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    Something to help the visual learners out there get started in XPath modding.
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    Released an update tonight for my Firearms Modlet. Added 9 new weapons including M79 GL40 Single tubed grenade launcher, and M1A1 Thompson. Adjusted and fixed various things with the original, including reworking silenced audio, opening up more guns to more mod options, adjusting recoil, craft costs, etc. https://github.com/Jayick/Firearms https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/208 ReadMe: Firearms Modlet Expansion 1.2! This is an expansion modlet. This modlet is set to run on it's own. You DO NOT need the previous version of Firearms to run this. Lots of bug fixes, changes, adjustments, and 10 new amazing weapons! From the Argh! pistol, to the M79 GL40 Grenade Launcher! Suggested: Please remove any previous version of Firearms that you have before installing. Please launch a test map BEFORE you connect to your live game, to assure files are correctly pathed and no errors occur that will hinder your game. Additional weapons added may adjust previous weapons. You may of had a M4A1 Rifle before install, but now have a Mossberg Shotgun. I apologize, but due to XML changes and naming errors/pathing errors, core original XML files had to be changed, resulting in this "shift" of inventory. Changes: Most important change to highlight: AMMO! Ammo can now be crafted into "Scrap Ammo" at varying values at anytime while out in the open world. This recipe is unlocked by default, no cost required. Scrap Ammo, can now be turned into ONE of the users following at a workbench: 3 Gun Power, 1 Brass Casing, 1 Lead Tip, 1 Buckshot. - Added iconic sound to M1 Garand [as viewed here]( ) - Reduced recoil on M240 when aim'ed and crouched - Fixed iron sights on multiple weapons - Fixed Reflex Sight on multiple weapons, opened it up on FN FAL (previously M14/Assault Rifle). AR15 remains unsighted. Can't remove gun assets Iron Sights as they are meshed to the gun itself. Will explore 3d modeling new rifle, or editing it out in the future. - Fixed naming on 38 Snubnose and FN FAL (338 Snubnose/M14&Assault Rifle) - Changed audio properties on silencer weapons, giving new sounds to older weapons, adjusting sound volumes - Adjusted loot slightly in attempts to spawn higher grade gear - Adjusted textures on some weapons in attempts to brighten them - Adjusted Reflex/Barrel view models to slightly smaller on some weapons - Fixed audio loop with some weapons Added 9 new weapons! - Argh! Pistol - MP5 - M1A1 Thompson (Aka Chicago Typewriter, Aka Tommy Gun) - Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun - Facepunch's Rust AK47 - M16 - Ak47 - SR25 Long range rifle - M79 GL40 single tubed Grenade Launcher! [as viewed here]( ) - Hand Cannon mini launcher! Requirements: Requires Alpha 17.0-17.1 version of 7 Days to Die. Will not work on A16.4 or lesser. Suggested for minigun that you have decent framerates. Pixel textures on fire may cause FPS drops in lower end clients. Some guns will skip your game upon loading in the hotbar. Their file size is quite large. Fix coming soon hopefully. Guns should not lag after first load. About this Modlet: Custom Weapons and Attachments. Fully craftable, gated by progression, added to open world loot table, fully repairable/modable, custom audio, custom fire rates, custom damage and modifiers, and best of all, custom sighting. This entire mod is written in xpath, no edits needed to any core files. Sadly, no localization.txt yet, so no in game info text menu. All other UI works/functions perfectly. Silencers are finely tuned for game balance. Using a silencer will now reduce the amount of zombies in the surround area that flock to your POI, and inside alerts. You can now strategically move through a building and pick zombies off one by one with percision aim! Modlet also comes with a placeable Target block with a center mark. Craftable at a very low cost for easy target use with friends! Preview of how the target works Crafting requirements and information: All guns and ammo are tied to progression system for crafting. This is located as a NEW perk under INTELLECT Attribute: Craftsmanship Perks. [Preview video]( ) All guns and ammo are tied together via progression. When you unlock the firearm, you unlock the ammunition as well. CRAFTING COSTS: Most guns are based off of existing in game components (Steel, Forged Iron, Mechanical Parts, Duct Tape, Glue, Wood, etc). The cost for these weapons is high, especially end-game weapons such as the Chaingun and Golden Gun. Ammo can now be crafted into "Scrap Ammo" at varying values at anytime while out in the open world. This recipe is unlocked by default, no cost required. Scrap Ammo, can now be turned into ONE of the users following at a workbench: 3 Gun Power, 1 