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    Okay, you'd want Strength and Perception Wat. You don't have to put any points into ranged perks, just buy up your Perception and buy the Lucky Looter perk. You get a little accuracy/dmg on ranged from having a higher perception, but that eagle-eyed eidetic memory is also what helps you find the best loot. Oh, so you want to be a totally melee looter who also can build vehicles. Well yeah you're going to have to spend points on building vehicles then. Great, in that case you'd want Intellect and probably Fortitude. Oh, so you want to be a passive engineer/builder who can also carry a bunch of stuff. Then yeah you're going to need some Strength. Or, since you're buying up Intellect, use vehicle storage instead of inventory storage. The A17 system is a cousin to almost every RPG system out there. Earn XP, get skill points, spend them on attributes and perks. Wouldn't surprise me if the D&D Player's Handbook was sitting on a desk at TFP. It's tried and tested, though obviously it needs to be balanced (and I'm not arguing A17 is properly balanced yet - IMO it's not). I think specializing in an SP game is necessarily more difficult than in a co-op (not free-for-all PvE, but true co-op) game. If you're all alone, you kinda have to be able to heal yourself a bit, and craft a few things, and cook food, and shoot/hit zombies. You can kinda be stronger at a few things, but it's probably going to be difficult to completely ignore more than one attribute. I also think that would be a difficult thing to balance out of the game, by which I mean to balance it such that SP can specialize just as much as co-op MP without breaking the game. It's baked into the survival aspect of the game, and complicated by the fact that any SP game can become an MP game in an instant. Every client is a server if it wants to be. I think those are interesting ideas that could help the SP player specialize more deeply. Note that extra inventory space can be had through armor mods and there are various ways to increase attributes and (temporarily) gain perks without buying them through points.
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    First off, it's a game, so gameplay>realism. On that note, I think the "learn by doing" makes sense in some areas and not in others, like strength is improved through doing things that test your limits (leg day!) but doing small repetitive tasks over and over quickly plateaus any gains. I also disagree with any of the things people have suggested for increasing fortitude, that just getting hit, taking damage, food poisoning somehow improves it. Sorry, you *might* improve your pain tolerance, but more likely to be causing yourself permanent damage, pain, scaring, gut biome a complete mess, etc. Crafting for intelligence, unless you're actively trying to improve, all you *might* be doing is learning to make that one thing better/more efficiently. As a counter, what assembly line worker would you call a knowledgeable craftsperson based solely on their work? With most skills, you have to learn it from somewhere (even at it's lowest form of trial and error) and then practice to improve it. And alone, you're still not likely to advance beyond a certain point without learning more. What's the best way to put that in a game? Hell if I know. I know I found the spam crafting detracted, because beyond a certain point, I wouldn't be learning anything anymore. Same thing, mining with a stone axe or claw hammer to raise construction tools skill. Is there some way to mix it, learn from a book or from a trader/instructor NPC, then improve it to a point, then learn more, rinse, repeat? Or does that then again quickly fall into the "drive people away from the game boring grindy stuff"? So I'm perfectly willing to try it out with points/perks for now. (Sorry, probably a bit rambling, brain dead with a cold and little sleep)
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    My suggestion to the developers (after a helping of ketchup) is to simply add a sixth attribute: Entitlement Tier 1-2: Gain 10 additional skill points Tier 3-4: Gain 15 additional skill points Tier 5-7: Gain 20 additional skill points Tier 8-9: Gain 25 additional skill points Tier 10: Gain 40 additional skill points Entitlement Perks I Want It Now! Tier 1: 100% of zombies drop loot upon death Tier 2: Zombie loot increased to 400% I Hate Hard Choices! Tier 1: All Perks are reduced to one tier in which all benefits of the previous tiers are attained. Stop Forcing Me! Tier 1: Passive xp gains are increased by 200% Tier 2: Crafting xp gains increase over time instead of diminish over time. Tier 3: Zombies return to spinning in circles below the player, can’t dig, and only do 10% normal damage to blocks. /joking around unprofessionally since 1969
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    It was pretty realistic... and horrible gameplay.
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    Your developers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
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