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    I am the one that modified the mod for Games4Kickz and I feel he covered the reasons why he wanted it very clearly in the first video. I will not stand for you coming here with this attitude against good people that is not to blame. The Starvation crew have worked hard and given the community an amazing mod and they have stated clearly why they don’t want a bigbag and they have stated clearly how they want to make a bigbag available should they decide to make one. So you should rather be grateful for what they’ve already given you rather than spiteful over something they cannot even be blamed for. As I said I was the one modding it for Games4Kickz and I’ve not released it for respect of the mod terms and I have not even asked Mortelentus for permission to release it out of respect for his(their) vision for the mod. And no, I will not share the mod with you so there is no need to ask. I’ve had a multitude of requests and all have gotten that exact same answer. -S
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    You could mod the XML to increase the starting quantities of those things so that when they're adjusted down by loot abundance you still get more of them. Or just reduce the recipe requirements for those items. - - - Updated - - - News flash, hard settings make it hard?
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/RenownedWimpyBaconDancingBaby Thank you guys for providing this amazing moment in my house and stream! BEWARE RIP HEADPHONE USERS LOL We did a drunk stream with my fiance who is afraid of spiders IRL... Love this!
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    Whoa! You eat shale and gunpowder?! You're the hardcore of the hardcore! You animal you!
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    Heres a thought for everyone pissing and moaning....don't play the mod you bunch of ingrates! Great job to Mort and team!
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    I live off the gas (shale) and gun powder (nitrate and coal) in the burnt biome. - - - Updated - - - I am lovin' that series. never checked them out before they tickle the heck out of my funny bone
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    About Big bag mod. * Games4kikz * 72 slots. You should be ashamed for making double standards. Even if its not released publicly it clearly shows its doable and possible. Good way to "piss off" community. Not a priority => more like ignorance or unwillingness. Not cool.
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    Wasteland = Easy iron everywhere, dozens of cars, electricity poles (wrench for steel), nitrate potassium as main ore vein underground Burnt Forest = Coal on every wood source, shale, nitrate and coal open sky ores, diggable fertilized soil, the easiest zombies
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    I go into the burned biome for the free fertilizer early on. plus fast wrench finding
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    If I am not mistaken didn't madmole himself mention if video that you could still break through a wall to enter the house if you liked? Wouldn't that mean he also intended you could loot the houses that way?
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    MadMole mentioned that all the textures are going to get grunged up. I hope TFP take into account that some people like to build large and elaborate bases. Having at least some New looking textures would also be nice. It's really not hard to make new tiles and smooth walls, even in an apocalypse so it's not a realism problem. Ceramics have been around for millennia. I guess it's going to come down to texture room. I really hope they find a solution to the problem. It would be wonderful if we had access to our own texture map and could add in some player-created textures.
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    mmm prefabs with hidden trigger plates and shotgun turrets...I will die!
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