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    Since the new RWG is on the horizon, I thought to make my own version of it for people to play around until then with random world generation. (in the Tools section) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD At the same time I would like to request some more customization options for the new RWG. Especially what landscapes should be emphasized, and how densely populated the world should be with POIs.
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    Why not just use the polymers as the repair item for the mining helmet? Why not just change the flashlight icon to a head-strap with a light on it and remove the old handheld flashlight? Why not just have the mining helmet have a mod slot, and use a "head-strap light" as the mod item for it to light up? Durability of the helmet gets depleted: removes and destroys the mod item. HD Icon: change the 12v battery icon and rename it's item name to "Batteries". Make the 12V Battery Icon with a couple few D, C, AA, 9v added to it like a display. Head-strap Light: has 1 slot. requires batteries to make it work. Just thoughts.
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    MadMole, I was playing this morning and came up with an idea. I know you are not looking at adding 'mechanic' changes to A18, but you also said that if the idea is good enough it will gain traction, so here it goes. ~ Currently cupboards that are open signify that they are not searchable, and that streamlines looting and is all good. IMHO ~ If you want those cupboards to be functional the only way is to destroy them and make new ones. ~ which is not hard even day 1 they are easily crafted and replaced. ~ My idea to streamline this is: ~ make the open cabinets 'fixable/ repairable' and then they are 'fixed/ repaired' the door shuts and they are usable. I do not know the logistics of this, but I think of it like a damaged block on the side of a POI that you can see through. You repair it and it becomes a solid wooden block. It seems like the cupboards could do the same thing, but repair into a functional cupboard. This would save time not having to craft new ones after knocking out the old ones. Just four right clicks with a stone axe, a cost of 4 wood and boom functioning cupboards. Edit to add: ~ this could be done with fridges and ovens also. Repair with a wrench and costing scrap metal and maybe some electrical or mechanical parts or both and boom the door closes and you have a storage container. (as that is all the functionality they have for now.) I know this is a little thing and probably a bit nit picky, but there it is. Have a great one!
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