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    I know I keep repeating myself, but ... giant ants. All the way. Sub-terrain bunker breaching 4-foot-with-snappy-mandibles-ants with a juicy acid stinger on the arse end and a nasty hive-mentality if you threaten them. Especially if you dig into their nest or get too close to surface nest entry points. Or if they're hungry. Or bored. If I had money I'd pay talented modders to add giant ant hives scattered around the world with tunnel networks, a queen and everything. And have them dig into player bunkers every now and then, or probably just if they have a swarming event and dig new nests
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    From an anonymous source (that doesn't exist) I heard.. Sadly No. TFP are on the brink of collapse and they are fighting madly for their survival as we speak. It seems some of the bugs became self aware and went "Skynet" sending copies of themselves back in time to build more powerful version of themselves. Everyone At TFP organization is working together with Faatal "Connor" Jr. Jr. Jr. (from a possible Future ) to bring down the bugs AI and set everything straight. They have since set up a temporary base in Antarctica where Gazz lives, with his multi million dollar cable service as it's secure to any outside tampering. Once everything is done (hopefully) they plan a vigil for Faatal "Connor" Jr Jr Jr (from a possible future), because it'll be a bitter sweet victory. They will miss Faatal "Connor" Jr. Jr. Jr. (from a possible future) when everything is fixed, because of the space time paradox but they feel it's a necessary evil to get A17 out in our present. God Speed Fataal "Connor" Jr. Jr. Jr. (from a possible future) we applaud your sacrifice of non existence! *just playing around to lighten things up a bit.*
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