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    My thoughts are: if you're familiar with Google letting their DeepDream create pictures, I wonder if a quantum processor or true AI would do something similar with gaming. If people routinely outsmart the zombies, or zombies run in circles, could the computer figure out how to fix that or make the zombies deliberately attack structural points to collapse a building, or could the computer decide to dream, starting up your games and "playing" in them like a subconscious state. I'm also interested in how much a quantum computer based AI could advance science and physics. Maybe the whole difference between our current technology and Star Trek or Matrix or Star Wars or fusion power is letting a sufficiently complex AI develop theories and perform experiments. Science is pretty routinely making discoveries that have long been thought "impossible". QP AI could give us leaps in science that make the last two centuries look like the stone age in comparison. Fingers crossed.
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    Super computers have a hard time mimicking water in real time. How is anyone going to do it on a simple PC? When quantum PC's come out, then you might see real time water effects.
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