It would depend on who designed the new feature. Madmole: You can command an Abrams tank!! - It can one shot kill anything from 10K away. The downside is your crew are Demolition Zombies. Gazz: Surprise! "Dune" giant worms attack during blood moon, eating you, your fortress, all your stuff... and anything else you value. The upside is you don't die but are "excreted out", alive, after 100 days. The downside to that is you must watch a black screen and listen to your character scream for 100 days! I know I'm close... really close.
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    There could be a feature where every time you place a block, a voting window pops up for everyone on the server. If the majority votes "yes", the block is placed. That would not only fix people using bedrolls as bedrolls but also campfires or cement mixers. Campfires especially are so cheap that players might be tempted to just build one while they are out looting, skipping the challenge of going back to their base!
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    Looking at a Map on where to go, does not spoil your Vacation <3
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    @unholyjoe This is why you remain my favorite Q&A tester. Keep up the good work reporting these bugs my dude!
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    Would be sweet, he's the reason I bought the game in the first place.
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    yeah but many things have and will change in time... here is real memory lane. https://imgur.com/a/QdvVgjA also... that is same location in both alphas... last intersection in diersville looking toward hill.
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    How many games do you have in your library that force you to nuke your save file with each content DLC, free or not? I don't remember having my Warframe account wiped clean, because they added more story missions, weapons and reworked completely melee combat.
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    Everquest was about the same time frame as I recall. I came on late to that development cycle but I don't think it was longer than 5 years. Tanaris was the forever in development project at SOE/Verant until it was finally canceled. Prior to that, UO got out kinda quick but the bugs certainly showed it was a rushed project. The only thing that WoW took from Warcraft I-III/Frozen Throne was story. Every asset, engine, and tool (aside from like Maya and 3D Studio Max) was created specifically for WoW including the proprietary editor. Combat, level design, content flow, progression systems... all of that was done from scratch with multiple iterations. Everquest II was about 4 years as well and was in the same category. It took nothing from EQ as it was a brand new engine, setting, and asset pipeline. Classes mostly kept their names but that was about it. Combat along with every other progression system was completely redesigned. However, the snide remarks indicating that it has to be an "original game" or "original IP" is a fallacy since 7d2d is a mix mash of several great games that came before it like say... um... Minecraft. Unless you are talking about pong or space invaders, just about every game is going to be derivative of the long list that came before them.
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