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  1. A20 Robeloto Custom Zombies Modlet If you are looking for a realistic mod you have come to the wrong place, but if you are looking for some variation in the game involving some nice action with new zombies and with increased difficulty you happen to just be in the right thread. This modlet adds 39 new zombies to the game! + 3 zombies from Snufkins mod: Archon, Geist and Scarecrow. 2022-01-15 *Version 2.85* Easy zombies that you will encounter right from the start with a high chance: BurningMan, Freezer, MoePuker, MiniMummy, Radrobot1, and Spectre. I will show video in a few days with an updated overview on all the zombies. • Spectre zombie is finally back! He has only 200hp and does not hit hard. He looks cool. • The Mini zombie has been added to the groups. • Radrobot has 2 versions now. Easy and Medium. RadRobot1 is the easy one. • Exploder zombie has been nerfed yet again. Reduced speed, physical resist and explosion blockdamage. • Entitygroups has been updated. Even more groups added. Added more chance to encounter harder zeds from level 200 and above. • Moepuker has less hp, does less damage/block damage and has decreased buffchances. • 2 Freezer zombies. One easy and one hard. • Mummy has 2 versions now. One easy that is smaller and one medium that is taller. The easy one has a lighter voice. • Predator buff chance lowered. About 10-15 % • RPG buff chance lowered with about 25%. His projectile is on 5 radius entities/blocks instead of 3 now and explosion is increased from 40 to 60. • Sanguis buff chance lowered with about 10% from both melee and vomit • Shadow buff decreased from 90% buffchance to 70%. • Shocker buffchance melee decreased from 65% to 30%. Vomit from 70 to 57. Nerf them all update • You can craft workbench, forge, cementmixer etc at Stage 3 now. Before I had it at 4 and think it's a bit too much. (original game is 2) • You will unlock Iron Pickaxe at Miner69r stage 3 instead of 1. (original game is 1) • Less grass in all biomes • Get less snow when digging • More snow is needed to make water Old updates here: Overview: Part1: Action video on all zombies! This is what they do to you! Old Part 2: HERE ! Part 3 - Planned to do this month (January 2022) and Part 3 will likely contain all the zombies from Part 2 + the new zombies. Copter Corpse - CLICK HERE Zombie names + info (alphabetical): Buffs: All my A20 modlets here! ->Download<- If you wish to donate me: PayPal __________________________________________________ _________________________________________ All my A19 modlets here All my 18.4 modlets All my A17.2 modlets Video on all zombies from A17: https://youtu.be/LYXP15okbJE Picture on the new zeds + new skin. (Giant doesn't look like this now though.)
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