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    @obsidianmcbovril- Ok I checked the files for the problem of getting hurt on opening a container and I think I might of figured it out and its not a bug. This question is for everyone having the problem. Did you open a wooden chest when this happened? Was that chest named a "Rigged Chest"? I think so. You are all trying to use a trap as a storage container or opening a trap someone laid for you. This mechanic is intended and if you are opening a trap you deserve to get hurt. @Vormithrax- I swear some of you guys must just log on to the forums and without reading absolutely anything just start posting. I don't have the time or energy to respond/answer the same question over and over on every page. Please read before posting. At the very lest you could read my updates/post. @Jackelmyer- Again someone that refuses to read . This question has been answered literally 7 post above yours. @owl79- -Again another person that refuses to read my post. Why do I even bother responding if your not going to take the time and read? 10 Post before yours and on the same page no less is your answer. -FYI setting the tools like that will break the balance on the game and make the game beatable in a few hours. -Are you talking about the Potato Plant or the Potato that you can eat? -All the files are synced and correct. If you are having those problems it sounds like you may of installed the mod wrong. Are you getting any errors in your output log? Also on the front page along with the Download information there is the date of the last time the Mod files were update so you can tell if yours are current. @pinedepin- Tonight around 7-8 EST. I want to get a few more bugs ironed out before I do it. @Erik Louden- Thats just a normal Cop. He only looks like that to help tighten up that old sphincter. The real radioactive zombies have an aura of green mist around them, he just has green skin.
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