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    *** #1 Server Manager / https://www.botmanhosting.com *** Find me @ https://discord.gg/CBWBYvS All my mods are SERVER SIDE XML MODS only & strictly no custom icons no nothing. I have over 100 custom made mods still converting to modlets & what not and many new ones created and through people's requests. Read the README in the zips if they exist for full details! [TABLE=class: grid, align: center, border: 1, cellpadding: 1, width: 750, height: 11] CUSTOM MATERIALS available NEEDED FOR MOST OF MY MODS All Types of Trees Respawn available Into seedlings/breakable/regrow via game stages/ "Cactus become ghostly & respawn after 5Days FULL DETAILS A18 4.2 All Types of Boulders Respawn available Turn to small rocks then regrow after 5Days. All types of material mining ores! FULL DETAILS A18 4.1 All Vehicles Respawn V1 V2 V3 When broken down to nothing v1 makes them into tire of stacks to regrow or v2 invisible stage no one can see them. Respawns after 5Days FULL DETAILS A18 3.1 Larger Stacks available All items 1000 Blocks 20000 A18 1.1 Starter Items Quest available Starter items fully customizable read the text. FULL DETAILS A19 1.0 42 Total Dye Workstation available Craftable dye's workstation A19 1.0 50 Slot Backpack available 50 slots A18 3.2 All vehicles Extra Seats available bicycle 2/ hog 2 / gyro 2/ jeep 8 / minibike 2 A18 2.0 Nude Players+No Backpack available No-Backpack works fine | nude if custom profile it will be applied if premade profile nude prob wont show. A18 3.2 ExplosionsNerfed available highly requested done! (nerfs blocks.xml explosions such as barrels/vehicles. Items.xml nerfs things like rockets/dynamites that can allow a hacker to destroy your world. A18 1.0 RNG Event available Rare find, satisfying rewards, new mods,items,blocks fun event game!. FULL DETAILS A18 1.2 Casino Machines available Poker Table, Slot Machine, High Roller Table. FULL DETAILS A18 3.3 Admin/Player Decor+ Blocks/Items available Unique glass with particle light affects and much more recipes included. Admin battery+bank etc! FULL DETAILS A18 2.4 New Vehicles being updated..... police car, army truck, water raft, jetpack, m4 sherman(more coming soon) FULL DETAILS & CREDIT A18 1.2 Wiki TV available 9 Wiki Tv's for your server! https://pasteboard.co/IrAXH0z.png screenshot FULL DETAILS A18 1.4 Instant Crafting/Smelting available Super fast smelting and all crafting - (as requested) A18 1.0 Health Bars Players/Boss Zombies available Boss Only & Player HP bars when hit lasts about 5 seconds. - (as requested) FULL DETAILS & CREDIT A18 1.0
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    Close Those Darn Cabinets! *and other stuff Now you can close cabinets, fridges, ovens, and others by "upgrading" them. This way you can settle POI's without having to gut the whole place to make it look decent because of all the open cabinets and drawers. I added the ability to "clean" those messy gut-filed tubs as well. These become visually closed but they are NOT storage. (Couldn't do that bit without messing with the localization.txt which I refuse to do until it's converted to xpath by TFP.) Download Here *Disclaimer: This uses new blocks for the upgraded versions. So this should be safe for existing saves, but if you remove this mod later you'll have some errors because those upgraded blocks are missing. This is an xpath modlet so it should work fine with other mods and future updates.
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    TOTALLY agree Bud !!! They lost their vision to a different kind of sandbox game than every other game out there. Maybe it was rushed or a need to close out this game for a 2.0 version or whatever other project they have planned, but A17 totally made the game whacked! Now its just like every other game out there. Nothing different...a grindy, force you to go one direction, arcade perk ridden, smaller map game. A17 was supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel...WELL...the power just went out. My entire server of people who have played since A6...left...they say to give it to the modders so they can fix the game .and then they might play again..for now if they do play...they play A16 War of the Walkers, Ravenhurst or Valmod..sad but true. All of them could be finished versions of the game with a bit of polish. We shall see. I personally went to Empyrion..havent even played the new experimental..maybe i will be back when its stable and if RWG gets fixed..only time will tell. Regards Ouch
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    Long story... hahahahaha... there's no short... But to sum up. TFP, I hope you guys can do a big old Agile Retro kind of review. I mean. I hate agile. lol. But... At least it's got a label I'm looking for. Retro Meeting/Review. To me, it would seem long term worth going back to A16.4 and re-reviewing what made people love 7 Days to Die. 7 Days to Die and Minecraft. bahahahaha. I know, the dreaded comparison. All I'll say is... Minecraft held people's attention for years. On a MASSIVE scale. 7 Days to Die, has held people attention for years. On a smaller scale. But... you've not gone full release yet. Two components that I think from a legacy perspective and from a business perspective that are most critical. How long are you holding people's attention. And on what scale. Overall... As scale goes, 7D2D is early access and isn't really ready for Minecraft scaling. Holding attention, I think you guys hurt yourself with A17. Much love to TFP. Thanks
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