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    water > underground just cuz the lakes and rivers are just obstacles at this rate. besides accidentally driving into a river on the minibike, there is no threat in the water. maybe add fishing to the game? angry zombified sharks? how about making the spider zombies able to walk on water? making the fatter, more buoyant zombies float? maybe let the hounds doggy paddle? lol. Moby ♥♥♥♥ or the Kraken as a boss? how about adding sting rays or something that we'd be able to loot poison from(as a crafting component for poison arrows)? how about a harpoon gun? lootable underwater foliage? scuba gear? underwater hidden caves? just a few ideas lol
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    Wait. So zip lines were deemed a non necessity for a survival game and therefore removed, but something as useless as a blimp is ok? I believe MM said "So you put a line down, go zip down it and that's it, it had no value". So what gameplay advantages do a BLIMP add to the game? I'm not sure I follow this logic. I could list a BUNCH of reasons why ziplines fit WAY more into a survival game then a blimp (or god forbid you lose your mind and actually add an airship). Im not sure why a blimp is even being considered to be honest. The whole airship this was funny at first. Not so much now that it is actually being considered a distant possibility.
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    At least someone who speaks some sense in here! We should visit their home at night, kidnap them, show them how it is to not be able to avoid danger and purify their casualness with fire! We should form a klan or something. Inb4 7dtd+Space engineers. (I almost never ♥♥♥♥post, cut me some slack)
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    I voted for water, since in real life its essential to life. I would like to see the need to have a bath in game, plumbing similar to electricity so you pump water from a water source to your base, and many more uses for water, such as bathing, cooking, washing, making concrete, etc.Also, isolated parts of the map where you need a boat to cross the water or build a bridge.
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    I wouldn't have any problems with DLC AFTER release , which I am pretty sure , is what he meant...unlike certain other massive cash grabs in unfinished games...<cough> ark <cough> or air drop loot crates in H1zzzzzz before it was even officially released... Yeah I do not get the cash grab vibe here...
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    BUT... there would be people that would actually try to pay for that while they are complaining about high prices and then they find out there is no store yet to buy the dlc. i will not be answering the customer service line.
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