Brass Casing, 1 Lead Tip, 1 Buckshot. How to install - Navigate to your 7 Days to Die Directory (default: C:/ProgramFiles86/Steam/Steamapps/Common/7DaystoDie) - Right click anywhere in your MAIN directory (not Data/Configs, not 7DaysToDie_Data), and create New Folder - Name New Folder: Mods [Our directory should look similar to something like this](https://imgur.com/a/pm5sJKc) - Download entire mod pack via GitHub or other Trusted source (I only share via Discord, and GitHub. For my personal mods, do not trust any other source unless verified by me) - Drag and Drop Firearms modlet into 7 Days To Die/Mods folder. [Our modlet named "Firearms" should show up under the mods directory like so](https://imgur.com/a/YtYmNW3) - To confirm proper boot, upon loading into a map/server, press F1, and you should see our mod load with the following line: `2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Trying to load from Firearms` `2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Firearms (1.0)` Quick informative video[video=youtube_share;blY9ZCEwqLc] For more information, or general help: - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsmHsTmsfrhFUnhSknv7Trw?view_as=subscriber - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jayick/ - Discord-very basic to get faster help if you encounter an issue.: https://discord.gg/jVCWFzw A special thankyou! A big thankyou to Yoshinoya for helping me test this mod, and providing me with some outstanding feedback to give you guys the best possible mod I can. Without his amazing help, I'd be swarmed with so much testing and checking, that I couldn't possibly update these projects in a timely fashion. A special thankyou to the following people, without their help, advice, and guidance this work would not be possible. These people are the backbone to our community, lending their skills to us all so we can complete amazing pieces of art for everyone to enjoy! Very much respect and admiration for these creators! Ynd21 Sphereii Vedui Youtube Twitch Twitter XythQ Youtube Github JaxTeller Github Ravenhearst Youtube Nexus Khaine Darkness Falls Overhaul Twitter Youtube All assets are paid/licensed for free use/royalty free. None of the assets/textures are my own work. Just heavily edited and modified to fit 7 Days to Die. Main source: Sketchfab, Turbosquid, various others.
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    A bunch of fiction books with punny names. They'd have no in-game use (other than to amuse the player) but could be scrapped for paper or sold to the traders fo a few dukes.
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    Here a simple modlet https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wfH7e-aY6brjTsTaSsSlyfBSGDKMg--B Ingame look in your crafting menue and search for "+" The rest should be selfexplaining Drag and drop the mods folder in your 7D2D mainfolder (pic from a other mod)
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    progression.xml <level max_level="300" exp_to_level="9545" [color=#00ff00]experience_multiplier="1.0149"[/color] skill_points_per_level="1"> With this you should get no points per level <set xpath="/progression/level/@skill_points_per_level">[color=#00ff00]0[/color]</set> I think the new multiplier you are looking for is in 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi_Menu\windows.xml <gameoption name="XPMultiplier" title="goXPMultiplier" value_wrap="false" value_type="int" values="[color=#00ff00]25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 300[/color]" display_names="" value_localization_prefix="goXPMultiplierValue" /> You might also check entityclasses.xml <entity_class name="playerMale"> Lots of property stuff here but the one that should help is below <property name="ExperienceGain" value="[color=#00ff00]173[/color]"/>
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    As long the game is alpha and RWG is in such a bad condition iam not aiming on new systems mods,modlets,xpath,github,docker,modfolder,...all that I dont care aslong the basics arent set and everything changes from alpha to alpha! First I wanna reach at Least status Quo what belongs working with rwg - what means fixing of most of the major RWG-bugs however I will do a alternative dl-link-file called "LatestCP" in addition to the common One in further Releases. But not in the next One. The next Release (this weekend) just belongs to A17.1stable (NOT FOR USE IN A17.2exp !!!) I just deliver what I got so far.
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    If you're getting an NRE when trying to equip it, then I absolutely guarantee you're missing the Attachments/Scope transform (and yes, the capitilization MATTERS). Try disabling action1 for the gun in your XML. If it stops giving NRE's, that's your problem. You didn't set up the scope object correctly.
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