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    I don't see anyone working on it.......
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    "I'll bet the wallpaper is going to be hideous." - Some of you guys.
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    I said it as a joke, but to get serious for a moment: I think these changes to the underlying structure and xml-capabilities are 10 times as important for the overall quality and longevity of the game. Not only for the mods but for every feature that TFP builts upon it. Just as a reminder, they obviously use the xml themselves for high-level features and being able to create and debug one high-level feature in 2 weeks instead of 2 months makes a lot of difference. I didn't do much modding, in fact there is no finished mod from me anywhere to be found. But I tried to implement a mod to change how farming works. 7D2D mod capabilities are really easy to get into, but on the other hand it is obvious that a lot of the code below the xml was developed just enough to support the one feature it was supposed to handle. Try to use it for something else and you soon find out that a lot of the xml has hidden dependencies, quirks and limitations. Examples of this are the ammunition boxes found in some mods that give you 30 to 50 bullets of a caliber you select. The modders (apparently) had to use an intermediate ammo box because the xml couldn't handle giving 30 bullets directly to you after selecting the quest reward even though the syntax for handling it is available, it just doesn't do the expected (I'm guessing here, correct me if I'm wrong) My farming mod also didn't get very far: If you look at the XML, there is an obvious syntax which would give you two different items when you harvest a plant (for example the food and a seed). If you try it you find out that the xml can't handle this general case, because the code underneath it was just developed far enough to handle the case 7D2D uses in vanilla. Sure, maybe this is only a bug or my xml-foo is just too sketchy, but my take on this is: The underlying framework while very powerful has a real need for a clean-up.
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    So... if the HP bar is 7 7/8 in long and it's missing 1 1/4 inch... so as a percentage it's just over 16% complete. Alpha 16 was released mid July or 235 days ago to be exact so... assuming a constant rate of development... that's a total development outlook of 1468 days with 235 days elapsed already... According to my calculations the release date is July 20th 2021 guys!! Start the hypetrain! It's confirmed! Lol jkjk just trolling for the lols. But really please don't ban me ^.^
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    I think it makes sense that end game content comes closer to the end of development, and we also don't truly know what they are working on behind the scenes. It's possible that we haven't seen half of what's coming with alpha 17, but even if we have seen all of it already, I appreciate the framework changes, which should make it easier and faster for them to develop end game content in the next update. I'm not gonna go on a big rant here about the rest of my thoughts, but I think a lot of people are having knee-jerk reactions to their own lack of knowledge about what's coming in the future. The game's not done, but I already love it. I trust that TFP will make a great final product no matter how long it takes them.
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