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  1. After more time was spent using this mod- I just can't say enough how much I love this mod. I hope every modder strives to be compatible with this excellent texture mod you have here. Everywhere I go, I am treated to what feels like the sequel to 7d2d lol. Yes, it really does feel like a fresh new 7d2d game with more vibrant clear HD slightly cartoon feeling textures. The visual clarity is one of the strongest selling points here, but the drop dead gorgeous lighting especially at sunsets remind me of the most beautiful moments of the LONG DARK. I STRONGLY recommend this mod to EVERY 7d2d player, and give it 2 zombified thumbs up! I don't know if I can play the vanilla look again after playing this mod. I definitely recommend the optional modlets as well such as the lighting and redux biomes. Thank you so very much for making this mod, and I hope you keep up with it through the various alphas. =)
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