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    here is new video if someone missed it
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    No one at all have a "right" to be mad aboult a video game. Are people sure. Is the game they bought playable yes console is very pkayable i started there it is also sold as it finished game no updates needed like anygame on consoles. So mute point. On pc we bought a pre aphla game updates will come. Or they could go away all togeather and we have zerobright to bitch aa we bought an unfiniahed game. TFP couldbup and closebthere doors and you have zero "Right" to be upset you gotb100% what you payed for. In short Suck it up buttercup ♥♥♥♥ will come when iy is done no sooner. Alao said ahit will have bugs and will be fixed when theybfix it not before. In shorter short. Shut the hell up dont be a whinny Bi***
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