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  1. To answer #3, no, it was before I updated last night... I was coming hom then updated the launcher and it all screwed up when I was synching. Then the launcher deleted all of my mods, and I installed them again, pressed play and again deleted ALL mods, installed again... this was taking around 45 minutes, and the launcher froze a lot. After the game started it was full of red error messages, and I couldn't create a game. Afterwards, I closed the launcher and started the game manually over steam, but with the same mods and it worked finding no errors... I think if I delete the game and mods and the launcher and re-install all, there won't be any new problems, but I'm so tired after work, it'll have to wait until the weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. PS: When I started modding, it became like a new drug to me after work, all day, and I only sleep 3 hours a day... I sleep so little I am a zombie. =)
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