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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Was not easy, but I did it.
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    He's just joking. He wants us to mine shale to have a surplus. Right now we never need to do that because gas is so plentiful in and around POIs. I agree that it negates an entire biome from a mining perspective so this would be a good change. Plus you can still find gas at POIs.
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    Another option would be that by doing some sort of hard quest like this, you could prevent the next Blood Moon horde from spawning (just one). Compared to paying off the trader for the same benefit, this would be a more proactive and action-oriented alternative to the Blood Moon horde.
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    I was thinking about this and what I thought of was a quest that sends you to a random POI and starts a timer leading up to a massive attack wave of zombies-- like a bloodmoon horde. You have the initial time to prepare and barricade the POI as best you can. Then you have to stay in the area and kill a specific number of zombies and survive until you do. If you complete the quest then the heat map reduces to zero everywhere and remains at zero for a day or two before building up again. Reducing the heat map doesn't affect gamestages but would give a sense of reducing local zombie presence.
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